Tall weed with large leaves yellow flowers ans seed cones

Noxious Weed Identification

Proper weed identification is paramount to proper weed control. Properly identifying plants can help you avoid costly mistakes such as choosing the wrong herbicide or potentially causing harm to beneficial or even protected plants. It is the responsibility of each landowner in Utah to identify and control the noxious weeds on their own properties. Below is a listing and photographs of all State and County noxious weeds and some important invading weeds that are important for Uintah Basin residents to know about.

What makes a weed a “noxious weed?” The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food defines a noxious weed as “Any plant the commissioner (Commissioner of Agriculture) determines to be especially injurious to public health, crops, livestock, land, or other property.” See the Utah Noxious Weed Act 4-17-2.

The following state and county noxious weeds must be controlled by law (Utah Noxious Weed Act R68-9, Utah Code Annotated title 4 Chapter 17 and the Uintah County Weed Control Rules and Regulations).

As of 2016, Utah lists a total of 54 weeds on the noxious weed list. Additionally, these weeds have been classified into the following five categories:

Utah Noxious Weeds
Class 1A Weeds = Not known to exist in Utah. Significant risk of invasion from neighboring states.
Class 1B Weeds = Limited distribution in Utah. EDRR
Class 2 Weeds = Widely distributed in Utah, considered controllable
Class 3 Weeds = Widely distributed in Utah, considered beyond control, control expansion
Class 4 Weeds = Present in Utah. Prevent distribution through seed law
*Each county in Utah may have different priorities regarding specific State designated Noxious Weeds.
Therefore, each county may reprioritize these weeds as they see fit for their own needs.

Uintah County Noxious Weeds

Invasive Weeds
Other Important Invasive Weeds (not required by law to be controlled)

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