White bastard seeds

White Moruga Scorpion Pepper seeds

White Moruga -(Capsicum chinense)-The White Moruga Scorpion pepper seeds came to us from expert grower James Mallon of Pennsylvania. James a lover of exotic and unusual chiles shared seeds with us in 2019. We do not believe this to be a true white variant of the original Moruga Scorpion. It is perhaps the result of something accidentally crossing into a Moruga Scorpion. Our early peppers on our plants did not have that good of a Moruga Shape so we almost named it White Moruga Bastard. But later peppers got larger and closer to looking more like a Moruga shape. The White Moruga chiles ripen from green to white and sometimes like other white types will get some yellowing. They can produce peppers larger than a golfball and can even get a little tail at the end. The heat level is hotter than any other white type we have grown so far. The flavor has citrus fruity tones like other white types. The White Moruga Scorpion chile plants grow over 4 feet tall and are very productive! 10+ seeds

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Cannabis Seeds

Amsterdam Seed Supply began in 2002 in an attempt to save some of the fast disappearing ‘old-school’ genetics once the main-stay of the New Zealand/South Pacific cannabis seeds industry. New Zealands main crop up until the 1990’s involved a blend of genetics, mainly sativa, and Haze types bought back during the 70’s by travellers first discovering country’s such as Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Burma and Cambodia. These cannabis plants were typically tall, fast growing sativas that flourished in N.Z’s warm/wet climate and long autumn periods.

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Cannabis seeds from Amsterdam

After years of selective breeding these original strains of cannabis seeds were transformed into names once so familiar to the N.Z smoker and grower. Names such as ‘Tepuke Thunder’ and ‘Coramandel Gold’ were common and when tested were shown to have some of the highest THC content of any outdoor plants anywhere. NZ quickly developed a name for itself as being one of the finest outdoor cannabis producers in the world.

What types of cannabis seeds are there?

Amsterdam Seed Supply has been leading the world in medical cannabis seed production. Our collection includes an extensive variety of cannabis seeds that can be used for treating several medical conditions. Auto flowering cannabis seeds are in almost all cases crossings (hybrids) between Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis indica and/or Cannabis sativa. Amsterdam Seed Supply is one of the global leaders in producing high CBD/THC, stable feminized marijuana strains. We also have a great variety of regular cannabis seeds that will grow into female and male cannabis plants. We have a collection of indoor cannabis seeds that have been produced to thrive well in semi-artificial as well as artificial surroundings or grow rooms, and outdoor cannabis that will grow into select growing conditions. There are also cannabis seeds suitable to grow in greenhouses are usually a mix of Sativa and Indica genetics and are also perfectly suitable for growing indoors under lights.

Did you know that Amsterdam Seed Supply is the proud winner of several international awards, including over twenty Cannabis Cups. The success that we have accomplished today is the result of our hard work. We give away three free quality cannabis seeds with every order above 50 euro.

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