Hurricane seeds

where to find hurricane seed genshin impact?

Hurricane Seeds will drop from Elite boss enemies in Genshin Impact. You will have to head up to this area and fight the creature there. Here you will face off with a wind cube boss. It has a few different attacks, but the way to hit it is when only the diamond is open.

How to get Hurricane Seed Genshin Impact

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Hurricane Seed

Hurricane Seed is an elemental stone used for ascending characters in Genshin Impact. On this page, you can learn more about how to obtain and where to find Hurricane Seed.

What Is Hurricane Seed

The imploded form of an Anemo Hypostasis upon its defeat. It contains the essence of Anemo energy. It is said that the power to create hurricanes resides within its seemingly fragile body. This butterfly of pure Anemo energy must be waiting for the day to conjure up storms once again.

How To Get Hurricane Seed

Hurricane Seed is obtainable as a guaranteed reward from defeating a level 30+ Anemo Hypostasis. This normal boss can be found in the area of Mondstadt’s Stormbearer Mountains.

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How to Get Hurricane Seed and Effects | Hurricane Seed Locations | Genshin Impact

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Hurricane Seed is an Item in Genshin Impact. Learn how to use and where to find it, its rarity and effects, and everything you need to know about Hurricane Seed here!

List of Contents

How to Get Hurricane Seed

Hurricane Seed Location

Location 1 Dropped by Anemo Hypostasis (Lv 30+)

How to Use Hurricane Seed

Items Craftable With This Material

Required for Character Ascension

This Item is required for the Ascension of certain Characters. Be sure to gather the required amount in advance so you can Ascend them right away when they hit their level cap.

Characters Who Use Hurricane Seed

Hurricane Seed Effects and Basic Information

Hurricane Seed Rarity 4
Type Character Development Items
Effect None

The imploded form of an Anemo Hypostasis upon its defeat. Contains the essence of Anemo energy. It is said that the power to create hurricanes resides within its seemingly fragile body. This butterfly of pure Anemo energy must surely be waiting for the day when it can conjure up storms once again.

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How to Get Hurricane Seed and Effects | Hurricane Seed Locations

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