The gift seeds

The gift seeds

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Gifting Seeds – Ways To Give Seeds As Presents

Giving seeds as gifts is a wonderful surprise for the gardeners in your life, whether you buy seeds from a garden center or harvest seeds from your own plants. DIY seed gifts needn’t be expensive, but they’re always welcome. Read on for helpful tips on giving seeds as presents.

Tips on Gifting Seeds

Always remember to consider your recipient. Where does the recipient live? Be careful and don’t send seeds that may be invasive in that area. Check the U.S. Department of Agriculture website for more information.

  • Are they a foodie that would love to grow fresh herbs or leafy greens?
  • Would they like plants that attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees, or native plants that provide seed and shelter for birds?
  • Does your friend like wildflowers? Would they enjoy a cutting garden with wildflowers or bright, easy flowers like zinnias and California poppies?
  • Is your friend a seasoned gardener or a newbie? An experienced gardener might appreciate DIY seed gifts with heirlooms or unusual plants like bear paw popcorn, peppermint stick celery, or Peruvian black mint.

Giving Seeds as Presents

Put the gift seeds in a baby food jar, tin container, or make your own paper seed packets out of brown paper bags and string. You can also use a regular white envelope and dress it up with your own artwork or decorate it with glossy magazine pictures.

Include a seed packet in a gardener’s gift basket with gloves, hand lotion, scented soap, and a trowel or dandelion weeder, or tuck a packet of seeds into a terracotta pot tied with ribbon or string.

Make simple wildflower seed bombs for planting in a meadow, along a river bank, in a flower bed, or even in containers. Simply combine five handfuls of peat-free compost, three handfuls of potter’s clay, and a handful of wildflower seeds. Add water gradually, kneading as you go, until you can form the mixture into walnut-sized balls. Set the seed balls in a sunny spot to dry.

Include growing information when giving seeds as gifts, especially the plant’s needs for sunlight and water.

Give the Gift of Seeds: Design a Seed Packet Activity

Sharing seeds is a great way to send your love to family and friends. There are many options of the type of seeds you could share that make great gifts such as fruit and vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and even seeds to start pollinator gardens. Here’s a seed packet template you can use with kids to create your very own seed sharing activity.


Getting seeds this time of year can be easy (especially if you saved seeds from your garden or harvests this fall!). If you need to purchase them, many nurseries and garden centers sell them year round. There are also seed specialty stores in many communities that allow bulk purchases for low cost. Finally, you could order seeds from Big Green’s valued seed donors:

* If sending seeds for flowers or grasses, be sure to check if the plants will be able to grow in their region and are not invasive. Access the USDA plant resources here . Each state also has an extension office you could use to make good seed giving decisions.


Before making your seed gift packet, read the information that comes with your seeds and/or do some research on how the plant will grow. The seed packet template will ask you to record information about how to plant the seeds, and how much sun and water the plant needs.


Now that you’re a seed expert, go ahead and design your unique seed packets and record the planting and care instructions.


Fill the packets with the seeds you have selected and seal. Carefully determine which seeds will be sent to which recipients.