La chomper seeds

Big Wave Beach – Day 32

(Dr. Zomboss appears)
Dr. Zomboss: Yo beach bums! Don’t flip your lid.
Dr. Zomboss: But have you noticed that Chomper and Bikini Zombie have been ultra cozy lately?
Dr. Zomboss: Could a beachside plant-zombie romance be in bloom?
Dr. Zomboss: Speaking of which, how sure are you of Chomper’s loyalties?
Dr. Zomboss: I can’t help but notice. that plant has the appetite of a zombie.
Dr. Zomboss: Chew on that land lovers! Later dudes! Dr. Zomboss
(Dr. Zomboss disappears, Crazy Dave and Penny appear)
Crazy Dave: A plant-zombie romance? Penny. my mind is BLOWN!
Penny: User Dave, do not jump to conclusions. I suggest something more productive.
Penny: Let us jump into the action!
(Crazy Dave and Penny leave)


(Crazy Dave and Penny appear)
Crazy Dave: A plant-zombie romance? That’s just craaaazy!
Crazy Dave: And I know a thing or two about craaaazy!
Penny: I concur. I suspect Dr. Zomboss was attempting to sow seeds of discontent.
Crazy Dave: From now on, we are the only ones sowing seeds around here!
(Crazy Dave and Penny leave, Dr. Zomboss appears)
Dr. Zomboss: Totally bogus! Little do you know what I have in store for you!
Dr. Zomboss: The seeds of destruction have been planted! Brace yourselves for a wipe out!
Dr. Zomboss: But for now, I gotta split. Catch you dweebs later!
(Dr. Zomboss disappears)


  • The Zombot Sharktronic Sub can summon random zombies from random tiles. One fact is that when it reaches the second stage, it can summon up to three Deep Sea Gargantuars on the lawn. It can multiply, however, if not monitored properly. Additionally, the Octo Zombie, if not watched carefully, can throw octopi to bind plants, being unable to get new ones via conveyor-belts. Eventually, this can force the player to use Power Ups, if not supervised and defeated.
  • The most helpful plants in this battle are Banana Launchers and Tangle Kelps. Banana Launchers can help the player destroy the octopi thrown by Octo Zombies as well as dealing massive damage to Zomboss, and Tangle Kelps can stop the Zombot’s turbine/sucking attack.
  • The Zombot’s turbine attack can severely collapse the player’s defenses, even if they stop the attack with a Tangle Kelp.

Conveyor-belt plants

Plants Chance (%) Max Count
27% 2
21% 5
14% 6
14% 4
14% 10
10% 8


The Zombot Sharktronic Sub summons these zombies underneath the ocean during these respective phases:

The Zombot Sharktronic Sub’s replacement for a charge attack is an attack that will vacuum up the player’s plants, and grind them up to dust with a large, destructive fan. To counter this, simply place a Tangle Kelp in the space directly in front of the Zombot. The Tangle Kelp will entangle the machine’s fan, temporarily immobilizing it. This boss’s replacement for a targeting attack is the ability to summon three sharks to demolish the player’s aquatic defenses. There is no counter for this, so placing Banana Launchers on Lily Pads is not the best strategy. The zombie sharks will target randomly on any tile on the lane.

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