Purple gelato seeds

Purple gelato seeds

Purple Gelato is the direct result of crossing two modern day juggernauts Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet.

With its genetic background, Purple Gelato carries with it heavy fruit and citrus flavours with earthy and pine undertones.

Purple Gelato will delight the user with an effect that is relaxing, some might say sedative – while also being uplifting and bolstering creativity. Perfect for treatment of symptoms associated with nausea, pain, PTSD, and anxiety.

Growers can expect Purple Gelato to mature in 8-10 weeks of flowering – bestowing up to 600g/m² of very potent buds at up to 24% THC.

Purple Gelato Feminized

The Purple Gelato strain is aptly named for its electrifying purple color and a flavor that will remind of a delicious frozen dessert. Besides these remarkable traits, this blend of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is famous for its incredibly potent buzz. With a sky-high THC content of 22%, it delivers a calm yet euphoric high that can be channeled to manage anxiety, depression, and pain. A rare breed that used to be commercially unavailable, you can now grow it at home with these feminized seeds.


Purple Gelato Fem is for the more experienced grower who welcomes a challenge. This strain is somewhat finicky and requires just the right environmental conditions to flourish. It needs a more exact amount of nutrients than other varietals, especially during the late vegetative and early flowering stages. Furthermore, it prefers high humidity, although this makes it more susceptible to some pests and diseases. Nevertheless, the buds are so delectable and of such high quality that they easily justify all the time and effort spent.

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, the growth pattern is dense and compact. The bushy foliage can be supported by sturdy lateral branches even though the plant grows taller than other Indicas, raising the center of gravity off the ground a couple of meters. Still, it does not hurt to prune the extra leaves and non-essential stems regularly. Doing so gives the plant structural stability. It also ensures that moisture will not accumulate where it is not supposed to.

This strain can be grown successfully either indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Nonetheless, the odor can be overpowering and may spread throughout the neighborhood if left unchecked. A carbon filter would be handy inside the house, but obviously the scent cannot be controlled in the open air. This is something to consider if discreetness is a priority.

Flowering Time

Purple Gelato Fem’s flowering time lasts 8 to 10 weeks – fairly normal for an Indica-dom. When grown outdoors, the ideal harvest time is late October. That leaves enough time to dry and cure the beds before the winter break.


When it comes to growing marijuana, the choice of growing medium has a considerable impact on the crop. Some growers prefer an organic soil that contains a rich ecosystem with beneficial microorganisms to enhance Purple Gelato Fem’s special terpene profile. The terpenes, or aromatic compounds, boost the plants’ immune system. They are responsible for the buds’ fragrance and flavor, but they also have potential health benefits due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.Other growers advocate the use of hydroponics. Delivering the nutrient mixes directly to the roots via water instead of soil allows better control of the feedings. Moreover, the pH and EC levels are more easily monitored and corrected if necessary. This type of system encourages an explosive growth rate.In either case, the Sea of Green (SOG) technique will increase productivity. This strain is an excellent candidate because of its size and structure. The vegetative period can be shortened until the plants are at least 30 cm (12 inches) in height, and then flowering can already be triggered. This makes the turnaround time quicker. Each crop can generate 500 to 600 grams (17 to 21 ounces) per square meter.

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Purple Gelato Fem likes warm and humid climates, although cooler nights will activate the strain’s anthocyanins to produce purple tones. These pretty pigments only affect the color of the buds and leaves and will not change the aroma or cannabinoid composition. Outdoors, this strain can stretch up to 220 cm (over 7 feet) tall. Under optimal conditions, a generous yield of 400 to 600 grams (14 to 21 ounces) from every plant can be expected.

Medical Application

In spite of Purple Gelato’s reputation as a fun recreational strain, it also has great therapeutic value. In fact, the enticing flavor makes it more palatable for medical marijuana users who are averse to the more pungent strains. Patients prefer it over other calming and mood-lifting Indicas.

This strain may be used to counteract anxiety and depression. It has shown promise as a treatment for easing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, and seasonal depressive disorder (SAD).

In addition, the 22% THC level gives it analgesic properties. Studies have shown that the THC in marijuana can significantly reduce acute, chronic, and neuropathic pain. This could provide relief from arthritis, backaches, and migraines, for example.

The other physical benefits are reducing nausea and vomiting for individuals going through chemotherapy. It stimulates the appetite due to the munchies effect and helps induce sleep afterwards.

Adverse Reactions

The most common negative side effects of consuming Purple Gelato are ordinary and not alarming. Like any other strain, cotton mouth and dry eyes are unavoidable but easily remedied. For a dry mouth and throat, a glass of water will provide instant relief. Dry eyes can be mitigated with moisturizing eye drops such as artificial tears.

However, the high THC concentration could cause headaches and dizziness for newbies and casual users. Even veterans are prone to heightened anxiety and paranoia if they overindulge. Consequently, a low to moderate dose is recommended.


Purple Gelato’s irresistible appearance and aroma are indeed very tempting, but caution should be exercised due to its powerful head buzz and tranquilizing body high. Consuming a prudent amount can lift the mood and stimulate the mind without resulting in couch-lock. It provides a mental stimulation that can be directed towards creative activities, as well as mundane tasks.

At the same time, your body will feel loose and relaxed because it soothes tired muscles and melts away tension. Movement is still possible, but you might find yourself wanting to give in to the euphoria by sitting down in your favorite armchair. This is probably a good idea as some users experience psychedelic effects like visual and auditory enhancement. Being in a comfortable and safe environment will lessen the chances of becoming overwhelmed.

Eventually, you will get an attack of the munchies. Prepare some snacks beforehand so that you can eat your fill without interrupting your high. When your hunger has been assuaged, you will start to get drowsy. This somnolence leads to a deep and restful slumber that will reinvigorate you for the next day. Because of this combination of effects, this strain is ideal for evening use.

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As stated earlier, Purple Gelato has a strong fragrance. It can permeate everywhere, although it is a pleasant blend of citrus, berry, mint, and lavender. It also carries the freshly baked aroma of Girl Scout Cookies, with subtle hints of herbs and earth.


This weed has a delicious flavor similar to a fruity sherbet. The slightly acidic essence is cut by the refreshing piquancy of pine.

Similar Strains

Regarding Purple Gelato’s aroma, one of the subtle nuances is a whiff of lavender. If that floral perfume appeals to you, then you might want to try Lavender Fem, sometimes misspelled as Lavander. It also has a lovely purplish coloration that partners well with its heavenly effects. With an impressive 20% THC level, it provides deep relaxation that settles into an unparalleled state of bliss. This rarely talked-about strain would be a magnificent supplement to any collection

Or, perhaps you want more of the mint biscuit flavor from Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. In that case, you will love Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Fem. This strain is a backcrossing of GSC with one of its parents, OG Kush, resulting in aunique combination of Indica and Sativa. It delivers simultaneous mental stimulation and physical tranquility while keeping the THC level to a moderate 17%. It is easy to grow and generates a nice yield of600 to 650 grams (21 to 23 ounces) with basic TLC.

Speaking of mental stimulation,maybe you are looking for a high-energy strain with a fruit-based flavor. Lemon Pie Regis one such cultivar, but the aroma also has an interesting touch of spice and diesel. It encourages creativity and a healthy appetite, and delivers an invigorating buzz throughout the body. It still has a little splash of Indica genes for soothing the muscles at the end. Note that these are regular seeds, which means that they produce plants that are as close to the mother as possible.

But if you get tired of smells that are floral, fruity, or saccharine, then a great alternative would be Northern Lights Fem. This 95% Indicacaptures the experience of gazing at the Aurora Borealis with its refreshing scent of pine needles littered over a forest floor. With 18% THC inherited from its Afghani ancestor, it is the go-to strain for managing stress, pain, and anxiety.

Nick Names

Purple Gelato used to be known as simply Gelato, Gelati, or Gelatti. All the same, it is best to refer to it with the color purple as more and more strains are being created all the time. It would not be surprising to hear of other hybrids materializing with the word “gelato” in their names.

Final Thoughts

These strains would make a great addition to any marijuana garden. Each one has outstanding health benefits combined with exciting aromas. Order them from i49 now to expand your personal stash. Our top-quality seeds sourced from the best breeders and growing tips will ensure that you get the most out of every plant. When you place an order, it will be shipped to you quickly and discreetly. What’s more, our customer service goal is to make every step of the process smooth and convenient for you. Try i49 for your next cannabis seeds purchase – you won’t regret it.

Purple Gelato Seeds

Purple Gelato is an indica dominant hybrid, a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The wildly delicious, unforgettable flavor can have life-changing effects for the uninitiated. Growers will be seduced by this elegant and quick flowering strain that has only recently become available in seed form.

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Strain History Purple Gelato

Purple Gelato strain is an indica dominant hybrid 55/45 strain created through a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The wildly delicious, unforgettable flavor can have life-changing effects for the uninitiated. The high is a blend of psychedelic productivity with a zen-like concentration. Growers will be seduced by this elegant and quick flowering strain that has only recently become available in seed form.


Purple Gelato has large, strawberry-shaped, dark forest green nugs. Rich purple and orange hairs weave through a super sticky coating of resin droplets. The glistening trichomes and spiky calyxes will blow you away with their supernatural appearance.


Purple Gelato’s blueberry and sweet orange blossom flavors are second to none. The sharp citrus and piney essence harmonizes with a blooming springtime lavender scent. Breaking the nugs apart releases an earthy sandalwood aroma. Purple Gelato has a pleasant and smooth smoke that doesn’t burn your throat.

Purple Gelato Terpenes

The interaction among Purple Gelato terpenes provides potent therapeutic effects that can alleviate mental and physical ailments with just a few puffs. Limonene, pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene comprise this especially delightful terpene profile. A blend of mint, citrus, blueberry cookie dough, and lavender best describes the terpene aromas in Purple Gelato.


Purple Gelato has potent analgesic properties that may help to alleviate mild to severe cases of neuropathic pain. The sedating properties of PG can also be helpful for people with insomnia and other sleep disorders. Reducing discomfort and promoting a healthy sleep can bring relief from depression and anxiety, which often affects people with chronic pain issues. The CBD content is 0.06% and, the THC is around 25-27%.


It begins with an uplifting rush that kisses your forehead. Senses start to feel more focused and tuned into your surroundings. As the high grows, a kindhearted body buzz slowly washes over you, leaving you completely relaxed and calm. Most users manage to stay reasonably mentally alert and physically agile, which helps to keep productive and motivated. Some people are attracted to this strain for its psychedelic effects. In moderate doses, it can be pleasant and stimulating. However, if using too much, mental anxiety could become uncomfortable. Eating something warm or taking a shower can help to reduce an overactive high.

Growing Purple Gelato Seeds

Purple Gelato seeds used to be a rare find. Anyone who had the strain seldom traded it. When feminized seeds recently became available amateur, and professional growers both hurried to get their hands on them. Purple Gelato can be grown indoors or outdoors as long as the temperature is kept warm and humid. The favorite growing medium is organic soil which, helps to enhance the already incredible taste. Purple Gelato is compact and sturdy, making it perfect for the SOG method. Not only does this system shorten the vegging time, but it also increases the yield per square meter. The indoor flowering period is 8-9 weeks, with medium height plants yielding 17-20oz/m2. Outdoors, with lots of sunlight, each plant produces 14–21oz/each by late October.