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How to roleplay growing marijuana

As you may know, a feature which allows you to grow and harvest your own marijuana plants will be available on the server, which will
gradually bring more roleplay and of course increase realism, a feature like this shouldn’t be taken as a burden! This is generally
a fun experience to roleplay, if roleplayed correctly.

– You’d generally need a suitable and secluded location to grow your crops, generally an indoor room which has a water supply of some sort,
air-conditioning and some form of light.
-You’ll need to find a suitable container and a growing medium. You’d want a deep pot with drainage holes in the bottom. For the growing medium soil would be a good choice due to the nutrients in the soil itself.
-One of the most important aspects of indoor growing is the lights. You’d want controllable lights (timer) that also wouldn’t overheat and kill the plants.
LED lights are proven to produce buds with increased quality. You need to be careful when using LEDs because if you’ll put it too close to the leaves, it’ll burn them. Plus you’d need a vent system or an air-conditioner to be able to control the room’s temperature. The best temperature for growing weed is 20-30°C for young plants and 18-26°C for the matured plants.

The easiest way to germinate a cannabis seed is to place it directly in a specialized starter cube like a Rapid Rooter. Just keep starter cubes moist (but not soaking) and warm. Seedlings should pop in a few days to a week. Once the seedling has emerged, you can stick the cube directly into your growing medium.

Important to know is that a cannabis plant has a few stages of developing:
-The first stage is the seedling stage.
-The second stage is when your plant begins to grow his first few leaves, it’s known as the “vegetative stage”.
-The third stage is when your plant begins to bloom and are getting close to harvesting point, it’s called the flowering stage.

Second Stage
While the growth has advanced to the second stage, it’s important to keep these into mind;
1) Keep the temperature between 20-30°C. The plant won’t drink as much water.
2) Set the light timer to 18 hours on, 24 hours off.

Third Stage
While the growth has advanced to the third stage, it’s important to keep these into mind;
1) Keep the temperature between 18-26°C. You’ll need to water the plant more often, however, not too much.
2) Set the light timer to 12 hours on, 12 hours off.
2) The most important thing to do in this stage is to remove the male plants.

Identifying the plant’s gender:
Male plants start growing balls/pollen sacs with no white hairs/pistils.
Female plants start growing wispy white hairs at the tops of branch joints.

Watering is a big function to determine whether you grow fine cannabis plants or your plants will die out. You’d need to water your plants every 3-5 days.
You can check if you need to water the plant by sticking your finger in the soil and checking if the soil is wet or not. If the soil is dry an inch from the top – you need to water it. You’d notice that when the plant climbs through the stages it needs more watering.

Adding nutrients and testing the pH level is a must once you entered the flowering stage.

Digital pH Pens offer a precise way to measure the pH of your water. For soil make sure your pH levels are between 6.0-7.0 before adding nutrients otherwise they won’t effect the plant. To adjust the pH level simply use a pH up / pH down bottle.

Harvest point:
1) Wait until your buds stop growing new, white hairs.
2) Harvest when 50-70% of the hairs have darkened for highest THC levels.
3) Now simply get a sturdy pair of scissors and cut the plant down.

In order to ensure the best quality for your freshly harvested buds, you must prepare your buds with a process known as curing, which involves drying your buds slowly in a controlled environment, then keeping buds in glass jars over the course of a few weeks to let certain natural plant processes occur. The drying/curing process causes buds to smell better and for effects to feel more potent. It also reduces harshness.

After you have cut off and trimmed all of your glittery:
1) Put them in a tightly-closed quart-sized mason jars in a cool dark place. Fill each jar loosely about 3/4 of the way full.
2) Open the jars once a day for several seconds to get fresh air in your jars and release any moisture.
3) If your buds feel moist when you check on them, leave the tops of the jars off until the outsides of the buds feel dry to the touch.
4) Once your buds have been curing for at least two weeks – you can open the jars once a week instead of everyday.
5) After approximately 30 days your buds are ready for use.

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