Mataro blue seeds

Mataro blue seeds

The Champion. It has been highly valued for its medicinal and therapeutic effects.

The most difficult genotype in our entire catalogue is a three-way cross featuring the best of several predominantly indica strains. One of these is one of the most indica-rich Blueberries that we have, very productive and maintaining all the properties that this variety is known for (short height, fast flowering and a bluish tones).

Another of the components is an original Afghan (Mazar-i-Sharif), a very good resin producer that also gives a generous harvest. The end ingredient of this indica cocktail is our Black Domina, which gives it a more ramified structure. The flowering cycle lasts 58-65 days, so it will be ready for harvesting in early September.

The most desired variety all around the world, as it couldn´t be any other way, because of its beauty too.

Mataro Blue strain

Mataro Blue is the breeding result of the genetic cross of a Black Domina x Mazar-i-Sharif x Blue Monster. Mataro Blue presents herself to you as an indica-dominant cannabis plant (75/25).

In indoor growing, Mataro Blue needs a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks while outdoors you will be able to harvest her from the beginning of October. The hybrid plant with its rich indica content will give you extremely good yields, with first-class buds that come up with dense resin cover.

Indoor growers will be able to harvest 450-500g/m² of weed, while outdoor growers will be able to achieve a staggering 600-800g per cannabis plant!

The Mataro Blue strain grows quickly and with great energy. A compact plant with only a small growth height that hides very discreetly in the garden. Of course, this makes it ideal for small gorw spaces.

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Its colorfulness is its main visual feature and this is expressed in its extravagant colors. Even her hard buds occasionally show up with beautiful bluish hues. The blue effect also shows in the fully grown plant in the upper area and even changes to a white/gold contrast at the end.

Its effect will give you a pervasive relaxation for body and mind – a very intense feeling of long duration!

The taste and aroma of Mataro Blue are distinct, with notes of sweet fruits, exotic wood, caramel and spices. It offers a typical indica effect, i.e. powerful, long-lasting, physical and yet relaxing.