Ol mendo hashplant seeds


One of the first strains I had a lot of success with was Hashplant. It came from Mendocino, Booneville area, and was similar to Sensi’s but no idea where it really came from. It was crossed with the local strains, everything that goes through there is, so there were some nice purple phenos. It hooked me into hashish and Hindu Kush types.

I’ve realized I’ve got several different Hashplants in the ground and it would be nice to have a single thread to compare them as they grow this summer.

If you’re running a Hashplant of whatever type feel free to post pictures or talk or whatever. Hashplants count as either Indica strains, wide leaf varieties from Central Asia, used for traditional hashish making. Or plants from other parts of the world with a tradition of hashish production. Nepal, Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Iran, California, or wherever.

I don’t expect these all to be landraces or pure strains. Many of mine are hybrids. But most of them have the wide leafed Afghan look with a couple exceptions.

Here’s an exception. Real Seed Company’s Sinai.

They’re much less vigorous then the modern strains side by side. Thin sativa leaves. One is quite a bit bigger then the others. Don’t use much water or nutrients.

Right next to them is another plant that looks similar but is more vigorous. Bet you’ll never guess what it is.

Original Afghani #1 from Seedsman seeds. You wouldn’t guess what it is because the description describes something else. To quote the website description:

Genetics: Afghani No. 1
Variety: Pure Indica
Type: Pure-bred, true-breeding
Harvest Date: Mid-Late September
Flowering Period: 6-7 Weeks
No. of Seeds Per Packet: 10
Characteristics: Dense buds and copious resin.

Nothing Indica about that plant or her sisters. It irritates me when a breeder advertises an old strain, says it’s something special, then sends you something completely different. When I grew Sensi’s Hashplant same thing. Vigorous plant but not an Indica Hashplant. What’s going on? I have a couple theories I’ll talk about later.

One more picture for today. This is a strain from Mendocino, Grape Ape x Bubblegum. The plant I photographed is grown by a friend, posted with his permission.

That’s about as Indica as they come, some good breeders in Mendocino. I’m sure the Bubblegum is not the original Indiana Bubblegum. It’s either been hybridized with Mendo strains or is a Mendo strain that smells like bubblegum. It’s been around for many years.

The width of those leaves and color approaches Hindu Death Cabbage. I can guarantee the plant will end up colorful purple in the end.

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Sensi hp was backcrossed as the clone off of their Northern Lights. So there are thai ancestors in sensi hash plant.

That’s ok for me since pure indica such as afghan get rain here during flower and they can mold. Really good climate for hybrids done in 70 days or less.

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Yeah Sensi’s Hashplant has a bit of something else in it because there wasn’t a male. But the old Hashplant I had was kind of like Sensi’s, no idea if it was. The original Hashplant came from the PNW before it went to Europe, it could have been related to that. Because the breeder I got it from was from the PNW.
Or it could have been a Hashplant from another seed company. The G13 x 88 HP is a possibility? Or a Hindu Kush unrelated to Hashplant that had the Afghan look. Definitely had a euphoric crushing high.
Last summer I grew out an Old School Hashplant from Bodhi. Very similar but I didn’t like the high. Gave me a bit of a headache. But good resin, the sandy kind different then the usual resin on hybrids. No mold and i’m in the PNW so mold is a problem. It did get affected by mildew although the buds were spared.

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If it was PNW hash-plant, I have no idea on it’s origins. Sensi g13 x hp is just theirs.

I’d expect to see more hash plant type plants being developed for concentrates. Any plant is a hash plant and old school hash plants were for hash in specific climates. I like some good old indica myself, it’s that molds an issue. Afghan is nice and all, but I can smoke it like it’s going out of style. So hybrids do a better job at more things, high, not molding, and stone.

There are some newer hash plants on the market. Bodhi’s g13hp crosses, but also I think Barney’s has a reg seed afghan hash plant from older afghani before soviet invasion. Not seen any grow reports but the picture looks nice (don’t they usually?).

I think that one thing about a hash plant is larger glands. They make a softer hash that’s stickier. Sativa hash can be quite hard. But damn, it can all be so good!

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I agree. When I was trimming last winter it was remarkable how different the resin was from normal hybrids. Old School Hashplant clearly had much different resin. The clear winner was Pot of Gold Hashplant, heirloom strain from Mendocino. Every time I’d trim it my hands would be covered in sticky hashish even though I was careful handling it. When I finished I’d rub it into a ball, some of the finest chocolate brown hand rubbed I’ve ever smoked. Hardly had any resin on my hands trimming the hybrids.
Last week I smoked sifted Pot of Gold Hashplant resin. It had been pressed into a chocolate chunk, very old school. Delicious taste, psychedelic high. I’d start tripping myself out, then settle down and remember to be mellow. Started having epiphanies about stuff, insights into psychology and relationships.
The guy who made the hash says POGH has an extremely high bud to resin ratio. Not surprising. The buds are leafy by modern hybrid standards but dense and frosty.
As far as Hashplant boytritis, Deep Chunk is the worst I’ve seen. Losing plants in sunny July from stem mold. POGH had a little bit, mainly because I allowed it to get to bushy.
Bodhi’s hashplant was good as I said earlier, mildew much worse then boytritis though there was some stem rot. I also had Bodhi’s Dank Zappa, ’87 UW Black Hashplant x 88 Sensi HP x G13. One plant had some bad stem rot, the other was mold free. Overall I was surprised how little mold there was. Mostly it was on stems, left the buds alone. As usual it was the very biggest buds that were affected, small buds were mold free.

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Sensi hp was backcrossed as the clone off of their Northern Lights. So there are thai ancestors in sensi hash plant.

IIRC, The Hash Plant clone was crossed with a NL#1 male and it was supposed to be a pure Afghani.

Also the sativa in NL5 was actually a Hawaiian, not Thai. There was a mix-up with labeling or Nevil remembered it wrong and he has admited on MNS forum it’s possible he got it wrong.

Check out this post in which the creator of the NL lines, NL Seattle Greg, reveals what’s in them

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I doubt the sativa indian used was hawwaiian although suppose it could of been. Lways heard the indian worked thai and afghan for mold resitence. After all it could of been hawwaiian but what was the hawaiian?

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Ha ha in that link it says Steve Murphy at the Indoor Sun Shoppe’s Afghani was the Indica part of Northern Lights. I bought my first grow light from that guy when I was 19. When he sold it to me he said, “Go forth and grow my son.”

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Time to trot out the strains that people think of as Hashplants. First off is Pot of Gold Hashplant. Not related to the Flying Dutchman strain. Comes from Mendocino most of the seeds were lost in the wildfires last summer. Luckily I had a few. Hopefully I’ll be able to resurrect the strain. It may be a tiny bit hybridized from all the pollen whizzing around Mendo every summer but I don’t see it.

I posted quite a few pics of her last summer. Here’s a small one. She’s less then a foot tall.

Notice the close spacing between nodes. It’s a way to identify an Afghan as opposed to a hybrid. POGH gets extremely bushy with the close nodes and branches that push up against each other.
Here’s probably my favorite Bodhi offering. Lemon Hashplant. Lemon G x 88G13/HP. I lean towards Bodhi’s 88G13/HPs because they flower earlier then his other crosses. Which is essential where I live. Lemon Hashplant has size, yield, vigor, a delightful lemon smell and a strong stone.

I’ll end this for today with a pic of Dank Zappa, another one of Bodhi’s. ’86 UW Black Hashplant × ’88 G13/HP.

Once again short node spacing and wide leaves. Impressive for outdoors.

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I doubt the sativa indian used was hawwaiian although suppose it could of been. Lways heard the indian worked thai and afghan for mold resitence. After all it could of been hawwaiian but what was the hawaiian?

The Indian was not in the NL Crew .
He was helped out by them . Nevil met the Indian while trying to source more NL in the PMW. The NL guys had gone to ground and weren`t communicating .

Thanks for sharin

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I’m not a huge indica fan but that UW is sumthin special. that dank Zappa got a UW look to her. I got some ndn beans I been holding and keep putting off cuz I had other projects goin n old beans need full attention. but now that things are finishing up n do to there age they are next in line.

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I’m excited about the Dank Zappa this year. Last year I only sprouted two, one was getting big but it got stem rot in mid June and I lost 3/4 of the plant. It turned out to be male which was a relief but disappointing that it showed mold susceptibility. Might have been a male keeper if it wasn’t for the problem.
The other one had ‘runt syndrome’, started in the 2nd batch and fell a little behind. So it always had 2nd best of everything. Root bound in partial shade until it showed female. During a storm a big plant fell on it.
Basically everything went wrong with it that could and it still produced great smoke. This year I decided to give it special treatment seems to be kicking ass. To early to tell but I’m excited to find out.
In the late 80s early 90s some of the best ganja ever was UW pot. There were several different strains they were all super potent and highly sought after.

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Nice thread man. I just put a Deep Chunk outside at 45 north. Maybe not quite far north as you, but I’m up there, lol. Thanks for the info on Deep Chunk, I will take extra precautions to try and keep her free from mold/rot. I’ll be back with pics when I can get some.

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Can’t write about hashplants without mentioning the sativa complex that’s infected the cannabis scene here. ‘Sativa’ has become code for something for cannabis users. It means you aren’t one of the unwashed ignorant masses mindlessly consuming narcotics. You’re hip, you’re ‘in the know’, you’re cool.
I’ll meet a friend of mine’s kid, 22 years old, start pulling out my stash to smoke a bowl. He’ll give me a little knowing nudge or wink, touch his nose or something, and say that he prefers sativas. Of course he prefers the ones over 25% THC. So I’ll make a show of rifling through my containers, pull out something kinda leafy (anything dense and he shakes his head disgustedly) and say ‘yeah this is Sativa’. Then he says something like, ‘I’ll be up all night DANCING with this stuff.’ And so it goes.
People talk about it like it’s MDMA or Afri cola or something it’s getting weird. I went to the dispensary and they only had one grower with true sativas (Kiona) which the budtender claimed were landrace (they weren’t) to give it that extra -wink-wink-cool. The guy began arguing with me when I brought up hermaphrodites, he thought only Autoflowers were hermaphrodites so.
I think the dispensary budtenders are responsible for it. But of course the strains the budtenders think are sativas are hybrids. New Kali Mist is one. I grew (the newer version) KM in the Pacific Northwest and it finished in the 2nd week of October. I was disappointed. Decent but disappointing high. If I can grow it outdoors it ain’t a sativa except for a few (Sinai) exceptions. I think the budtenders want to be hip and smoke dope all day. But they don’t want to get REALLY baked because they’re at work.
All commercially grown pot (with a few notable exceptions) is hybrid. Characterized by high THC levels, no CBD or THCV. Mostly the same 6 or 7 terpenes over and over. None are sativa dominate because they’d take more then 10 weeks to flower and the state and consumers have turned it into a quick turn over money game.
25 years ago there where still good sativa indoor growers. My friends and I remember growing from random bag seed and always coming up with several excellent sativas, some purple. Taking 12-15 weeks to flower along with the Indica dominate bag seed 10 weeks or less. Those days ended a long time ago.
I’ve seen plenty of Indica I didn’t like. Usually hydro mass produced, muddy high muddy head. Boring stone. I want the mud honey.
I was reminded of my usual reaction to sativas when I was hanging out with an old grower friend. I wanted to see his reaction to smoking Nigerian Haze. Beautifully grown and cured, 20% THC, very nice. We smoked a joint. Got high and laughed a bit.
Half an hour later we were rolling a joint of Grape Ape x Bubblegum. He has chronic neck pain. As soon as he took a couple hits he said, ‘NOW I’m high.’ It wasn’t that the Nigerian Haze didn’t get him high. It wore off very quickly and didn’t relax his body so he could forget his neck pain.
It brought me back, how I used to react when I smoked every day. I’d get up in the morning and take a few bong hits of the strongest Purple Kush along with a cup of coffee.
Sativas are nice, pretty flowers, taste good, nice cerebral high. But.
I want to be locked to the couch, not because I’m tired and sleepy, but because I’m scared to go outside. I smoked Pot of Gold Hashplant hashish a couple weeks ago, had that kind of effect. Started having insights into the psychology of the people around me. The trees started glowing and moving from side to side. I was suppose to go to the hardware store but was too scared to get in the car. Every few minutes my mind state would start to devolve into panic. Then I’d center myself, feel all warm inside, then the cycle would begin again.
Of course there’s a great thread about that effect from real Sativas here, The search for Trip Weed. I can’t usually grow sativas and they’re not what I grew into cannabis smoking with. I’ve experienced real tropical sativas, but not very often. Usually my experience has been ‘That was nice, now let’s get REALLY baked.’

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Curious on the Sinai. I have the seeds and they seemed to be the most interesting of the bunch of Real Seeds. Out in the middle of the desert bedouins, that is like on another planet. I know they seem to not care for the plants too well, but still it is exotic.

Ol’ Mendo Hash Plant

Named for its hashy taste, the Hash Plant marijuana strain has been a parent to many of the great Sensi Seeds hybrid strains.


One of Sensi Seeds’s classics, Hash Plant stays compact during her extra-short flowering time. Her tight, resin-drenched flower clusters develop a brittle surface when dried and give off a deep, rich Afghani aroma that’s undercut with a hint of hashish. When consumed, her dominant flavor is the spicy-sharp bite of smouldering resin glands. The instant vaporization of those layers of sparkling trichomes accelerates Hash Plant’s rapid, blissful and breathtakingly powerful body-stone. This 90% indica is the product of careful genetic selection, a process that involved matching the mysterious Hash Plant original from the U.S. with Northern Lights.

Ol’ Mendo Hashplant

This plant sets itself apart from other indicas with its cerebral stimulation and euphoric rush. This strain is recommended for all levels of tokers looking for a balanced experience, as it offers powerful physical effects as well as an intense cerebral uplift. She stays true to her parent heritage with deep Afghani aromas and a thick, tongue-coating spice-flavored smoke. The flowers are frosty with a purple hue and reddish hairs. She has wonderful sweet, earthy, and berry flavors that will tickle your tongue every time.