Weed with red seed head

red Natal grass

A short-lived or long-lived grass forming open tussocks with upright flowering stems up to 1 m tall. Its open seed-heads are usually a distinctive reddish colour when young. These seed-heads turn pink and then whitish in colour as they mature. Its numerous flower spikelets are covered in silky hairs that give the seed-heads a fluffy appearance.

Also known as: red Natal grass, Natal grass, Natal red top, blanketgrass, Holme’s grass, rose Natal grass,

Very widely naturalised in Australia, and most abundant in the northern and eastern parts of the country. It is common in Queensland, the Northern Territory and eastern New South Wales and scattered in other parts of New South Wales, in southern Victoria, in northern and south-western Western Australia and some parts of South Australia. Also naturalised on Norfolk Island and Christmas Island. Widely naturalised elsewhere in the world, including southern USA (i.e. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina) and on several Pacific islands (i.e. the Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands and Hawaii.

A very common weed of roadsides, railways, parks, gardens, footpaths, disturbed sites, waste areas, pastures and crops in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Also present in temperate, semi-arid and arid areas.

A short or long-lived (i.e. annual or perennial) grass forming open tussocks and growing up to 1.2 m tall.

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