Valley breeze seeds

Valley breeze seeds

707SeedBank is the conception of Sha Bud, who at 14 years old knew exactly what he wanted to do when he started reading High Times Magazine: Grow Cannabis. He didn’t know it at the time but it would become his calling to become a top breeder guided by the simple idea of breeding consistent, uniform, mouth watering strains.

In his own words, his garden is his place of peace: “Everyday is a blessing to me; I love what I do. I really love every part about it. Being out in the woods, in my garden; birds chirping, blue skies; it’s bright and colorful.”

707SeedBank has been featured in Cannabible 3, and has won many awards including: 1st Place CWGA Cup 2005, 1st Place CWGA Cup 2006.

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Kush Cleaner Experience

Genetics has always been a passion of mine. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my hobby of breeding would become so popular that I would be fortunate to have my own seed business. I have been truly blessed with my adventures and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you. This is my “pay it forward” line. I’ll be offering the Kush Cleaner Experience at a discounted price to try to help support all of those impacted by the recent pandemic. I’m hoping that the lowered prices will help offset the hardships that so many people are facing during these difficult times and show how grateful I am for your support.

Kush Cleaner is a legendary cross between SFV OG Kush X Jacks Cleaner. She has won first place in many competitions for extractors. One of the hardiest, flavorful strains packed with pine and lemon cleaner terpenes. Outdoors, she is one of the best varieties I’ve come across In a few decades and has been in my garden for over a decade.

The male that I selected for the Kush Cleaner Experience has been the most potent male I’ve come across. I use a process where I reverse my male plants to a female. This allows me to select for specific terpenes and test my males in the lab for potency and different cannabinoid profiles that might pass off to the progeny. In all the crosses you will notice the potency of the selected Kush Cleaner male coming through.

Kush Cleaner was originally bred by my buddy Loran from the old ganja forums. He blessed me with his Jacks Cleaner male and I made my own batch of seeds. Unfortunately we both lost the male but I was able to give him back thousands of seeds when he ran out of his own.

The Kush Cleaner Experience are all polyhybrids. There will be many different genotypes in each variety. From the lemony pine Kush Cleaners genotypes to whatever mother its been crossed with and everything in between. I’ve been amazed with what is hidden in these seeds. All the testers have shown great trichome production and mouth watering terpenes.

Valley Breeze: City receives $90,000 in ‘Take It Outside’ funds

WOONSOCKET – The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation has awarded a $90,000 grant to the city of Woonsocket as part of its “Take It Outside” initiative. Local business owners are eligible to apply for funds to support outdoor activities to help reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19. Woonsocket received one of the highest “Take It Outside” awards among the 41 grant recipients after presenting a compelling plan to RICC for improving the quality of life for city residents during the COVID-19 pandemic by expanding outdoor recreation opportunities, according to an announcement by Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt.

“Many Woonsocket residents, especially our seniors and children, have been cooped up for months because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this grant will fund programs that offer them more recreational activities to venture outside for during our colder weather,” she said.

In addition to expanding outdoor dining capacity at local restaurants, the funds will be used to develop an outside activity area for the city’s library, initiate outdoor activities and food service for city seniors and make greater use of the bike path.

The grant supplements the city’s “Jump Start” program, which provides grants of up to $5,000 and loans of up to $10,000 for COVID-related costs to local businesses. Businesses can apply through the online portal on the city website under “Planning and Development.”