Tiny black seeds in weed

What the Hell is This? Tiny Seeds. (Pics)

So I pulled a small bud off of my Skunk #1 Auto as a tester, I am about 5 days away from harvest and wanted to get a gauge of where I was at. Anyways, I did a quick dry on the bud last night and it ended up weighing like 1 gram. So I was picking it apart and noticed these tiny little dark black dots in the bud. And when I say tiny, I mean very small, probably the size of a pin head, and they were deep within the calyxes. I got about 6 or so out of this one bud. They looks like very tiny seeds, but I am 99.9% sure that I had no males or hermies in my crop. I will have to check especially hard tomorrow, but I have spent such a large amount of time with them I am pretty sure I would have seen any male flowers appear. I have not checked any more bud or any of the other girls, so I am not sure if this is a widespread problem or if it is contained to a single plant.

Anyways, here are some pics of what I just found, they are not the best pictures because they are so damn small, but it should give you guys an idea of what I am looking at. They are not white or hard at all, they are actually pretty soft and break up, not really in a specific shape, looks like black little crumbs or something. Really hope I did not just discover a massive problem, because the Skunks will be coming down in the next few days, but the three NL’s in the room still have a good five weeks to go or so. These little black seed looking things seem to be hollow as well, there isn’t a whole lot to them to be honest, just don’t want to ruin my personal, which this grow is entirely. There is not much good bud in FL.

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What do you guys think? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

Should I go ahead and harvest now to prevent these from maturing any further? If that is indeed what they are is seeds from somewhere, but in all seriousness, I am almost positive I have not seen a single male flower this time around.

Anyone else have experience with this? How bad of shape am I really about to be in?

Is it bad to find seeds in your weed?

What does it mean to find seeds in your marijuana buds? Is it something to be worried about?

There’s a seed in my cannabis bud! What does this mean? Is it good or bad?

Sometimes you don’t see the seeds until they fall out of your buds

What causes seeds in buds?

Seedy buds are the result of pollination. What does that mean? Cannabis buds are flowers. Like other flowers, they make seeds when pollinated. Cannabis buds get pollinated when they come into contact with cannabis pollen while the buds are forming.

Seeds happen when pollen gets on the hairs (pistils) of buds as they’re forming. In other words, seeds in weed are caused by pollination.

This bud is full of fat seeds because pollen got on the pistils during bud development.

Pollen typically comes from the pollen sacs of a male cannabis plant. Male plants spray pollen everywhere when their flowers are mature. Sometimes female cannabis plants will produce pollen (known as herming) due to genetics or stress. Any source of pollen, whether the plant is male or female, can pollinate buds in the vicinity and cause seedy buds.

If you’ve found seeds in your buds, it happened while the plant was growing. Either the grower didn’t identify and remove all the male plants before they released pollen, or a herm was involved that self-pollinated or pollinated other buds in the grow area.

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Does it mean the weed is bad?

Seeds in your buds aren’t good or bad. They are simply the result of pollination while the buds were growing. A few seeds here and there won’t make much difference in potency, though potency may be lower if the buds are very seedy.

The main problem with seedy weed is that you are getting less smokeable bud for the amount of total mass there. If buds are seedless, you get more bang for your buck. Seedless buds are known as “sinsemilla” (“sin semilla” is Spanish for “without seeds”) and are considered to be the highest quality and most potent type of weed.

Seedy weed is fine to smoke, though you should remove the seeds if possible (they have no THC and will pop if you smoke them). Unless there are tons of seeds, bud potency is unlikely to be affected.

Are “found” seeds good to grow?

I’ve seen some growers get impressive results with bagseed (seeds you find), but results may be hit or miss. Plants can grow in odd ways and the yields or quality may not be as expected.

The biggest problem is that seeds often don’t “breed true” to the buds that they came from. The resulting buds may end up nothing like the buds you found them in.

That is why many growers either stick to clones (which are exactly the same as the “mother” plant) or purchase seeds of a stabilized strain from a trustworthy breeder. This ensures each of the plants will grow the way you expect, and buds more consistently have the smell, yield and potency you expect.

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If you’re not sure what strains to get, here are a few recommended favorites. These strains produce excellent weed and are generally easy to grow. Click the links for more information.

    – top-shelf looks and smell with classic effects reminiscent of 90s buds but stronger. Easy to grow. – this version is MUCH more potent than regular White Widow. The buds tested between 24-26% THC. Don’t plan to do anything else that day ? – for those who are looking for a face melter. These buds test up to 28% THC and produce buds with quintessentially “American” looks and smell. The mental and physical effects may be too intense for most beginners. is a good choice for commercial growers with high THC up to 30%, big yields, and a short flowering time. is a potent Sativa hybrid with great yields and uplifting unique mental effects is an autoflowering strain that produces photoperiod-quality buds in about 70 days from seed to harvest.

Platinum Cookies is essentially a more potent version of the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain.

How can I tell if it’s a viable seed?

Mature cannabis seeds are typically dark brown or tan (the brown is a coating that can be rubbed off), and relatively hard. Very pale or white seeds usually won’t sprout.

However, I have been surprised to find some very flimsy or pale seeds sprout and produce amazing plants (we aren’t breeding cannabis for hard seeds after all). When in doubt, I highly recommend doing the true test to see if the seed is viable – try to germinate the seed and see if it sprouts !

The best way to tell if a seed is viable is simply to try germinating it

These seeds have germinated

These are all viable cannabis seeds. Every one grew into a healthy plant!