Will white weed seeds grow

All that you need to know about white marijuana seeds

Every day comes with different advancements in inventions in the marijuana industry. There are lots of weed seeds across most cannabis dispensaries. Our company excels in giving unadulterated seed qualities every other day.

As of the moment, there are white marijuana seeds in the categories segments. If you are looking for a place to buy hemp seeds or any other types of cannabis plants, your top bank for the same is as per aforementioned.

Many farmers opt to grow marijuana from these seeds bearing in mind how yielding and potent they are.

One of the most common responses from the cultivators of white seeds as to why they find them viable and convenient is the fact that these strains produce substantial amounts of resin packed with skyrocketed Tetrahydrocannabinol levels.

What gives these strains the white pigment?

Under most circumstances, marijuana seeds have dark brown seeds. This undeniable fact ends up confusing newbie growers when it comes to white seeds. It could make them think that these seeds are immature.

The whiteness is more of silvery. When these plants come of age, the silvery-white color is evident on the buds and the leaves. Under visible lighting, the plants end up appearing white.

The parental plant genetics are responsible for giving the strains the final color. When Scott Blakey created White Widow in the 1990s, these plants became famous.

Most seed companies today use White Widow cultivars for breeding and coming up with plants that can give white seeds.

Determining quality white seeds

It is critical to learn how you can identify quality white marijuana seeds from the counterfeits. Many unscrupulous weed seeds sellers end up fleecing the customer. The journey to getting quality seeds starts with you – conducting due diligence.

To be 100% safe and sure that you are getting the value for your cash, be sure to buy seeds online from Amsterdam. As the adage goes, safety is better than sorrow.

This is, however, not a marketing gimmick. Among the seed banks that ship to the USA, our company tops the list where one can buy pot seeds .

The first thing that should ring into your mind when you opt to buy quality white marijuana seeds is whether they are mature or not.

Thankfully, Amsterdam Seeds Company can never at any given day ship undried seeds. All this is in the quest to ensure that the customer can get seeds which can sprout fast and effectively.

Having mature seeds then prompts you to decide on whether you should plant them in indoor or outdoor settings. Either way, when you buy marijuana plants grown from white seeds, the growth environments don’t have to cause lots of worries.

Since the white seeds delivered by us are of the desired quality, the plants are undoubtedly resistant to marijuana diseases, molds, and extreme weather patterns.

However, it is typical to follow the growing guide provided on our site to be assured of efficient growth.

Some white seeds to try in your garden

Whether it is your first time to buy weed seed or are a veteran marijuana grower, cultivating marijuana plants from our white seeds doesn’t have to be daunting. Their ease in growth makes us who we are in the industry – the best site to buy ganja seeds.

Some of the top white seeds varieties comprise:

First grown in the Netherlands, the White Widow weed seeds have gained their fame up to today. White Widow came as a result of breeding a Brazilian Sativa landrace with a Southern India Indica strain

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds didn’t lag in coming up with White Widow seeds. Factually, these seeds are a sight to behold.

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The height gotten from the plants is manageable and ranges anywhere between a meter and two.

When you buy grass made from White Widow strains, the effects make one cerebral high immediately after smoking. The taste and flavor are favorable and gives citric freshness.

These are seeds that you can’t afford to fail to plant on your farm.

As the first name suggests, these strains are super. Coming into existence involved crossing Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze genetics.

Today, when customers ask to buy medical marijuana seeds from the white seeds category, it’s common to hear them enquire whether Super Silver Haze seeds are in stock

Most love this strain simply because of their appearance. The silvery-white buds are a force of attraction enough. Others find the skunky smell doing them justice as they smoke.

These plants grow slightly better in indoor settings as opposed to the outdoor setup. Veteran cannabis growers out there should try their hand and settle for this strain.

When taken during the day, the induction of creativity feelings cannot be ignored.

If Sativa dominance is what you mostly look for when it comes to settling for your best strain, then Light of Jah could be your thing.

With high levels of THC, novices can rest assured of the needful high when it comes to grinding weed from this strain.

The combination of spicy and skunky smell means something else during weed smoking. The taste buds keep asking for more after feeling what the woody flavor from Light of Jah has to offer.

A queen she is. Coming from the White Widow lineage, this strain offers supreme euphoric levels. Mostly, the THC levels get higher than 20%.

Typically, those are high THC levels to cause a high. The taste is sweet and citric, which is why it can make one overconsume pot from the White queen.

The seeds are readily available at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, and you can’t let them slip your hands. That being said, use your most favorite payment option, including Bitcoin, and we’ll be sure to pack your white queen seeds today discreetly.

Final Line

We deal in a myriad of white seeds. We have only handpicked some of the grower’s favorite. However, that doesn’t mean that there are more preferred than the others. All have desirable quality and guarantee the same sprouting chances provided the grower follows our planting guides.

Will white seeds germinate?

I bought some seeds which were white in color from a seed bank today.

Did I get ripped off because I heard white seeds are bad or is it something to do with the strain (God’s skunk)

New Member

Read this quick thread. immature probably.

Zig Zag Zane
Well-Known Member

Ive had whitish color seeds that germed, and others that didnt germ, the white ones always take longer though if they are gonna germinate in the paper towel method.

New Member
Well-Known Member

The first pack of seeds i ever bought were from sensi and the majority of the more white then brown but all seeds gremmed and were healthy plants!

Zig Zag Zane
Well-Known Member

the strains that I had some whitish/light brown seeds was purple widow, and most of em germed, just took a while..

New Member

the strains that I had some whitish/light brown seeds was purple widow, and most of em germed, just took a while..

Okay and good to know but I meant the OP. He says he got them from a seed bank. what strain? Some strains have white seeds and I have a hard time believing they sent him immature seeds. That’s just doesn’t make business sense on their end. short term thinking rarely works out.

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Dark vs white cannabis seed germination test

One common question from growers is whether white cannabis seeds or dark cannabis seeds have different germination rates. When you compare cannabis seeds you may have noticed that the seeds are rarely identical. Instead you may see a range of different sizes and colours. The differences in size, colour and appearance often produce debate among growers. Why do the cannabis seeds look different and do these differences result in slightly different growth characteristics in the plants which grow from them?

Dark vs white cannabis seeds germination

In the video below you can see a germination comparison. On the left hand side, you can see 9 white Think Different autoflowering seeds. On the right hand side there are 9 dark coloured Think Different seeds.

The autoflower seeds all came from the same batch, meaning that they were produced from the same parent genetics under the same conditions. Seeds were chosen simply on the basis of their appearance. 9 white cannabis seeds and 9 dark coloured Think Different seeds were selected. They were planted in moist (but never soaked) soil and a time lapse video was made.

Note that the white cannabis seeds on the left hand side were the first seeds to germinate, with 8 out of 9 seeds sprouting pretty quickly. In the end all 9 seeds germinated on both sides, which was a 100% score. In terms of white seeds vs dark seeds (cannabis), there was no difference in the germination rates.

Does the colour of your cannabis seeds really matter?

The time lapse video shows that the colour of your cannabis seeds doesn’t have any impact on their germination rates. The colour of the shell casing is simply not an indication of the type of genetics contained inside. Nor is the colour or appearance of the exterior of the cannabis seed a good indicator of any other property, such as the future plant sex, size or potency. Only the genetic material inside the cannabis seed really determines the types of result that you can expect.

Black cannabis seeds germination test results

The dark cannabis seeds (on the right hand side in the video) showed the same germination rate as the white cannabis seeds (left hand side). However, the white cannabis seeds appeared to germinate a little bit faster than the dark cannabis seeds.

White cannabis seeds germination test results

Can white cannabis seeds germinate? One curious result from the white vs dark seeds cannabis video was that the white cannabis seeds appeared to germinate slightly faster than the dark cannabis seeds. This is interesting, since the seeds all contain the same Think Different autoflowering genetics from a recent cannabis seed batch.

One suggestion is that the white cannabis seeds may have a slightly softer shell, allowing the white cannabis seeds a slightly faster germination. The experiment was repeated twice more. On each occasion, the seed germination rates were the same, but the white seeds tended to germinate faster.

The best ways to germinate cannabis seeds

Why are some cannabis seeds white and some black?

Even cannabis seeds produced from the same branch of a plant can have quite different appearances. Size, as well as shape and colour can vary. Some cannabis strains can produce seeds that have certain appearance characteristics. White Widow seeds, for example, can often be very small and pale. Frisian Dew seeds can have a slightly grey colour.

There have been many theories about how the size, shape and colour of cannabis seeds can affect the plants which they eventually produce. In reality, it’s the cannabis genetics inside the seed case which really determines the results that you can expect. The shell of the seed and the markings on it are purely cosmetic and don’t give any clues to the results you can expect.

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In the years before Dutch Passion invented feminised cannabis seeds, people would often try to predict which seeds would produce female plants. Of course, this was impossible. But it didn’t stop people going to great lengths, even measuring the weight of individual seeds in an attempt to derive some knowledge from the seeds physical appearance/size.

What does the appearance of cannabis seeds indicate?

Is the colour of seeds a cosmetic difference only?

Some dark cannabis seeds have black lines on them (tiger prints), giving them a distinctive appearance. Other seeds have no significant patterns or markings on them at all. Dark black cannabis seeds can be occasionally seen.

You may also see light vs dark cannabis seeds produced from the same plant. But it’s important to note that cosmetic differences between the seed casing is not a factor which defines how the cannabis seeds grow or germinate.

The genetic material in the soft plant tissue inside the seeds is what really determines the type, size, sex and potency of the cannabis you will eventually grow. These genetics, along with the environment you provide, will control the terpenes, cannabinoids, yield and potency of your eventual cannabis harvest.

Why are some cannabis seeds white and some black? It’s just the way that nature has evolved. Seeds from all kinds of plants and trees show similar variations in their appearance.

What should you look out for in a cannabis seed?

Rather than looking at the appearance of a cannabis seed, you should focus more on the quality of breeding which has gone into the seed. Some growers think that only the largest, tiger-striped cannabis seeds will go on to produce the best plants. Yet some strains will never produce seeds like that.

Time spent researching your cannabis seeds and cannabis seed supplier is time wisely spent. Look for a seed supplier with a good track record in cannabis breeding. Preferably look for a cannabis seed supplier that has been around for a long time with a few cannabis cups and plenty of online reference grows for you to check out before you spend your cash.

Knowing whether you prefer e.g. a Kush, a THC rich vs CBD rich strain, a fruity strain or a Skunk strain is a good place to start. If the array of cannabis seed choices can seem overwhelming, the following article may help you select the best strain for you.

How to choose the best cannabis strains for you

Once you have the best cannabis seeds for you, it’s worth ensuring you get maximum germination rates with a good germination method. The preferred Dutch Passion way to germinate cannabis seeds is with moist (but never soaked) cotton pads. If you spot any issue during the growth of your cannabis seeds, we highly recommend to refer to our illustrated guide featuring the key nutrient deficiencies and excesses symptoms and how to cure them.

White cannabis seeds vs dark cannabis seeds

We hope the germination video is a useful illustration of the fact that there is little useful information that can be conveyed by the colour or darkness of a cannabis seed.

Each cannabis strain can produce subtle differences in the size and appearance of their cannabis seeds. You can even expect to see differences between cannabis seeds produced from the same plant. Don’t worry about trying to read too much into cannabis seed appearance. Instead, do your research carefully and select the best cannabis seeds for your particular needs and your specific grow situation. Enjoy growing and good luck!