Just planted weed seeds rained really hard reddit

How much rain is too much for new grass seed? Wait to seed until after the rain?

I just spent the better part of the week prepping (killing, tilling, leveling, grading, soil testing, fertilizing) my front and side yard for new grass. My plan was to lay the seed Sunday or Monday. The forecast right now for me had 50% Scattered Thunderstorms starting Monday mid afternoon through Tuesday early evening.

Should I hold off until after the rain to lay the seed? Very little rain for the week after Tuesday afternoon.

I’ve got a Scott’s Drop Spreader to use, I just don’t know what number setting I should put it to for proper coverage. I have about 1350sq.ft. being seeded.

I had 7inches of rain fall within 2 weeks of seeding. The problem is washout not water per say. If you use a tackifier it won’twash out. (I was seeding a hill)

Any recommendations on a tackifier? I have slopes that went bare so I’ll be putting down top soil and seed, but I’m worried about wash off. I’ve used hay before but had mixed results with it.

How much rain is too much for new grass seed?

So much rain that your seed gets washed out and floats away. Otherwise you’re fine, grass seed needs water.

Your work looks great! pray for me! I need to drop seed but this damn hurricane is coming

Here is what you do. Check your seed bag and see what the lb per 1000 sq ft is. Do a little math, multiply that number by about 1.35. Add that to your drop spreader. Put that spreader on the LOWEST setting. Do a pass and see how much see you have left. If it barely moved click it up a notch or two. Do another pass but go opposite, like up/down instead of left/right on the lawn. Continue to do this until you have dropped all of your seed. You’ll find after about one-two passes you can gauge better how much seed goes down at once. I used a hand spreader to do 1000 sqft this weekend and I ended up doing like 8 passes because it could only spread so much seed at once, but when it was over I had a really nice even layer of seed all over my yard and I didn’t run out of seed.

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I’d go ahead and throw the seed down. Some starter fertilizer will help move things along. Something with a high P rating will make the roots start going strong.

I would setup irrigation on that yard. Even if it rains you’ll need to be watering at least 2 times a day to keep the seed bed moist for a few days. Too much rain/irrigation usually is when you have pools forming and little rivers/channels where the seed might get moved around. It looks like your lawn is pretty flat so it shouldn’t be an issue but if suspect it might be you can put down some hay or extra compost to keep the seeds in place during a heavy rain. The trick is to keep it damp, but not soaked.

I just reseeded last weekend and TODAY I just saw some sprouts that are like 1/4″ poking through. I’ve been watering 4 times a day but I’m also in a very dry climate and it’s been abnormally hot the past week for late August.

Question about covering my outdoor grow from the rain.

Hey helpful green thumbs! Weather is getting nastier here, fall is among us, and I’ve heard horrible stories about mold. My question is would putting a large canopy over my plants for the next couple days be beneficial or more harmful? (the canopy is dark blue, so no sun is getting through the top) My situation so far, its stayed between 65-70 degrees on shitty days, and is 75-85 degrees on sunny days. It hasn’t rain all that hard yet, the days that it has I made sure to go out and shake my plants to get most of the water droplets off the buds. Yesterday it rained moderately all day long with no mercy. I have shaken my plants as best I can, some water droplets are still present. So would a canopy help reduce rain getting on my buds, and would the present temperature still be enough to evaporate the water? Also, will the lack of sunlight from the canopy be a problem? I figure since its super cloudy and not much light anyways it would make no difference really, as long as I took it down once the sun comes out for a day or two. I also plan to set the canopy up on its tallest setting so that the plants can get as much light from the sides as possible.

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