Liquor with weed seeds


Marijuana liquors are an excellent option to finalize a nice dinner or to season a reunion with your partner or fellows; currently, cannabis cooking’s so fashioned that Gea Seeds presents this simple recipe for your own marijuana liquor – easy, fast and cheap.

Alcohol’s easy to join marijuana cannabinoids – when producing your drink, the more alcoholic liquor, the better result – gin, rum and whisky are ideal with a cannabis touch (really simple process, no big effort); here you have the necessary ingredients, and the required steps:

Basic ingredients:

– Empty liquor bottle.

– 100gr resinous leaves – quantity and quality of vegetal material depend on required power.

Alcohol with marijuana

Next steps:

– Pour the alcohol liter into the pot, add the vegetal material and stir.

– Marinate the solution cold – room temperature – during 3 days as minimum.

– After some time, sieve the solution as much as possible – no vegetal traces in the liquid (if necessary, repeat the process).

– Pour the sieved liquid in the empty bottle.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll get your cannabis alcohol, ready to enjoy – easy way to surprise your guests (unique, original, own flavored home-made alcohol); countless, delicious recipes can be created with it as well.

As usual, Gea Seeds warns you to control the dose – delayed effects could be misleading: drink cautiously, get to control your ideal quantity and enjoy the unique flavor of your home-made alcohol.

Euphoria Cannabis Vodka 50cl

Euphoria Cannabis Vodka 50cl is made from extra-sweet-grained vodka, natural cannabis leaves – themselves blended with a range of selected spices – and cannabis seeds. It is produced entirely naturally, using a 100 per cent manual process.

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In its aromatic profile, the wild herbs, floral and balsamic notes stand out, although the whole is dominated by the smell of the seeds of the main plant, marijuana. Its flavour is perceived in its planeness if served Euphoria Cannabis Vodka 50cl with a little ice, although it can also be the distinctive touch in combination with other drinks.

Technical sheet

Category: Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Hill’s Liquere
Volume: 50cl Other volumes

Elaboration of Euphoria Cannabis Vodka 50cl

Euphoria Cannabis Vodka 50cl

  • Color: Yellow color, with golden and green hues.
  • Smell: Intense aromas of wild herbs, flowers, spices and balsamic. Predominant presence seed cooked marijuana.
  • Taste: body dry, spicy, spicy, herbal flavors highly with the presence of cannabis flower.

PRODUCER: Hill’s Liquere.

COUNTRY: Czech Republic.

DETAILS OF PREPARATION: This liquor is produced through distillation seed Dutch vodka, mixed with flower and leaves of cannabis. Marijuana leaves are cooked and mixed with some selected spices. It is a very natural product with a completely handmade process.