Kc 33 seeds

KC 33 strain

KC 33 Strain is a sativa-indica cross of Thai and Brazilian cannabis strains. The cannabis plant was explicitly bred for outdoor growing, but its extremely stable genes also allow indoor growing without you having to worry.

Since the plant is sativa-dominant, the KC 33 cannabis strain also behaves like a very typical sativa. Her cannabis seeds produce tall, thin cannabis plants with narrow, light green leaves richly studded with thick, chunky buds.

Its average growing height can reach up to 3.75m when grown outdoors. Indoors, this marijuana strain fortunately only grows out to a height of no more than 100cm, so you won’t have any extra work when growing indoors either.

It takes between 8 and 10 weeks to flower outdoors and only 6 to 9 weeks indoors. Her Thai and Brazilian ancestors gave her some characteristics of traditional cannabis landrace. Since both parent plants come from countries with a fairly mild climate, KC 33 feminized cannabis seeds are very resistant to fungi and other diseases, and also quite tolerant to possible overwatering.

After a flowering period enriched with a smell of fresh citrus and sweet spices, the first buds appear, intensifying the smell significantly. Activated carbon filters are then strongly advised indoors!

Then after 60-70 days you can harvest the aromatic, sugary, amino acid and cannabinoid rich marijuana buds. KC 33 buds reach average THC levels of up to 20-22%!

The average outdoor yield is incredibly high – about 900 gr. per plant. You can start harvesting in late September and keep it going until October. Indoor plants will give you up to 130 gr per plant.

The medicine produced from this weed has lower CBD and higher THC content, which produces a clearer, more energetic effect.

KC33 Cannabis Seeds

A Dutch-strain, cultivated for years, we have crossed with Thai and Brazil male plants. KC 33® is further developed for outdoor growing, but is also indoor a Number 1. The buds are compact and have a lemon-fresh taste and produce double T.H.C.

  • Inside flowering 6-9 weeks,
  • height Apr. 100 cm, yield up to 130 gram.
  • Outside flowering 8-10 weeks,
  • height 2.5-3.75 m, yield up to 900 gram.
  • Harvest end of September

KC33 Cannabis Seed Stats

Breeder: KC Brains
Seed Type: Regular, Feminized
Available as Single Seed: Available as Single Seed
Flowering Period Type: 12/12 Photoperiod
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Strength: Super Strength
Yield: Average
Indoor Height: Medium (81cm – 140cm)
Strain Type: Hybrid, Asia-South East, South American
Cup Winner: Cup Winners
Indoor Flowering Time: Medium (56 to 90 days)
Outdoor Harvest Time: The End of September
Smell/Taste: Citrus, Lemon
Stock Availability: In Stock

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