Rainbow punch seeds

Rainbow Runtz Cannabis Seeds

Rainbow Runtz cannabis seeds are offered here for collectors to enjoy. The Rainbow Runtz strain is celebrated for its elite genetics, delicious flavor, and powerful effects. Rainbow Runtz is a cross between three flavorful ancestors (Zkittlez, Do-Si-Dos, and Gelato) for a seed strain that packs a punch.

Rainbow Runtz Marijuana Seeds

Grower’s Choice produces these premium seeds by crossing their Rainbow Candy (Zkittlez x Do-Si-Dos x Zkittlez) with Gelato 41. The result is a seed with multiple potent ancestors. Grower’s Choice is a breeder with ample industry experience and a mission to provide quality genetics for collectors everywhere. The breeder focuses on innovative experimentation and cultivation, including finding the best seeds to support clients’ health and wellness.

Cannabis Strain Potency

Rainbow Runtz comes from a long line of potent strains, so it’s no surprise that it packs a powerful punch. Rainbow Runtz from Grower’s Choice has densely-packed buds with a tropical scent. Smoke gives a fruit-filled candy flavor that tastes like all the best desserts. Some buds even develop vibrant pink and violet accents for an aesthetic finish. With an intensely high THC content of 25-35%, Rainbow Runtz delivers relaxing effects with a strong body buzz.

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All About Rainbow Punch Weed Strain

Rainbow Punch is an evenly balanced cannabis strain, and its origins are still a mystery. Supposedly it was named after its potency as it can pack quite a punch. The THC level ranges between 22% and 25%, and its CBD is between 0.34% and 1.19%. Therefore, it’s not aimed at those with low tolerance. The strain has a chemical and earthy taste mixed with sweet and sour berry fruits. It is typically consumed in the morning, especially if your muscles feel sore. Rainbow Punch strain has the following terpene profile:

  • Limonene
  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Pinene

Rainbow Punch Strain Uses

Sometimes you need a punch from a rainbow just to start off your day on the right foot. The punch will trigger a cerebral rush, so users will feel happy, euphoric, energized, and relieved in some cases. The weed can be used to help patients who are trying to deal with Alzheimer’s, Depression, muscle spasms, and hypertension. This is why it is mostly consumed in the morning, but if you want to have a night out and socialize some more, it can be a decent choice.


Although the cerebral rush can feel great at times, there are instances where smoking Rainbow Punch marijuana can have negative effects. Some users reported that they experienced concern, tingling, cottonmouth, and slurred speech. It’s nothing to be alarmed about. Just bear in mind that this is also a possibility.

Growing Information

You can grow Rainbow Punch weed strain both indoors and outdoors. The plant can grow up to 60 inches, and it takes around 60 days to flower (between 54 and 63). You can expect each plant to yield up to 400g of weed. The buds are pepper-shaped and olive green in color. You will also notice patches of yellow or pale orange hairs and crystal trichomes coating.

Strain Review: RPG (Rainbow Punch Gelato) by Cannabiotix

First impression- it’s full blown indica but woah if I didn’t know any better I’d say this is a sativa, based on look smell, and taste. Also comes with a sativa placebo effect I have noticed.

WEIGHT CHECK- 10.6/10.5 (pic 4) 10/10

AROMA- sweet berries and rainbows flavor profile similar to Zereal and cereal but with a heavy gelato layer in the background, fruity, berries, tropical skittles candy, fresh florals, gelato, sherbet and grapefruit (9.8/10)

APPEAL – mesmerizing chunky nuggets running darker green but layered In Trichromes and sticky sappy resin. Beautiful purple color schemes and orange color schemes truly giving off a rainy day rainbow vibe. Impressed with the big nuggets I got. Most had great density. (9.8/10)

SMOKE & TASTE- berries, gelato, fresh florals, rainbow candy, stanky kush, burned the cleanest purest white. (9.8/10)

EFFECT & MEDICINE – during the day it gives off a sativa placebo vibe. Probably from the sativa vibes the flower gives. At night time I notice the indica vibe more. Rare when you have indica that smokes sativa or a sativa that smoke indica. This has a Great strong buzz that hits quick and last decently long! great for relaxation or energy however you channel it. (9.8/10)

Puff or pass: PUFF This was my prediction to be last place if cbx new releases, and I got it last out of all the strains, and boy that was a mistake, rpg takes the cake out of the new releases easily. Great stuff exotic ATW! & with the potency to match!

Compare to/ shout outs : @connected.california @blemvibe @canndescent @cali_lotus @craigie_89 @inspectorganja562 @imstillstoned823 @sandiegoemeralds

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