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Little Marvel Peas – Seeds – Non Gmo – Heirloom Seeds – Pea Seeds – Grow Your Own Food At Home! – Fast Growing Variety! Fresh 2022 Seeds!

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Little Marvel Peas – Organic Seeds – Non Gmo – Heirloom Seeds – Pea Seeds – Fresh 2022 USA Garden Seeds – Grows Fast

This is a hardy variety and tastes great. These fast growing pea seeds grow a good amount of peas.

Pea Seeds – Little Marvel

The Little Marvel is a great choice for cooler climates. It earns its name by the size of its pods. It is an excellent seed for containers and smaller spaces. This heirloom variety is over one hundred years old. Although the pods of this pea plant are on the smaller side, they generate four to five deliciously sweet peas that are perfect for eating off the vine, canning or freezing.

Little Marvel Pea Seeds

Direct sow. Plant the seeds one inch into the dirt and space about four inches apart. This plant takes between sixty and ninety days to maturity. The pods grow to three inches in length. Plant in the cooler season. This plant does well in direct sun exposure.

Little Marvel, Pea Seeds

The Little Marvel Pea is a well known old time home garden favorite, that is really a marvel! This pea is an excellent choice selected for its high yield potential and excellent sweet flavor making it the most satisfactory pea in the home garden. This variety’s plants are very productive and compact and will grow up to 30″ tall. Little Marvel produces small bright green pods with luscious, sugary peas that stay tender and sweet even when fully ripe!

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3′,20-30″ inches

Pisum sativum


Container Vegetables,trellis


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1 Ounce


Seeds Per Ounce







Approximately 2,100 seeds per pound.

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Growing Instructions

Peas are a fun plant to grow with different varietals allowing gardeners to eat the whole pod or split the shell open to find bursting peas inside. Depending on the species, peas can be grown in a pot or in a garden, which makes the plant a good option for all green-thumbs.

Before Planting: Prior to sowing, add wood ashes to the area for fertilization. Soak seeds overnight before planting.

Planting: Plant the first sowing in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Sow 2″ apart, 1″ deep, with rows 12″-18″ apart. If pea is a vining variety its best to have a support or trellis system to help with diseases and yield. For fall crops sow 6-8 weeks before first frost date. Inoculate peas to encourage formation of nitrogen producing nodules on the plant roots. This enriches the soil, results in larger plants, and increases yield.

Watering: Always keep seeds well watered during germination and then water the plant sparingly. Don’t hoe the area as this may damage roots.

Fertilizer: Too much fertilization may harm peas, as they are vulnerable to nitrogen. Compost may help, though pea plants don’t need much fertilizer.

Days to Maturity: Peas can typically be harvested between 12 and 15 weeks after planting. Rotate pea crop every other year. (See each variety for days to maturity)

Harvesting: Harvest snow peas right at the beginning of seed formation and sugar peas when seeds are full size. Harvest frequently to increase yields. Do not let peas over-mature as this will slow production.

Tips: Peas are a cool weather crop best grown in spring and fall. For best yields ensure adequate fertility, pH of 6.0-7.5 and well draining soil.

AVG. Seeding Rate: 1 lb./80′, 13 lb./1,000′, 272 lb./acre at 25 seeds/ft., in rows 24″ apart.

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