Pink mango seeds

Pink Mangos Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Pink Mangos is a sativa-dominant (60%) and Indica (40%). The genetic parents of this strain are the famous varieties Blueberry, Blackberry, and Grapefruit strains. Pink Mangos has thick buds of rosy shade and an indica-like structure. Purple Mangos, identical to its name, has a fruity flavor of mango and berry with earthy undertones. The uplifting effects are a well-balanced blend of relaxation, euphoria, and physical pleasure, making it effective to relieve stress, nausea, and pain.

Pink Mangos Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa (60%)
Genetics Parents: Blackberry x Blueberry x Grapefruit
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: Dry and Warm
Yield: 13oz/ m2 indoor/ 15oz/ plant- outdoor
Flavors: mango, sweet, berry, chemical, grapefruit, and fruity
THC Level: 14-18%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: Mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Pink Mango’s Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Pink Mango is one of the tastiest strains you can find, particularly if you enjoy fruity strains. With traces of grapefruit, this bud tastes like a complex blend of mangoes and berries. When you exhale the smoke, your tongue will have a fruity but chemical taste.

Pink Mango is one of those strains that is said to boost physical intimacy and sexual satisfaction. It also stimulates positive thinking by providing a clear-headed high that helps in focus and motivation. It can also help with minor aches and pains, spasms, depression, and fatigue from everyday stress. It’s a good strain to have on hand all the time.

What are the Medical Benefits of Pink Mangos Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Pink Mango is very beneficial in treating mental health conditions. This strain helps to aid chronic stress and its symptoms, this may help the patients to get rid of the fears and negativity that leads to mental distress.

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Negative Effects You Can Expect from Pink Mangos Feminized Marijuana Strain

Pink Mango is one of the marijuana strains that give side effects. This strain will make you thirsty after you take some tokes, which leads to dryness of the mouth and eyes. As a sativa-dominant, adverse effects may include anxiety, mild paranoia, and headaches.

How to Grow Pink Mangos Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Pink mango can be grown indoor and outdoor successfully, and they typically produce a large yield. This hybrid thrives in a dry, warm environment and grows to be a tall plant with dense and heavy buds.

Pink Mango can produce a yield of about 13oz per square meter when grown indoors, and the flowering time is approximately 8 to 9 weeks. When grown outdoors, Pink Mango marijuana strain should be 15oz per plant and the harvest time around Mid-October.

Green Smoke Room Seeds – Pink Mango Gelato

Pink Mango Gelato, bred by Green Smoke Room Seeds is an indica dominant hybrid, with its genetic parents being, White Widow x Somango & Pink Gelato.

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This medium sized plant must not be underestimated, with THC levels of between 18 – 23% and a short flowering time of just 6 – 8 weeks. The medium to large yield will keep cultivators happy for some time. The strain has an incredibly balanced body and mental effects. As Somango being a dominant parent, the creeping body high takes shape in the arms, legs, eyes and the temple area. However, on the other hand, the White Widow comes in shortly after with cerebrally energetic euphoria that compliments the couch-lock you will be unable to avoid. The famous flavours of Somango are still very present in this hybrid as the sweet mango tantalizes the taste buds and a distinct skunky, earthy flavour.

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