Hoarfrost seeds

White Hoarfrost Flower Butterfly Frostweed Verbesina virginica – 50 Seeds

Frostweed is a wonderful stout plant that will tolerate both full sun and full shade and growing to 4 ft tall. The leaves are lovely all season and the white blossoms are delicate and beautiful; a low maintenance perennial that attracts “a metric ton” of butterflies in the fall.
The greatest surprise however are, it’s frost flowers in the beginning of winter. With the first Frost the water in the stem expands and bursts the stem. The water continues to rise in the stem and a frothy ice will form on the stem with intricate and unique patterns of the delicate ice ribbons or stunning shapes and structures, some appearing as elaborate “blooming” flowers, thus the name “frost flowers.” Touch one and it breaks. Breathe on one and it shatters. What you see when you look at one is a personal experience. This may happen multiple times over the winter. This is a perennial plant native to many US states and hardy zone 6-9.

Other Names: Hoarfrost, White wingstem, Iceflower plant, Frost Flower, Crystallofolia, Wingstem, needle ice, frost columns, Tickweed, Phaethusa virginica, Crownbeard, frost flower seeds, wingstem frostweed, frost flower seed, rare pollinator flowers, rare native flowers, rare butterfly flowers

Strawberry Hill Seed Co – Hoar Frost (12 seeds)

Notes: This cross brings my F2 selection from Windy City Smoker’s Strawberry Kush Breath together with my sweet and dank “honey cruller” F2 male from Chunkypig’s Scoutbreath line. To say these plants get frosty is an understatement. they are coated like Hoar Frost and thus the name. Another strong one, this offering brings all the potency and flavors from the “cookie” realm and offers many flavor expressions within the seed lot.

Extract makers will love the Hoar Frost but she equally shines in a great big bat. Enjoy!!