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Jiffy pellets question??

Hey there guys, a few days ago I sucsefully germinated some of my seeds using jiffy pellets.

I’m soon realizing that these things are a pain in the ass to keep the water lever right. So I’m trying to move it out of here and into my 1 gal as soon as possible

My question: how soon can one move a seedling from a jiffy pellet to the 1 gal container

Don’t yank it out of the pellet! Just bury the whole thing in your new container. Someone else correct me if I’m wrong, but iirc you can bury right up to below the sprouting leaves. again that last bit could be false information

Jiffy pots?

Anyone use these for no till? If I want to take clones or start seeds in a small container for sexing first, could these be a viable option? They seem fairly biodegradable and look like good worm food (similar to egg cartons). What do you guys think? I was thinking 4-6″ jiffy pots until showing sex then cut the bottom out and bury about an inch into soil or just put them on top. Would love to hear some opinions!

I personally hate jiffy pots as I find they mold no matter how well ventilated or controlled the environment is. Never got them to work for my seedlings, however jiffy pellets I adore, just remove the netting around it after soaking and put into whatever clean reusable pot is around then transplant when ready.

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