Growing mexican brick weed seeds

Mexican Brick Weed 1970s

Mexico’s unique climate and mountainous terrain makes it one of the few global regions hospitable to growing cannabis. Mexico is home to several landrace strains, all of which have decidedly sativa characteristics thanks to the country’s high elevations. There are several distinct strains that could be called “Mexican,” many of which have proven useful in crossbreeding inventive new varieties. What follows is a summary of some of the prime characteristics associated with Mexican sativa landraces.

Sometimes referred to as “brick weed,” Mexican cannabis has an undeserved reputation for being of inferior quality. This is likely due to the fact that the overly dry and seed-filled Mexican cannabis that flooded the Southern U.S. market in the 1970s and 80s was pressed into solid bricks.

In their raw, unprocessed form, genuine Mexican sativas may have a striking appearance for American consumers accustomed to bud that’s been packaged by dispensaries and delivery services. Mexican flowers are typically elongated and spindly rather than nugget-like and tightly packed. Instead of curling tightly inward, these strains’ leaves are loose and piecey and may have a fluffy appearance when viewed from afar. The leaves are a bright shade of lime green and are threaded through with brown to vibrant orange hairs — which are actually pistils, structure meant to catch pollen from flowering male plants. Due to cold nighttime temperatures in the high altitude environment where much of Mexico’s cannabis is grown, these flowers also frequently boast blue and purple hues in their leaves — pigments called anthocyanins in the strain’s genetics that are stimulated by colder than average weather. Finally, cloudy amber-colored trichomes cover these leafy buds and give them a slightly yellow glow.

These landrace sativas tend to creep up on the consumer — but when they do hit, they’re noticeable right away. Smokers will notice a concerted pressure in the face, especially around the eyes and temples. Along with this novel physical sensation comes an uptick in cerebral thinking, as ideas jump from one to the next in free association. In its early stages, this mental stimulation can be helpful in aiding concentration or in making mundane chores and errands more interesting. As the high progresses, though, smokers’ mindsets can become more foggy and dreamlike and may not be as well-suited to work that demands acute focus. Some degree of physical relaxation can enable deep breathing and can eliminate any lingering muscular tension. Appetite stimulation is commonly reported. More so than with other varieties, Mexican sativas are often said to trigger a dry mouth and dry eyes. More appropriate for daytime than for evening use, Mexican bud is also said to have a shorter than average high.

Mexican cannabis has a very earthy and dank odor, with a considerably skunky pungency. There’s also a woodsy scent lurking underneath while grinding up the buds releases spicy, peppery notes. Despite this funky flavor profile, Mexican sativas tend to burn with a smooth and palatable smoke when combusted. This smoke can have a tangy, diesel scent on the exhale.

Mexican sativas can also be of use to medical cannabis patients, thanks to their mentally stimulating and mood-elevating properties. They may help those with attention deficit disorders to sustain concentration on a single task. They can also provide temporary respite from mild to moderate cases of stress and depression. The subtle anti-inflammatory properties of these varieties may soothe bodily irritations like headaches and indigestion. Because the mental effects of these strains are not particularly intense, they may be appropriate for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Many sources purport to sell seeds or clones of authentic Mexican landrace strains; however, consumers should investigate the reputation and reliability of any sources, as the original stock of these strains is considered rare. Once obtained, Mexican strains can be grown indoors or out, and can be particularly resistant to adverse conditions if fostered outdoors. These plants grow tall and should be contained by trimming back branches and stems early on in the vegetative process. As with many pure sativas, Mexican cannabis has a long flowering period, in this case taking as many as 16 weeks before reaching maturity.

If true Mexican landrace sativa can be obtained, it’s a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast. This unique, subtle strain has served as a parent for other popular varieties like Acapulco Gold, Trainwreck, and Haze.

Mexican Brick Weed Seeds

Have any of you ever tried growing out some seeds from some Mexican brick weed?? I’ve just germinated 9 seeds successfully and have put them in some premi soil in 16 oz party cups inside my little grow box.

Seeing that this stuff is grown for commercial purposes, don’t you think it would be logical for it to be a good yielder?? You know that stuff probably looks pretty decent before the cartel gets their slimy hands on it.

I’ve grown out some brick weed seeds before and they looked/smoked like they were almost 100% indica every single time. When I see the first couple sets of real leafs, I’ll be able to tell you if it looks like another 100% indica strain or not.

Has anyone else had experience growing out seeds from this stuff?? What did you end up getting? More Indica, more sativa, yields, potency?? I’m just wondering, because this is basically how I, and I bet, a lot of other people started growing weed. Let me hear your experiences.

Before I ever started growing, I thought it would be a mexican sativa-type usually. However, I’ve NEVER seen a sativa dominant plant from this really commercial stuff. From my experience, these plants put out some really good yields as well, if treated properly. This is kind of like a national past-time for many. I’d just like to hear other people’s experiences growing out the infamous mexican brick seeds.

Mexican Brick Weed

poorly treated mexi plants from brickweed. i made lots of seeds. yeehaw..they do have one thing . they are getting crossed with quite a few good strains. sour bubble and black domina x bubbleberry cross already done..seeds harvested . haven’t decieded what will be next from my collection ..maybe critical mass and pot of gold. plants were started by a friend and abused,had mites and i just didn’t want to deal with them so i pollinated them and moved them to a secluded area to finish. a few more pics in my gallery

Old School Cottonmouth

The stone on the “Christmas tree” aka Aztec gold, hens tooth, or sexy mexi. When grown out was very clear. Not a hit of indica sedation. Because it was so clear and had no sedation it made the overall effects a very mild experience. Giant buds and took five or six months or something ridiculous to ripen. Smell was a nondescript spice and fuel. Nothing to write home about.

It was a very interesting plant to smoke and grow but ultimately you see why this sort of weed was replaced for both growers and smokers.

Very interesting as well is I smoked the weed as commercial brick weed as well. It was good, but nondescript. Not really a different feeling than regular skunk or something. They always say about curing sativas for months before you smoke them. I would have liked to try this weed with a LONG cure. It’s effects may have gotten heavier with time. The brick weed it was from had heavier effects.

I have grown quite a bit of mexi brick and pure sativas are pretty rare and increasingly more so. In my experience most mexi brick is Pretendica. That is just slang. I understand it means different things to different people but I always explained pretendica as a Seed bank strain that adapted to Mexican climate. They look like an indica hybrid but grow kinda airy buds and take longer to flower. Basically a generic cash crop strain that adapted to flowering from seed and growing in warmer conditions.

If you grow outside on the gulf coast or much of the southern US you pretty much need the pretendica. It is all that will grow here. Seed bank seeds are too delicate. Even the ones meant for outside. You need true bush weed seeds if you want a realistic chance of a guerilla crop.


I get what you guys are saying. I dry my sour diesel kind of like this. I will dry it(4-5 days), trim it, then put the whole crop in a contractor garbage bag(about 4-5lbs). Leave over night. Then I lay down a tarp and layout all the buds. Let buds get crispy again(about 24 hrs) then back into contractor garbage bag.(repeat process 2-3 times) The buds compact on their own from the weight of themselves. Then I vacuum seal them. I do all this for a semi cure or sweating so they wont mold in the vacuum sealed bags. It always turns out better when I vacume seal after all the sweating. It makes the buds smell and taste better but not sure about the high.
My theory on this is I weigh out 1gram for joints. Now if I were to take fluffy buds vs the semi compact buds and just eye out a joints worth, I would be smoking less of the fluffy stuff even though they look about the same weight. Hence I would get higher from the denser vacuum sealed buds.


Def changes. Breaking the resin heads with pressure allows oxidation to happen quicker. Take an early harvest and press and slight cure will bring out the stoneyness. Quite sure it has to do with rupturing resi heads and oxidation degradation.

Tricks of the trade shhhhhh. haha

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I always find it amusing when the snobs scoff at brick. Sometimes it’s the only thing available, especially in smaller towns in states where the cannabis scene is still way behind the legal states. But some brick weed is not bad at all. Yes, much of it is low quality – lots of seeds due to lack of culling males – and poor processing, as was mentioned. But if you find a good hook up you might be surprised when some light green, super compact batch kicks your ass!

the reason we are snobs is because we grow our own.. I was called a piece of shit for not hitting someones swag blunt.. lol. its like no.. I believe that blunt should have been flushed.. not me