Orange dream seeds

All About Orange Dream Weed Strain

Orange dream strain is a Sativa leaning hybrid that represents a cross between Orange Crush and Blue Dream. Being suitable chose for any time of the day, this weed reveals to contain around 16% of THC ratio, which is balanced by almost 1% of CBD. Orange Dream weed can be consumed by beginners or by seasoned smokers with low THC tolerance.

Parent strains have delivered to Orange Dream cannabis an attractive mix of citrus and vanilla aromas with a creamy overtone that can be noticed in its taste. It has a delicious taste of oranges and blueberries.

Strain Effects

Orange Dream weed strain delivers a euphoric cerebral and energizing body high that helps users staying productive and motivated. Its effect has been described as so long-lasting that could last for a couple of days. It leaves users uplifted and creative enough to complete a to-do list or prepare some business projects. This strain’s relaxing effect doesn’t result in couch-locking, furthermore, users become more focused on the important stuff. Those, who are prone to panic, should be careful with this marijuana as it can lead to a mellow paranoia.

Medical benefits of Orange Dream strain include reducing symptoms of depression, stress, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. It also treats chronic pain, appetite loss, headaches, and crumps.


Orange Dream seeds are difficult to find at online stores, but it could be cultivated by cloning. When grown outdoor the harvest month is late September — early October, it is recommended to grow in a semi-humid Mediterranean-like climate. It is required about 8-9 weeks of flowering when cultivated indoors. Plants can be described as medium in length with high yields.

Orange Dream Cannabis Seeds

Orange Dream . Fans of the ever popular Blue Dream strains will love Orange Dream . This Sativa dominant, product of California is the love child of two famous parents Orange Crush and Blue Dream . Now, here’s where it get’s tabloid worthy…this strain has a double dose of Blue Dream in the family lineage. You see, Orange Crush is the offspring of the old legend California Orange and Blue Dream . This added infusion of Blueberry and Haze results in a bud that’s as deliciously stoney as it is tasty! It tastes exactly like orange sherbert topped with some blueberries that you let sour for a couple days. There’s only a hint of dankness to remind that this is in fact marijuana . It is also relatively high in CBD , which will relieve a myriad of medical conditions while other components will keep you mentally stimulated and alert. However, this hits you hard initially but will level into a pleasant euphoric state after a few minutes.