Shaman seeds

Shaman seeds

A proven variety dating back to the1980’s, Shaman is a reliable, robust and highly potent F1 hybrid of an exceptional male Purple#1 and a top female Skunk. Bred for the outdoor/greenhouse grower, Shaman is resistant to spidermites as well as mould and bud rot. Shaman is a distinctive, elegant plant growing with clear Sativa characteristics such as long intermodal distance between the large buds.

Around half the plants turn a beautiful shade of purple during flowering which is complete by the end of September or early October outdoors. In a greenhouse, flowering takes 7-8 weeks. Shaman shows great hybrid vigour and delivers a smooth, woody sweet purple smoke that is a sensual high-quality sativa ‘up’ high.

Shaman is the perfect choice for the outdoor/greenhouse grower looking for robust, quality genetics that have stood the test of time and will deliver bumper harvests.

Shaman strain

Shaman Strain is a time-tested cannabis strain whose roots go back to the early 80s. It is a very reliable, robust and highly potent F1 hybrid crossed from an exceptional male Purple #1 cannabis plant and a high-quality female Skunk plant.

Bred specifically for the outdoor or greenhouse grower, Shaman is resistant to spider mites as well as mold and bud rot. She produces distinctive, elegant-looking cannabis plants with strongly pronounced sativa characteristics such as wide internode spacing between the large buds.

About half of the cannabis plants show attractive purple hues in the flowering phase. Shaman reaches maturity in late September to early October. In the greenhouse, flowering lasts 7-8 weeks. The strain is endowed with a strong heterosis effect, offering a soft, sweet and slightly woody purple taste, as well as a strong and sensual sativa up-high.

Shaman is the perfect choice for outdoor and greenhouse growers who want to grow a robust, high-quality genetics that has already proven itself for decades and can provide bumper harvests.