Tumbleweed weed seed

Tumbleweed weed seed

I was out in the field today and drove by this fallow field and did two things. First, since I’m a weed scientist, I stopped to take a photo of this weedy streak. Second, because I know the site manager and know he hates weeds, I called to give him a hard time about “missing one”.

Any guesses on what happened here? It might help if I told you I’m facing south and this area often has a prevailing wind out of the northwest during winter and early spring. Another clue would be the construction site to my back with minimally managed weeds. One more clue might be the fence behind me still loaded up with Russian thistle carcasses and debris.

Here’s a link to the UC-IPM Pest Note (Pub 7486) on Russian thistle. That document indicates ” Russian thistle normally matures in late summer. The seed is spread when mature plants detach at the base and are blown along by the wind. A large Russian thistle plant may produce more than 200,000 seeds. In spring, months after their dissemination, it is possible to trace the paths of tumbleweeds across plowed fields by the green trails of germinating Russian thistle seedlings .”

I think we have a winner! Looks like a handful of Russian thistles, one of our common “tumbleweed” species in California went rolling across this landscape earlier in the spring scattering seeds as it made its merry way to the next fenceline.

Good photo. Probably one of the “tumbleweeds” meandering across the field and spreading its seed on the way. FYI, Harry Agamalian has a similar great photo meandering across a seedling vegetable field in the Salinas Valley.

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Tumble Weed

Here you can find all info about Tumble Weed from Boneyard Seeds Norcal. If you are searching for information about Tumble Weed from Boneyard Seeds Norcal, check out our Basic Infos or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Tumble Weed is a mostly indica variety from Boneyard Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±65 days ), outdoors and in the greenhouse. Boneyard Seeds’ Tumble Weed is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

This is my Tumble Weed, a lush lover’s dream. Needing 62-68 days. Stays compact. A beautiful plant named for the town I grew up in as a young boy. The first place I ever smoked herb.

Tumbleweeds for Sale

Tumbleweeds — The Cowboy Symbol — The Symbol of the West.

Tumbleweeds are a wonderful cowboy symbol. They symbolize freedom on the western frontier. Many generations of tumbleweeds were here before cowboys ever came to these parts. Many generations of tumbleweeds will be here for years to come. You may even get a generation of tumbleweeds that got caught on a famous cowboy’s cattle fence so inspect them close and they might reveal their secrets. Enjoy from CuriousCountryCreations.com.

Our tumbleweeds have been featured coast to coast and made their mark from the Atlantic to the Pacific on movies , commercials , department stores , and parties . Tumbleweeds & Ralph Lauren recently featured 10 of our tumbleweeds in one of his store fronts for a ghost town display.

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Get your custom tumbleweed that will make the difference in your event or production.

Pick from our buttons which size you would like to receive and we will find the best that nature has to offer you. Our tumbleweeds are 100% guaranteed to tumble so don’t forget to tie them down when they get to you or they might get away.

All Tumbleweeds Picked & Dried to Perfection

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Tumbleweed Seeds

Tumbleweed seeds
Grow your very own Tumbleweed with our high quality natural tumbleweed seeds. All of our Tumbleweed seeds are naturally grown and harvested. Take these seeds and plant in your garden or window box and see the magic happen as your own tumbleweeds will begin to grow and take shape.

Size: Large Seed Packet
Amount: 500 Tumbleweed seeds approximately
Type: Natural Tumbleweed Seeds
Instructions: Full instructions included

Tumbleweeds — History, Decorations, and Videos

Tumbleweeds are now seen across the Western half of the United States and into Mexico. They have even been seen growing in such harsh conditions as Death Valley, California and at elevations of 8500 feet in Colorado. It is a common sight to drive down the highway anywhere in the west and have tumbleweeds cross your path. Actually, they have even been blamed for car accidents. No wonder tumbleweeds are listed as a noxious weed by the US Department of Agriculture! But, not everything about tumbleweeds is bad. In fact, the USDA pushed the naturalization of the weeds into areas with few nutrients to grow plants in as an alternative food source for cattle. And however noxious they may be, tumbleweeds have rolled themselves into the hearts of all people who love a good country song, story, movie or lifestyle.

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A tumbleweed (tumble weed) is a classic cowboy decoration. Imagine a tumbleweed rolling and bouncing across the west. Cowboy movies have tumbleweeds in them all the time and Hollywood only asks for the best. Our tumbleweeds (tumble weeds) have been in: movies , plays , commercials , gardens , fund raising events , department stores , and birthday parties . If you are having a special country event let us help you make it a memorable event with a tumbleweed straight from the west to wherever you are.

Check out the latest movie featuring our tumbleweeds. “Go..No Go!”

We have the best so don’t settle for anything less than what Hollywood uses to make their pictures.

Watch any movie made to recreate the Old West and you’re sure to see tumbleweeds; tumbling across the streets, stuck in the fence lines, rolling across the horizon as the cowboy hero squints into the sun. A tumbleweed makes it authentic in the minds of viewers. Hollywood has exploited the tumbleweed as a classic sign of an old and deserted area. Ghost towns are known for their abandoned dusty streets with nothing but tumbleweeds moving around the rickety dilapidated buildings. A picture of the old west wouldn’t be complete without a few scattered tumbleweeds.

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