Sour grape weed seeds

Sour Grape Regular Seeds

Sour Grape is a 50/50 indica/satva hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing Sour Kush and Grapefruit. Id you like sweet ‘n’ sour then this is your strain!

Sour Grape is a large plant with a very bushy structure that will need a degree of support such as staking or tying if the weight of its buds are not to snap the branches. Returns are good with indoor yields being between 450 – 550 gr/m 2 in a flowering period of 9 weeks or slightly less. Outdoors 600 gr.or more can be obtained from each individual plant in late September for plants grown in northern latitudes. From quite early on in the plants’ development an amazing amount of resin is clearly visible on the petioles and leaves.

The scent of Sour Grape is sour and fruity with a fuel-like note to it. Its taste is sweet ‘n’ sour and absolutely delicious. THC levels are very high and have been measured at 20.8% with 0.43% CBD. The high is strong and long-lasting bringing about relaxation and a feeling of general happiness.

Sour Grape Widow Cannabis Seeds

Sour Grape Widow Cannabis Seeds from Ultra Genetics

Seed City is a trusted and long-standing online cannabis seed bank that provides high quality cannabis seeds for collectors worldwide. We collaborate with breeders from all over the world, allowing us to provide our customers with an incredible selection of marijuana seeds.

What is Sour Grape Widow?

The Sour Grape Widow marijuana strain is available at as feminized seeds in singles or up to 60 seeds in one shipment. It is widely known for its parent genetics including the White Widow cannabis strain. It is the hybrid of exactly 50% indica and sativa.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are known for resulting in only female plants, which are the ones that produce colas. Colas contain far more THC and CBD than male plants do, and for that reason it is ideal for many breeders to only grow female plants, as that will increase their yield.

Ultra Genetics

Ultra Genetics is a British-based cannabis seed bank that has teamed up with Seed City to provide its unique variety of marijuana seeds to a wider audience. They join forces with worldwide seed breeders to provide different strains and genetics through cross breeding. Ultra Genetics holds value in the medicinal marijuana seed community as well.

Established Marijuana Seed Bank

Seed City has been in business for over ten years and we continue to uphold our high quality standards of cannabis seeds available at our online retail store. Recently partnering with seed breeders in Spain, our inventory has expanded. We partner with only the best in the cannabis seed breeding industry and with our excellent customer service and resources, we assure you a positive experience!