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Strain Review: Purple Berry

Purple Berry grows well in indoor environments because of its average-sized stature. Best enjoyed at the end of a long day, the finished product is perfectly dense and delivers a welcoming combination of sativa and indica effects.

Blazin’ Purps

Blaze, of Sacramento, California, describes her favorite all-around strain to grow, as well as medicate with: Purple Berry. She reports that it is a great medicine for beginners, whether they are growing it or consuming it.

Origin & Genetics

Blaze’s particular strain of Purple Berry is bred from seed from a cross between DJ Short Blueberry and Purple Kush. Unlike its name, DJ Short Blueberry can actually stretch fairly tall in its early developmental stages of growth due to its sativa roots. Purple Berry picked up some height from DJ Short, but it doesn’t get so huge it cannot be grown indoors. This heavy hybrid is characteristically indica-dominant in nature, but due to its extensive lineage, Blaze’s strain has some renowned sativa effects as well.

Physical Description

The flowers of Purple Berry are generously frosted and the color appears to be on the cooler end of the spectrum, including pastel shades of greens, blues and purples. Blaze says another perk about this medicine is its perfect density; patients do not need to use a grinder to avoid waste when preparing their medicine as it can be easily pulled apart by hand.

However, it has been known to leave you with pretty sticky fingers when it is fresh. Not so oddly enough, Purple Berry smells just like berries right off the plant. It’s sweet and earthy, and will produce a thick plume of smoke or vapor, leaving the room smelling rich with traces of pine and even chocolate.

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Medical Uses

Purple Berry is a well-rounded medicine that will help with a number of different conditions. Patients will experience the mild euphoric head high you get from a sativa, while relaxing your body and reducing pain like after medicating with an indica.

Some patients may experience moderate mental cloudiness if too much is consumed, so it is advised to save this strain for the evenings when all of your responsibilities and chores have been completed. Patients suffering from depression and listlessness may also find positive effects while using this strain, as it is uplifting in nature and typically doesn’t spawn any sort of paranoia or heart-pounding like some of the heftier strains out there.

Growing Patterns

This strain grows well in an indoor environment because of its average-sized stature. However, healthy plants will likely fill your whole grow tent to maximum capacity. Blaze grows this strain year-round in a sterile environment using an ebb and flow system and high-quality, super-soluble liquid nutrients. Purple Berry is known to be highly resistant against pests and diseases, so assuming proper cleanliness and conditions are met, Blaze says she rarely runs into devastating issues.

The first time she ever grew this strain, she was slightly taken aback by a peculiar development in the later stages of flowering. “There were these long chutes that would literally shoot up way beyond the rest of the colas that made them look like quails,” she says. At first she was worried something had gone wrong, but after doing some research, she determined that this was a classic trait of this particular phenotype.

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“There is nothing wrong with the elongated chutes; they are actually very potent,” she says. “We typically use them to make concentrates and edibles, but they definitely need to be trimmed away because they are severely lacking in sexiness.”

Overall, Purple Berry is a heavy yielder and overall very forgiving plant in most any situation that comes your way.

Purple Berry Kush Cannabis Seeds

Citrus/berry aroma with a pungent kush taste. Very relaxing body stone and narcotic effect. Medium sized plant with high yields of sticky lemon buds. The plant can grow purple due to the Strawberry and O.G. lineage. Excellent for relieving stress, pain, lack of appetite, insomnia and nausea. Potential THC level high. 70% Indica.

We crossed the Spliff Strawberry with the most potent O.G. Kush male we have in our breeding rooms. After selfing these plants for several generations to increase stability, we started commercial seed production at S4 and S5. The result is a kush hybrid which takes a week less to finish than our Strawberry, but with the high potency of O.G. Kush. Purple Berry Kush buds give a wonderful combination of great flavour with a potent high. The plants stay small and produce wide, dark, shiny kush-shaped leaves. Similar to Spliff Strawberry, Purple Berry Kush is ideal for the sea of green grow method, as she stays medium height with a minimal amount of stretching once flowering commences.

During vegging, she is strong and sturdy and does not need much encouragement. She can handle a large amount of nutrients, so it’s possible to feed with higher E.C. levels. Once this strain starts flowering, the growth pattern will display many strong branches. Purple Berry Kush plants grow one main cola which is closely surrounded by similar sized branches. She flowers in 60 days and produces dense silver nugs that smell like lemon and fuel. You will notice how the plant turns purple as she matures, displaying beautiful end of season colours. She produces high yields of potent flowers, so you need to ensure your carbon filters are up to scratch when flowering her. This strain has a unique taste, a strong medicinal effect and a pungent kush odour which reflects her potency. A perfect strain for anyone who loves fruity flavours and the dank kush aftertaste! Outdoors, this strain works brilliantly in sunny climates. Purple Berry Kush is as reliable to grow outdoors as she is indoors.

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