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Make This Rocket Pop Piñata for Your 4th of July BBQ

Who doesn’t love Rocket Pops? You know the ones I’m talking about — the red, white and blue frozen staples at every Fourth of July BBQ in your childhood. Today, we’re bringing them back… in piñata form! Brit + Co has already gotten your Independence Day covered with DIY American flag shorts, a stars and stripes tank top, firecracker cupcakes and a swoon-worthy photo backdrop, so this rocket pop piñata will only take your July 4th to the next level.

Materials and Tools:
— red, white and blue crepe paper streamers

Rocket Seeds Reviews

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Small Immature seeds

Many, many years of growing. Been doing an indoor perpetual grow, eight to ten plants every 30 days, sense 2012. I have bought from many different seed banks over the years with no problems (98/99% sucess rate). I live in the USA and payment to other countries is sometimes a struggle, so I decided to go with Crop Kings.

Positive: Pricing, selection and shipping outstanding!
Negative: Small immature seeds.

I’m a little bit of a research freak so I did my homework before doing business with Crop Kings and everything sounded good – Yesterday I started Google searching Crop Kings small immature seeds and started finding some random complaints which bought me here.

Two purchases in the past couple months. Both orders had very small seeds (honestly, I have never seen seeds so small). Went through my normal germination process and the results were pretty bad.

I’m not one to normally complain, I will count my loses and simply move on; however, I do plan on expressing myself to Crop Kings once I see what this grow is going to do. I currently have 4 different strains – 2 seeds from each strain, plus 1 free agent orange germing right now – all feminized).

I have bookmarked this page and I will re-visit once I have communicated with Crop Kings – Peace and Happy Growing!

newbe grower

bought 10 seeds 6 sprouted ,grew 6 inches and died 4 didn’t sprout, indoors controlled temp and grow light light no pests or fungus , new potting soil, followed your directions to a t , really disappointed. what a waste of time and money. c7150 cb cheese autoflower,and a5340 candy cane autoflower fyi.

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Reply from Rocket Seeds

Donald, Kindly phone us 1-800-805-7835 so we can discuss your germination issues and help you improve your growing experience with us.

Bad seeds bad service bad trust

Well I’m not sure who this review is for crop king seeds or rocket seeds Thier affiliated co. But in regards to my previous and second order I was none the less not impressed. Where to start my first order was on however when my package arrived it was shipped with rocket seeds so it appears they were sent from rocket and not CK the good is I actually received my product the bad is the first order did not pop not one seed 24hr soak in FIJI water no pop no taproot then to a wet paper towel where they continued to do notta I’ve germed many seeds in my life time inside outside in water only in perlite only in vermiculite only in worm castings in sand you name it I’ve tried it with success 98% of the time. however the shanty looking seeds I received did not grow.THE second order. I still am not pleased I ordered once again from CK seeds only to receive rocket seeds packaging this time was a freebie wow not impressed because the seeds I actually ordered look more shanty than my first order I won’t be doing business with either crop king seeds or rocket seeds from here on out I don’t even plan on trying to grow these beans in fault of hermies and males and bad looking seeds there no point in planting a tire and hoping for a car when it’s just not gonna grow bad costumer service because I tried contacting crop king to get my first order at least half replaced and they wouldn’t even do that I think I’ll stick with bagweed before I try to grow Thier hand me down crap again. Oh and Lisa isn’t the best person for costumer relations update 1-4-2022 I love how costumer service can reply to everyone else’s post but mine shows how great you all really are

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ETHAN at Rocket Seeds is the BEST!!

ETHAN made my ordering seamless!! The selection. Website. Ease of ordering. And ETHAN truly made this the reason I will continue to order from ROCKET SEEDS!! I had odd amounts of $ on 3 different gift cards. Ethan found a way to use all of these funds so they were not wasted. He was friendly, easy to talk to, helpful and did exactly what I asked him to do. An employee like this is exactly who and what I would want if I owned my own company. THANK YOU ETHAN and of course Rocket Seeds!!

Many times as beginner…

Many times as beginner growers.we.blame.the seed companies which I did. But for beginners you need to get a nifty pod which will take care of the germinating for you. It’s easy to use and it will take care of your seedlings for the first two weeks before planting them in soil.

They sell immature seeds

They sell immature seeds, I purchased 5 seeds 2 fell and had to be propped up and don’t look as if they are going to make it, and one didn’t germinate at all. They get no stars as to my way of thinking.

Reply from Rocket Seeds

Hi Brian. Kindly phone us 1-800-805-7835 so we can help your growing experience and discuss the germination issue.

2 different kinds?

Ive had no problems with germination at all. I’m 10 for 10. I am possibly seeing some problems with genetics.. though. 2 of the first five plants grew beautifully. The other 3 are about half the height but twice as bushy. The 3 have short wide leaves while the others are long and narrow. BTW I planted 5 Northern lights autos. I still think it could work out ok. We’ll see.

Bought pineapple express my free seed…

Bought pineapple express my free seed great revolver pineapple seed one popped 2 day other 4 days 2 out 5 unhappy customer.

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Terrible Genetics

Seeds germinated but plant genetics are terrible. I had optimal grow conditions used by professionals worldwide and used by myself for multiple other seed genetics but my autoflower was stunted from Day 1. They honor 80% germination but do not honor bad genetics. I even had pictures to show them because I was taking pictures everyday about my plant. I showed them clear pictures’ that showed a stunted seedling having pistils appear on Day 30 which is ridiculous. My seedling was healthy the whole time yet it was extremely stunted and never grew above 5 inches. DO NOT BUY FROM Rocket Seeds OR Beaver Seed seedbank.

So ALL of my seeds died nothing grew… But then.

So ALL of my seeds died nothing grew past an inch. I happened to find 2 seeds in a box. I haven’t contacted them because I don’t plan on purchasing at this time again.. However I have been able to grow these 2 which are now actually 2 feet tall. Now in the flowering stage. So I will know more by Christmas. Fingers crossed. I can’t get my monies back or seeds I’m sure, but if these 2 grow it won’t be all wasted. Would have been nice to have at least 20 out of the 25 to grow. I’m still sad.

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1 of 8 seeds germinated!!

Fast shipping got the space cookie…

Fast shipping got the space cookie growing growing strong so far


I had an issue germinating the seeds sent and had trouble getting ahold of anyone but as soon as I talked to representative they cleared everything up and even sent me everything that was wrong so just waiting on 5he shipment but all in all this company will actually help u if it’s an issue on their end cause they definitely were extremely fair to me about it

Reply from Rocket Seeds

Justin kindly phone us regarding your germination issues 1-800-805-7835 so we can help you.