Strawberry ice seeds

Strawberry Ice

The Strawberry Ice seeds are of North American origin and partly European genetics. Strawberry ice is a hybrid, mostly sativa with all the benefits of the Indica strain. This is one of the fruitiest varieties imaginable. The sweet fresh strawberry taste and aroma are very obvious and a wonderful experience. Strawberry ice has a high effect of medium THC strength. Strawberry ice seeds are easy to grow, and Individual marijuana plants will grow to medium height. Are you ready to taste the female Strawberry ice marijuana flavor?

Facts about the STRAWBERRY ICE Strain:
A high yielding strain
Aroma of Strawberry if grown properly, is wonderful!

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10 Seeds = $85
Type: Indica / Mostly Sativa mix
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Yield: 380 to 500 grams / squared meter
Height: 70 to 100 cm
Flowering period: 9 weeks – 10 weeks

Strawberry Ice strain

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Strawberry Ice | Bulldog Seeds

Strawberry Ice from The Bulldog Seeds is a feminized cannabis seed that is the result of crossing a Blueberry with a strain known as Sativa Influences. The Strawberry Ice Strain produces a medium/large, robust, Sativa-dominant marijuana plant that allows growers at all levels to produce fabulously generous yields with dense, elongated buds with very little effort. In addition, depending on phenotype, it can be completely covered with a purple/blue coating at the end of flowering.

Thanks to its resistance to moisture and parasites, Strawberry Ice develops both indoors, with moderate growth, and outdoors, in temperate, Mediterranean or greenhouse climates.

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The taste and aroma of Strawberry Ice is intense, with notes of sweet haze, strawberry and exotic wood. It has a strong, long lasting, cerebral and euphoric effect.