Ice seeds

Ice seeds

Ice, also known as Indica Crystal Extreme is a 4 way hybrid that is an enormous producer, frost machine, fast flowering, extremely resistant and very easy to grow. A cup winner and representation of the 4 best old school strains around. Extract artists and hash makers will be dying to add this to their collection, as she drips resin from head to toe.

Genetics: By crossing Skunk 1 x Afgani x Northern Lights x Shiva , this combination created a powerful hybrid that has enhanced all the best traits from the parental lines. The insane resin profile from the White Widow is even more prevalent in this cross, and we managed to create a line that is highly resistant to plant disease, meaning Ice feminized is a wise choice for growers living in colder climates planting outdoors.

Strain Characteristics: This lady will grow an average height and not stretch much when flowering begins. She is a huge producer of large sized , silver coated buds that are very easy to trim. In a Sea of Green formation, she is capable to produce yields of 500 – 600 g/m² between 7-9 weeks, making her great for commercial growers, or those looking for huge harvests in a short time frame.

The growth structure of Ice feminized is bushy and wide, where she will produce thick, dense microphone sized colas. As her name suggests, she will produce copious amounts of terpene rich resin, which can be described as fuel, earthy, sweet and floral. Her potency will range from 15-20% making this 4 way hybrid a well balanced strain in terms of effects.

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Experiencing this strain: The effects are instant and will generate feelings of euphoria, being uplifted and clear minded. She is well balanced and can be enjoyed all day without tiredness or lack of motivation. Ice is well recommended for those who wish to enjoy a pleasant social high, which allows them to remain creative and do not want any over powering indicas or sativa hybrids. This strain is perfect for gaming, being out with friends, staying sharp and focused, and medical patients may find this hybrid to help relieve feelings of nausea, boost energy levels and increase appetite.

What makes this strain so great: Easily one our biggest producing varieties, that is easy to grow and performs exceptionally well indoors and outdoors. She is unbelievable resistant and the amount of crystals she produces has to be seen to be believed. She makes incredible hash and has been an old school Dutch favourite for years!

Lemon Ice

Lemon Ice cannabis seeds by Amsterdam Genetics have an extremely short flowering time and offer one of the most creative uplifting highs you can find.

Due to the way in which this wonderful strain has been cross bred. It has retained the truly unmistakable sweet, citrus taste of the Lemon Haze. Whilst the lesser known Ice gives this strain a surprising and delightfully friendly uplifting effect. This fresh strain can be enjoyed both during the day and in the evening.

Whenever this strain is provided with enough space and light one can expect to be rewarded with an exceptionally high yield.

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The Lemon Ice cannabis seed has a 7 to 8 week flowering time. Depending on conditions, growers can expect their plants to reach 1.20-1.50 meters producing a 400-500 g/m² indoors. When grown outside expect heights to reach between 2-3 meters with a 400-500g per plant yield.


Medicinal Benefits


2 reviews for Lemon Ice

Ziggy Claes – 28/08/2020

This is an amazing strain !
Really impressed how amsterdamgenetics created a strain with this type of haze flavor without 10+ weeks of flower !

it does stretches during the first 2 weeks of flower specially when you pregrow it for 6+ weeks ( don’t rly recommand it it was during to some things i had to keep it in growtch for so long)

i know it does say medium grow difficulty but i would concider it easy for a haze strain.

i highly reccomend this strain for anybody who is searching for a good lemon haze smell and flavor!
like i said i’m rlly impressed by this one.
The high is heavy but playfull for people who smoke daily, a bit psychedelic, when you start smoking more of it , you’ll fly , no doubt XD

This might be my new favourite haze
under a bit worse circumstances it might take a lil longer then 8 weeks but without issiues this strain finishes fast , no doubt.

greetz and peace

ContentAG – 03/09/2020

Thanks for your detailed grow review Ziggy! Glad you like our genetics and the results they got you. Here’s to many more grows with great results!

Dylan – 02/04/2021

Good to know vooraf:
Gratis zaadje. behandelplan tijdens de groei, bloei: biobizz. 6 dagen drogen en 13 dagen curen. Heeft me een oogst van 102gram droog opgeleverd.
Again 9 weken bloeien volgens de zaadboer, 11 weken volgens mijn.

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Geur en kleur
Smells like sour peppermints, de typische haze geur is overweldigend sterk en totaal niet zacht te noemen. Toppen zijn fors en mooi groen met bijna felle oranje bloeiharen.

De smaak van pepermuntjes is duidelijker aanwezig als het zuurtje. Des al niet te min heeft het zuurtje wel de overhand tijdens het uitblazen. Iets sterk in de keel, levert me net geen hoestbui op.

Bij iedere pof krijg ik het warmer en geeft me keer op keer een kleine tinteling achter de kiezen, ga er een beetje van zweten vrij bijzonder maar helemaal niet vervelend. De high voel ik krachtig door me hele lichaam kloppen met een zwaar achterhoofd gevoel. Als ik ga zitten zak ik in de bank weg, maar levert me een vrij actieve high op als ik een bezigheid heb gevonden. Ook merk ik aan mezelf dat ze een aardige vreetkick veroorzaakt.

Hazey, hazey, hazey. Door de heftigheid een voorzichtig rokertje zowel qua high als rokertje dus. Eindcijfer een 7+.

ContentAG – 06/04/2021

Bedankt voor deze review. Interessante obeservatie over de pepermuntsmaak die je zo duidelijk proeft! Voel je vrij om je meningen te blijven delen, wat trouwens ook kan via Trustpilot. Merçi!