Purple eclipse seeds

All About Purple Eclipse Weed Strain

Purple Eclipse strain is a Sativa-dominant (60% Sativa) hybrid that was produced by crossing Super Nova and Purple Pantera with some more unknown parent strains. It was created specifically to boost energy and mood. The seeds have a THC level of 15-19% and 0.41 – 0.67% of CBD.

The cannabis strain is suitable for consumption by anyone, regardless of experience. The terpene profile of marijuana looks like this:

Appearance, Taste, and Aroma

The Purple Eclipse kush has neon green buds with a deep violet hue, which are covered with orange hairs and small golden trichomes. Purple Eclipse weed is a tropical riot of mango, citrus, and tart grapes. A hint of southern berries and fresh mango is added to the sweet and sour taste.

Purple Eclipse Weed Strain Effects

An energetic uplift is followed by increased cerebral awareness and attention, which will allow you to be focused.

You will be unusually motivated and energetic and do everything planned in a short time. Soon you feel a pleasant relaxation in the body, which will not reduce activity.

Side effects of the Purple Eclipse marijuana strain may include headaches, panic attacks, and rapid heartbeat.

Common Usage

Purple Eclipse strain is ideal for those who suffer from digestive problems, including lack of appetite. The strain effectively affects the psyche and can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Growing Info

The cultivation of this strain requires a unique approach and therefore is suitable for experienced growers. It was never available as feminized seeds. The cultivators say the Purple Eclipse cannabis yield is not rich, yet, you can get a beautiful plant with a flowering time of 55 days. The seeds are ready to harvest in 61 days. People note that the kush can be 30-60 inches in height.



Side Effects

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Purple Eclipse Strain Cannabinoids

Purple Eclipse Terpene Profile

Growing Info

Purple Eclipse Terpene and Taste Chemistry

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Purple Eclipse seeds

Buy Purple Eclipse seeds online with Seedsbay. Here you will find detailed information on the Purple Eclipse cannabis seeds, from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. We have listed every seedshop where you can buy Purple Eclipse seeds along their offers. Compare prices on Purple Eclipse seeds and get the best deal for yourself!

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Purple Eclipse seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Purple Eclipse seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Purple Eclipse seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Purple Eclipse seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Purple Eclipse specifications

Read the Purple Eclipse seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Purple Eclipse seeds.

Variety 30% Indica and 70% Sativa
THC level 19%
CBD level 1%
Yield Low
Difficulty Advanced
Flowering Time 67 days

About Purple Eclipse seeds

This Purple Eclipse strain has a variety of both sativa as indica with THC levels of 19 percent. The CBD level is 1 percent average. Purple Eclipse is known by the acronym of Xpe consisting of 30% indica and 70% sativa. Purple Eclipse will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant resulting with low yield. Germinate the Purple Eclipse seeds and grow it into a nice cannbis plant, with an average floweringtime of 67 days.

Buying Purple Eclipse seeds is not possible at the moment, we will keep you informed as soon as the Purple Eclipse seeds are available.