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Red Dragon Seeds – Feminized

A Comprehensive Review of Red Dragon Seeds Red Dragon marijuana stands out among other strains for its medicinal benefits. The strain leverages its high THC levels with a nicely balanced Indica to Sativa ratio, which gives the users an out-of-earth rollercoaster of effects. Without further ado, let’s dive into and discuss factors that give Red Dragon seeds an edge over other strains.


Indoor 2 oz/ft2 (600 g/m2)

Outdoor 21 oz (600 gr) per plant


Indoor 55 – 60 days


Table of content

Indoor Yield 2 oz/ft 2 (600 g/m 2 )
Outdoor Yield 21 oz (600 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 56 – 70 days
Height Small
THC level 18 – 22 %
CBD level Low
Climate Warm
Grow Difficulty Easy
Flavors Spicy / Fruity / Tropical / Berry / Piney notes
Effect Happy / Energetic / Relaxed / Euphoric / Uplifted
Type 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Parents West Himalayan Kush x Utopia Haze
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

The Genotype of Red Dragon Seeds

The genotypes in Red Dragon strain seeds manifest when the plants reach flowering stages. But what makes this strain stand out from other strains? First, Red Dragon is a Sativa-dominant strain (60%), although the Indica still occupies 40%. Red Dragon is a hybrid of West Himalayan Kush and Utopia Haze.

The Phenotype of Red Dragon Seeds

After the Red Dragon seeds germinate and the plants reach the flowering stage, this strain’s unique features start to manifest. A combination of the genotypes in Red Dragon weed seeds and growing conditions gives the strain phenotypes.

The first outstanding feature in Red Dragon is red tinges on the buds and pistils. If you are paranoid, you might think the buds and pistils are burning in a red-hot fire.

The second feature in this marijuana strain is the leaves, which range from light to dark green while the nugs are red.

Third, the flower buds are covered in white powdery trichomes, which make the plant visually irresistible.

The Yield of Red Dragon Seeds

Red Dragon seeds give high yields when grown under optimal conditions. Most growers prefer an indoor setup since they can control the conditions. When grown indoors, the strain can yield 2 oz/ft² (600 g/m²). On the other, when you grow the strain outdoors, you should expect to harvest 21 oz (600 gr) per plant, on average.

Flowering Time

It is every marijuana grower’s wish to settle for a strain whose flowering time meets their expectations, and Red Dragon strain seeds meet the threshold. On average, the indoor flowering time for Red Dragon marijuana ends between 56 and 70 days.

Taste and Aroma of Red Dragon

Red Dragon is one of the few strains whose flavor can only be tolerated by experienced users. The strain has a fruity taste with piney notes. After inhaling the smoke or vapor, a mild-bitter taste remains in the taste buds.

On the other hand, we can describe Red Dragon’s aroma as piney with notes of sweetness. When you combust the buds, the marijuana produces a pungent smell.

Effects of Red Dragon

The demand for Red Dragon marijuana seeds increases at alarming rates, thanks to its Sativa-dominance, reasonable Indica levels, and high THC levels. The THC levels in Red Dragon weed might not be extreme, but high amounts might overwhelm the body.

Given the strain’s Sativa-dominance, the weed sparks euphoric wave to users, leaving them smiling all day long. If the user is new to the strain, they might experience paranoia. The Sativa also induces astonishing energy to users, making Red Dragon weed ideal for wake n’ bake.

Marijuana users with high tolerance might not experience euphoric effects for a long time. Instead, the euphoric effects are replaced by calming effects whose intensity varies, depending on the user’s tolerance. Novice marijuana users might experience sedating effects or couch-lock in large doses. On the other hand, experienced users ordinary calming effects due to their high tolerance.

After the Sativa effects start to wear off, the Indica effects start to set in, slowly but gradually. The first effect you experience is a heavenly calmness, which might move from the brain to the body. If your body is not highly tolerant, you might experience a couch-lock due to the sedating impact of Indica.

In some cases, users might experience hunger pangs, especially if they take high doses.

Marijuana users also experience cottonmouth after using Red Dragon due to the THC properties. Cottonmouth might irritate the eyes, mouth, and throat. However, taking enough fluids during or after a Red Dragon session reduces the severity of cottonmouth.

Recreational Effects

The demand for Red Dragon weed seeds is on an all-time high, thanks to its recreational effects. The combination of Sativa and Indica properties in this strain makes it the go-to choice for all recreational marijuana users.

The Sativa properties in Red Dragon induce a euphoric effect immediately you start the session. You might experience waves of excitement and happiness all over the body and brain, pushing you to move out and interact with other people. The Sativa also boosts your energy levels, making it easy for you to perform physical activities seamlessly.

On the other hand, the Indica properties induce a feel-good calming effect to users. Although the calming effects kick in slowly but gradually, they last longer. The Indica properties suppress the euphoric and paranoic effects of the Sativa to improve the users’ attention. If you are a movie junkie, having a session of marijuana grown from Red Dragon cannabis seeds is incredible for keeping you attentive.

Medical Effects

The medical benefits of marijuana have made Red Dragon seeds for sale highly revered. For example, the euphoric properties due to the Sativa in this marijuana properties help suppress depression.

The sedative properties due to the Indica properties are vital in pain and inflammation management. Medics encourage growers to give more priority to Red Dragon seeds due to the strain’s potential in the management of rheumatic arthritis, muscle spasms, and migraines.

The calming effects from Indica also make this marijuana strain ideal for managing insomnia. The ability to manage sleep disorders has made the demand for Red Dragon seeds for sale high.

Red Dragon cannabis seeds might not harbor insane THC levels, given that the THC ranges from 18 to 22%. However, we cannot overlook the Sativa and Indica properties in marijuana since they give users a top-shelf head-high effect.

Red Dragon seeds contain low CBD levels, with most plants recording 0% of this non-psychotic cannabinoid.

Final Thoughts on Red Dragon Seeds

We stock the purest of Red Dragon seeds in the market today. Instead of struggling to get high-grade Red Dragon marijuana seeds, you should reach out to us. The ease of growing, relatively high THC levels and Sativa-dominance make this marijuana strain the best for novice growers.

Panama Red Seeds

An informative review of the legendary Panama Red strain. Learn about Panama Red’s psychedelic effects, landrace background, grow tips, and where to find original Panama Red seeds.

We’ve all heard the stories of the 60s — free love, communes, and endless amounts of psychedelic ganja.

Even if you were a twinkle in your parents’ eyes, you can still find landrace sativa strains popular during the hippie era. However, landrace sativas have become something of a myth now that hybrids rule the market.

If you want to experience the psychedelic rush that pure sativas provide, there’s no better option than the Panama Red strain. Panama Red’s legendary effects provided hippies of the past with boundless creativity, energy, and mind-bending euphoria.

If you’re ready to resurrect one of the most revered sativas of all time — look no further than Panama Red.

Read this in-depth guide and learn everything about the Panama Red strain, such as growing tips, cannabinoid content, terpene profile, and where to find Panama Red seeds online.

Panama Red Seeds – Strain ID:

Type: Landrace Sativa
Cannabinoids: 10-16% THC
Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene
Effects: Energetic, Uplifting, Creative
Landrace Strain: Landrace

Grow Difficulty: Difficult
Harvest: 10-13 Weeks / 13+ Weeks
Yield: >500g/㎡ / >600g/plant
Height: Up to 6.5 feet/ >6.5 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

About Panama Red Seeds


Landrace cannabis strains are incredibly exciting because they form the backbone of all marijuana cultivars. Before the cannabis industry, civilizations around the world indulged in indigenous marijuana strains for medical, spiritual, and recreational use.

However, once the cannabis market became a profitable enterprise, breeders began to create hybrids. Cannabis hybrids flowered faster, provided larger yields, and offered a myriad of additional benefits. As such, most landrace cannabis strains disappeared without a trace.

Panama Red, on the other hand, was preserved by the breeders at Reeferman Seeds. Reeferman Seeds prides itself on maintaining landrace strains so that new generations can indulge in pure cannabis. The breeders at Reeferman Seeds traveled to Panama to collect the legendary Panama Red seeds.

Once collected, the breeders chose the best male and female Panama Red plants to create a stable line. In this case, an updated Panama Red was born and released to the public.

Cannabis enthusiasts around the world hail Panama Red as one of the most exotic and potent sativas around. However, Panama Red seeds are limited in quantity, and it’s a challenge to find the original Panama Red seeds.

Growing Panama Red Seeds

Before you germinate Panama Red seeds, there are a few aspects that you must understand.

Panama Red is a full-blown sativa, and it doesn’t take prisoners if you make a mistake while growing or consuming. Due to this, you must read this Panama Red review to get a full understanding of what it takes to grow a successful Panama Red crop.

If you’re ready to earn your bud — keep reading.

Grow Difficulty:

Panama Red is a difficult strain to grow.

If you are new to cannabis cultivation, you must understand that patience is vital. Panama Red is a challenging strain to grow, even for professionals. As such, don’t expect to grow the Panama Red strain unscathed.

If you’re determined and ready for a challenge, the treasure of Panama Red awaits.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

Panama Red hails from the tropical maritime climate of Panama. Overall, Panama Red enjoys long sunny days, humidity, and warmth. The optimal conditions are between 75-90°F and relative humidity of 40-55%.

We understand, most of you do not live in a tropical climate. Luckily, Panama Red excels in regions that provide a Mediterranean climate.

Panama Red excels in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, due to the long flowering time, it may be best to cultivate Panama Red outdoors.

Flowering Time:

If you’ve never cultivated a pure sativa — hold on tight.

Panama Red flowers in 10-13-weeks. The long flowering time deters many would-be cultivators; however, a little patience goes a long way.

If you grow Panama Red seeds indoors, the optimal conditions may reduce the flowering time to 10-weeks. If you grow Panama Red seeds outdoors, the final harvest date may occur by early November.

As Panama Red flowers, you’ll quickly understand why it’s called Panama Red. As the pistils emerge, so does the reddish-pink hue that will turn your garden into a fireworks display.

Remember, Panama Red should not be cultivated outdoors if you live in a Northern latitude region.


The yield of Panama Red is generous and well worth your time.

Outdoors, Panama Red seeds may produce upwards of 500-grams per meter squared. If you grow Panama Red seeds outdoors, you may yield above 600-grams per plant.

The yield isn’t worth writing home about, and you will eat your words once you experience the ultra-potent effects of Panama Red weed.


The overall height is another reason why you should consider Panama Red for your outdoor garden.

Panama Red is capable of 200cm and above. Unless you grow in a warehouse, Panama Red plants will raise the roof once they get moving.

If you grow Panama Red seed outdoors, expect to look up — a lot. If you grow Panama Red seeds indoors, you must utilize one of the three methods to maintain an even canopy:

  • Low-Stress Training
  • Screen of Green
  • Super Cropping

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

Panama Red is moderately resistant to pests and diseases.

Even though Panama Red can weather tropical bugs and diseases — it’s not resilient against foreign pests, mold, and fungi.

You must follow these tips to ensure your Panama Red crop makes it to the harvest date:

  • Always clear debris in the garden
  • Never introduce foreign materials, such as clones, to the garden
  • Apply organic Neem oil during the vegetative phase to deter pests and disease
  • Always wear clean clothes in the garden
  • Inspect your plants daily for outbreaks

Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of Panama Red Weed:

You’ll understand that Panama Red weed is raw and unhybridized as you gaze at its wild appearance.

The flowers are semi-dense and large. The most notable characteristic of Panama Red weed is the red pistils that cover the entire bud. Furthermore, trichomes cover the whole surface of Panama Red weed. Lastly, the deep green calyx is difficult to see under the crush of reddish pistils.

Overall, Panama Red bud is unlike the vast majority of weed available today. Remember, the appearance of Panama Red is the culmination of millions of years of evolution.

The flowers are semi-dense and large. The most notable characteristic of Panama Red weed is the red pistils that cover the entire bud.

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Panama Red Seeds:

The primary cannabinoid in Panama Red weed is THC.

Overall, Panama Red offers between 10-16% of THC content. Although this may seem low, believe us — it’s not. It’s uncommon that we present a disclaimer in our reviews, but Panama Red deserves one. Do not take Panama Red lightly — it’s incredibly potent and will shock your senses if you underestimate it.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Panama Red Seeds:

The terpene profile of Panama Red is the calm before the storm.

As you unlock a jar of Panama Red weed, the aroma of peat moss, lemon-fuel, and earthy tones fill the air. Once you indulge, the flavor of tart lemons, grapefruit, herbs, and spicy ginger swirl throughout the palate.

The three primary terpenes in Panama Red seeds are:

  • Myrcene – The myrcene in Panama Red seeds produces an abundance of sweetness reminiscent of grapefruit, herbs, and floral notes.
  • Limonene – The limonene in Panama Red seeds provides an overwhelming aroma and flavor of fermenting lemons and ginger.
  • Caryophyllene – The caryophyllene generates spicy notes throughout the aroma and flavor. Overall, the caryophyllene gives Panama Red weed an earthy kick.

Effects of Panama Red Weed:

The pleasant terpene profile of Panama Red lures cannabis enthusiasts to overindulge.

As the smoke clears, an immediate sensation of clarity enters the mind. Simultaneously, you’ll experience a wave of energy that continues to build for hours on end. As your spirit soars above the clouds, creative and psychedelic thoughts take hold.

As the effects diminish, Panama Red will lull your body into a deep state of relaxation. Overall, Panama Red weed provides potent cerebral effects that can produce psychedelic visuals.

If you’re new to cannabis, you must start slow with Panama Red weed.

Medical Properties of Panama Red Seeds:

Panama Red weed offers medical marijuana patients with a wide range of benefits. Here’s a list of mental and physical issues that Panama Red weed can assist with:

  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress
  • Fatigue

Many medical marijuana patients seek Panama Red seeds because it offers an abundance of uplifting euphoria and pain relief. If you’re a medical marijuana patient that needs a jolt of energy, look no further than Panama Red seeds.

Negative Effects of Panama Red Weed:

The primary adverse effect of Panama Red weed is paranoia and anxiety. If you overindulge in Panama Red — get ready for a wild ride. Panama Red weed is extremely psychoactive and should be avoided if you suffer from anxiety.

Lastly, Panama Red weed may produce bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth.

Pros/Cons of Growing Panama Red Seeds

  • Psychedelic Effects
  • Landrace Sativa
  • Abundant Yield
  • Intense Potency
  • Delicious Terpenes
  • Long Flowering Time
  • Grows Tall
  • Difficult To Grow
  • Challenging to Find Original Panama Red Seeds

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