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Sensi Seeds

SensiSeeds is THE weed seed bank worldwide. Founded in Amsterdam in the 80s by Ben Dronkers (also founder of HempFlax and the Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum) and thus in the cannabis business for over 40 years, it is the institution when it comes to cannabis.

The classic – Sensi Seeds

Ben Dronkers had learned about the benefits of the hemp and cannabis plant on his numerous travels and when he returned to the Netherlands, Ben had assembled an extensive collection of cannabis genetics from all over Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the subcontinent. Many of the multi-hybrids available today are at least partially derived from SensiSeeds cannabis strains.

World famous classics such as Super Skunk, Big Bud, Afghani #1 and Jack Herer have been developed and marketed by Sensi Seeds. In recent years, SensiSeeds has become a little quieter and few new strains have been developed. Nevertheless, SensiSeeds offers a variety of marijuana strains, all of which produce top-quality cannabis.

Since 2017, all SensiSeeds varieties are also available as feminised seeds. In addition, the most popular cannabis strains are now also available as autoflowering versions. SensiSeeds offers quality without compromise, even if the repertoire may seem a bit dusty at times, it remains the largest cannabis seed bank!

Sensi Seeds

In 2015, Sensi Seeds celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Throughout the first quarter century of Sensi’s existence, the collection of the original cannabis genotypes, the expansion of the company, the evolution of its hybrid cannabis strains and the growth of the Dronkers family are all interwoven to form the cannabis empire that exists today.

Based in Amsterdam Sensi Seeds Marijuana Seedbank really has established itself as an authority in Cannabis plant genetics and history. All Sensi Seeds come in their own sealed pack designed to ensure the arrival of the seeds in the optimum of condition, complete with a pack seal that prevents tampering.

PureSativa – Official UK Cannabis Seed Wholesale Distributor for Sensi Seeds.

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