Weed seeds for sale ebay

The $1.29 EBAY Medical Marijuana Seeds Cannabis Hemp Seeds Grow

Yes. today i recieved my 50 seeds from ebay shipped from china.

the cost was 50 seeds for 1.29 cents.

it took 15 days to get these seeds and THESE SEEDS ARE GIGANTIC.

these seeds are twice as large as my largest cannabis seeds that i have crossed.

the largest seeds i have made through crossing is the white lightning x chem 91 sk va.

you can see the difference in the pictures.
the Chinese seeds are now in water. time will tell if they will germinate

Chemon 91

Green gold: how China quietly grew into a cannabis superpower
Plantations are flourishing thanks to Chinese-developed hybrid species that have not just survived but thrived in the country’s disparate environments.
https://www.scmp.com/news/china/soc. ld-how-china-quietly-grew-cannabis-superpower


that’s crazy, wont ever see a north American vendor selling em that cheap. I hope you get some crazy Chinese mega hybrid that just wrecks. lol super cool post

Guy Brush
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I saw Acapulco Gold seeds being sold on ebay. I passed on them but who knows what they might bring if you grew them?

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“medical” chinese hemp.. they look like birdfeed.

I’m curious to see how they grow outside of a packed field

Guy Brush
Invertebrata Inebriata
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This is going to be interesting.

You might end up with a well bred hemp variety. Was it specified what particular genus of cannabis you have in those seeds?, (hopefully they grow up to be useful as meds or rope), that’s if you have any of that data of course. Maybe you just got a package with a bit of Chinese writing on it.

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had to browse what up on the ebay
jesus times have changed, plenty of medical cannabis seeds, listed as such anyway
and the pictures are not the kind you’d expect for rope
$1.29 for seed pack


Wow! I got some myself and have considered doing this soon to see what they are. Hats off to you for manning up and actually doing it. Really appreciate it! Could be anything. Cheers!

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If you wind up with the next GSC out of those 1.29 seeds I’m going to hang it up lol

Best of luck with these, will be interesting to see what comes of this.

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I ordered those seeds just now. I saw they had different quantities and different types.

You could get 30/50/100/200 seeds and also Type A B C D E and F.

Type A was yellow/red
B was yellow/purple
C was mixed colors
D was green/black
E was green/red
F was green

I ordered A and D.

Then I saw the people who ordered this also ordered White Candy. The plant shown looked like a cannabis seedling. So I ordered them too.

It was a total of like $6.00 with free shipping. There is nothing to lose IMHO.

Invertebrata Inebriata

Here are your choices- Color A)yellow red,(B)yellow purple,(C)mixed color,(D)green black,(E)green red,(F)green.

I’d probably go for mixed color, and green black sounds interesting.

Chemon 91

1.29 free shipping. 2 weeks and they went into water a few hours ago and now are on the bottom of the pill bottle.

gonna put in paper towels tomorrow.

and there is many..many different vendors selling the seeds cheap.

some american vendors are sellin the same seeds for 10 for 28 dollars after getting there 1.49 200 seed orders.

Now. talking to the complex manager where i live and telling her that i am growing hemp in the backyard. hmm. wait she uses CBD oil. no problem.

the only problem is if these monsters get 20 feet tall and someone rips um.

Chemon 91

This is going to be interesting.

You might end up with a well bred hemp variety. Was it specified what particular genus of cannabis you have in those seeds?, (hopefully they grow up to be useful as meds or rope), that’s if you have any of that data of course. Maybe you just got a package with a bit of Chinese writing on it.

and if i pollenate this chinese strain with some chem 91 sk va male pollen? 10-15 percent phenos?

as far as hemp eating seedis concerned there is an short stout hemp strain from china that is for constipation. AND I HAVE CONSTIPATION.

the doc is already talking LINZESS.

i hope i did not offend any vendors here as there is now 7-10 different chinese vendors shipping on ebay from what seems to be northern china.

these hemp seeds are double the size of reg cannabis seeds and seem like they may be viable.

i am not recommending any purchase these seeds until i see if they germinate.

ill know within one week if these are viable. but at 200 seeds for $1.50? free shipping?

again..within 4 hours and the 8 seeds have sunk to the bottom of the water.

Can you buy cannabis seeds on eBay?

Ebay is one of the largest selling platforms on the internet and has been around since 1995. People can buy nearly anything they desire on this marketplace. But if you ever decided to shop for cannabis seeds on eBay then you would have had a disappointing result. Continue reading to look into whether eBay can sell cannabis seeds, what their policy says in regards to sellers listing cannabis seeds, and also the most suitable places to purchase cannabis seeds online.

Are cannabis seeds sold on eBay?

If you have ever searched for cannabis seeds on eBay you wouldn’t have had much luck as eBay does not allow the sale of cannabis seeds. Some sellers make attempts to list cannabis seeds on eBay as another product but the listings are likely to be reported if eBay isn’t already aware of the listing. Once eBay is aware of sellers listing cannabis seeds the listing will be removed from the website.

Ebay’s policy in regards to cannabis seeds

Ebay has a strict policy prohibiting the sale of many products, one restricted item is any drug-like substance, which includes cannabis seeds. Ebay’s policies also state that sellers cannot list any drug paraphernalia, which includes any item in relation to any form of drug use.

Any seller that is found to be selling prohibited items such as cannabis seeds can expect the listing to be removed and potentially any other active listings removed. eBay may also lower the seller’s rating, apply buying and or selling restrictions and also account suspension.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds on eBay?

Ebay has to work within the state and federal laws and regulations. These laws and regulations state that controlled substances are illegal and therefore cannot be sold on eBay. Although cannabis seeds are not a controlled substance eBay prohibits any drug related substances or products.

Where else can you buy cannabis seeds?

As eBay is not somewhere to purchase cannabis seeds, you may be thinking can I purchase cannabis seeds online? There are many websites that can legally sell cannabis seeds, such as right here on our website!

UK but germinating and growing the seeds is illegal and can result in fines, criminal records, and a prison sentence.

Marijuana seeds on Ebay.

Yes people they now sell marijuana seeds on ebay. under fishing bait..SERIOUSLY.

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ya I like this one the best

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i’ve seen these type of ads on ebay for a few years now.. they never really seem to last long as i guess ebay catches wind on them fairly quickly and shuts them down..
i’m sure paypal plays a big roll in that as well as pp is super against drugs in anyform. they even denied payment one time when this guy i worked with tried to buy a bong from ebay.

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Holy wow my mind is F’d BLOWN. Has anyone actually tried this. Alaskan T.F x Blueberry is one of my favs.