High voltage seeds

High Voltage Auto strain

The High Voltage Auto strain by High Speed Buds is a very balanced 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid. Born from the parent plants of a Purple Grape Stomper and an Auto Sour Crack, the plant shows a lot of power and lives up to its name. Aroma and taste are clearly grape-heavy, as one would expect thanks to the cross. Thanks to the regular THC content of between 16 and 22 percent, the High Voltage Auto is a cannabis plant that delivers almost automatically and also produces a CBD content of up to one percent. The plant is almost excessively resinous, whose buds hardly need to be pruned. The weed is also very suitable for the production of excellent extracts or hashish.

Taste and effect

The smoke of High Voltage Auto is light, not dense and true to the name of its parents, you should be able to detect the smell of grapes and also some floral notes. The trichomes obstruct the view of the buds, which are thickly covered with resin and have abundant orange hairs. As with other hybrids, a gentle effect sets in the body after a few minutes of intoxication. One can consume this strain in the morning or during the day in everyday life, as it supports you to be awake, functional and sociable.


High Voltage Auto – Buds are chunky, dark green and purple and completely covered with crystals. Lots of bud sites, low foliage density, and an open structure mean popcorn buds are a thing of the past as the buds maximize their growth and density. These plants reach a height indoors of 70-90cm while grown outdoors they reach up to 120cm in growth height. Indoor grow yields are 450-500g/m², outdoor are 350-450g/plant, depending on location and soil conditions.

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High Voltage Fast

Alchimia is pleased to present High Voltage Fast by High Speed Buds, a fast flowering cannabis strain ideal for outdoor cultivation with the harvest ready between late August and early September. It is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop.

High Voltage Fast, early and super-fast flowering cannabis

High Voltage Fast contains a 50/50 Indica Sativa genetics. This new photo dependent line with a fast and early flowering is the result of a backcross between High Voltage Auto and Grape Stomper.

High Voltage Fast only requires about 6-7 weeks of flowering to mature in indoor cannabis cultivation. Outdoors, it is ready to harvest from late August to early September, making it ideal for areas where the summer is short and the season deteriorates quickly.

This variety, despite its fast flowering period, offers a generous yield of up to 600g per plant outdoors in open ground, and up to 550-600g per m2 indoors.

High Voltage Fast harvest, with a fruity grape flavour

High Voltage Fast’s harvest is composed of large, dense and fleshy flowers that easily acquire beautiful dark colours. They are generously covered with resin, and will undoubtedly delight cannabis concentrate lovers.

It delivers a fruity and floral terpenes profile, dominated by ripe grape and light diesel petrol notes that bring a lot of character.

High Voltage Fast produces a balanced effect, with a euphoric high at first that progresses to a calm relaxation.