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Wonder Woman strain

Wonder Woman is a wonderful high performance skunk variety of Nirvana. Her fresh genes allow yields of more than half a kilo per square meter in indoor growing! Wonder Woman carries rock-hard buds that are easy to trim. Her smoke has a classic, rich Skunk flavor with a delightful long-lasting effect!

This powerful cannabis plant was created by crossing Super Skunk and White Widow. The hybrid with only a slight indica dominance grows into a shorter, more bushy plant and gifts you with a soothing and body-boosting effect. The cannabis seeds are feminized and all plants end up producing beautiful and potent buds.

The cannabis strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it is generally endowed with a good resistance to external influences, so it is a natural choice for outdoor growing. The plant only grows into a medium sized plant compared to other cannabis strains, great for not crowding your grow room.

With Wonder Woman you will get an average yield of 450-550g/m² in SOG, a high yield compared to many other strains. This plant flowers between 8 – 10 weeks after the vegetative stage. The plant is considered easy to grow, forgiving of mistakes and is therefore also very suitable for beginners, as already with a good and simple care its full potential comes to bear.

wonder woman

A hybrid of Super Skunk, Wonder Woman Feminized ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect strain. Big fat buds, huge yields, short plants and quick flowering time make her a must have for commercial growers. Pungent and highly aromatic terpenes and extreme resin profile with THC levels testing up to 19%.

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Genetics: This lady was created by crossing Super Skunk with White Widow, and the results are a hybrid that expresses the best of these two classics. Expect a short in height plant that will flower as quickly as 56 days depending on phenotype. We were able to enhance her prolific resin profile as well as her high resistance to cold and wet weather.

Strain Characteristics: She is not named Wonder Woman for nothing, as she is extremely easy to grow, requires very little maintenance and does incredibly well outdoors in all climates. Thanks to her indica heritage, expect her to stay low, yet bushy with a compact appearance. Growers with small spaces will find this hybrid to be perfect as she stays short and chunky, without experiencing a large stretching period.

A very uniform hybrid that grows very well in a Sea of Green, and is capable of producing harvests of 550 – 650 g/m². Training her can increase yields further and maximise your growing space. THC levels can range between 13-19% and flowering time will take as little as 56 days. Expect big fat buds that have a pungent and floral sweet aroma with a super sticky texture when squeezing.

Experiencing this strain: Her effects are upbeat, clear minded and a sense of inspiration. An ideal candidate for daytime use, she does not have any tiring side effects and will keep you mentally stimulated throughout the day. Well recommended for anyone who enjoys keeping busy, creative and remaining sharp. A wonderful strain that is great for smokers who are seeking a well balanced effect that expresses hybrid vigour perfectly.

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Wonder Woman Feminized will boast flavours that are both pungent and acrid with a sweet floral background. She is a fine blend of Skunk with an added sweetness that keeps you guessing after each pull of a joint. Medical patients may find this strain useful for improving clarity, relieving symptoms of depression, increased motivation, nausea and sickness and relieving stress.

What makes this strain so great: You cannot go wrong with Wonder Woman in your garden, as you can trust her to save the day with her epic yields of dank and sweet buds, low maintenance and high resilience to the elements. A great hash maker and ideal beginner strain.

Quote from a customer: “After a year of mainly growing WW it’s hard to imagine growing anything else. The size of these buds are huge, hard, and full of frosty white crystals. The taste is wonderful to the palate. These plants might be best Nirvana has to sell.” – John A.

Wonder woman og seeds

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