Weed shop 2 seed level

Weed Shop 2 17+

WEED SHOP 2: BACK 2 CALI – the highly anticipated sequel to one of the best weed games is finally here and it’s DOPER THAN EVER!

Grow new weed strains, sell your pot harvest, promote and expand your cannabis firm, hire ganja farmers to do the work for you, roll some joints and turn your weed shop into the best marijuana dispensary in California!

Play the most immersive weed farm game:
#GROW classic weed strains like Purple OG & White Widow and unlock the hottest new strains such as the super dank Mango Kush.
#UPGRADE your grow room with new pots, lights & hydro setups and grow huge quantities of weed fast.
#PROMOTE your marijuana dispensary by hitting the beach, interacting with fellow potheads and handing out free blunts.
#SELL cannabis to a wide variety of stoners, earn cash & respect and grow your business into a weed empire.
#HIRE staff to take care of weed farming, promoting, sales, or security while you roll joints or chill on the beach.
#EXPAND your grow op to start making some serious cash & fully customize your weed shop to increase its popularity.
#DEAL with shoplifters & thugs, complete various tasks & missions, smoke blunts with your staff, and do whatever it takes to make your shop the best in the weed biz!

IMPORTANT: If you experience any performance issues or crashes please get in touch with us using the support link and provide some additional details such as your device model, game quality settings, and current level in the game. Thanks!

Weed shop 2 seed level

Or u can take time and sell all your weed to get 0 grams, grow 1 bush with boosters, sell it and calculate your income + selling alot of bongs and edible also works fine

I got to the point where im just grinding White lotus 120 min plant, while stocking full hydro now and selling to the Mexicans

What do promoters even do? Do they get more customers into your shop? Do they make customers buy more?

Are they worth spending the money to hire them if the customers already like you?


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Weed Shop 3 Tips & Tricks for Beginners

For Weed Shop 3 beginners, this guide will provide you tips and trick, and early game walkthrough, let’s check it out.


  1. Grow Setup – The advantage of using a Grow Setup is the ability to Plant/Harvest/Remove Broken Pots/Apply Supplements to the entire Grow Setup at the same time. They also allow you to attach Components which give boosts to various stats such as growth speed and yield.
  2. Grow Setup You can quickly pick up all of your pots and dispose of broken pots by interacting with the grow setup which they are on and hitting X for Advanced Options then C to Remove Pots.
  3. Components – Start using Components and Grow Setups when growing Purple Haze, and any strain unlocked after. If you want to maximize profit, avoid using watering components for as long as possible, as it’s really just a luxury.
  4. Supplements – Don’t buy grow boost etc early game, just buy more buckets and increase grow speed that way.
  5. Supplements – Mid to Late game, the highest lvl Grow Boost will save you money by reducing durability loss on Pots and Components.
  6. Strain – To maximize profits, always grow the most recent strain you have unlocked.
  7. Mold – Mold reduces the quality of a plant the longer it is growing while infected. If you leave your plants unharvested, it will have a much higher chance of getting moldy. It can also spread from plant to plant. Use prevention, or cure mold if it pops up.
  8. Spider Mites – Spider Mites will slow down and ultimately stop your plants from growing. You can prevent it using supplements, or you can cure it after your plants are affected. It will spread from plant to plant if left untreated.
  9. Russet Mites – Russet Mites will stop your plant from growing, and actually start reducing it’s yield until they are cured. They can be prevented with supplements, but are unaffected by the protections offered from Ventilation. Russet mites only afflict plants lvl 3 and up.
  10. Quality – Quality now starts at 50% instead of 100%. At 50% you will achieve full retail price, if you increase your quality, you will get a price bonus when selling Flower/Packages up to +15% at 100% weed quality. You also gain an XP boost for harvesting higher quality weed, scaling up to 2.5x at 100% quality.


Quality effects how much your customer will pay for your flower and packaged merch inside the shop.
Red -30%
Orange -20%
Yellow -10%
Green Suggested Retail Price
Light Blue +5%
Blue +10%
Purple +15%