Government mule seeds

Woolly Mule-ears Wyethia mollis

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* Wyethia mollisis a species of flowering plant in the aster familyknown by the common name woolly mule’s ears. The plant is hairy to woolly in texture, sometimes losing its hairs with age.

* Wyethia mollisis a coarse perennialherbnative to the mountains of northern California, especially on the east side of the Sierra Nevada, and southeastern Oregonand western Nevada. It grows in forests and other mountain habitat such as dry open meadows with sagebrush. more.

* Requires a free-draining, gritty but moisture-retentive soil in a sunny position. This species is more tolerant of drought than other members of the genus.

* The root is eaten cooked. A sweet and agreeable flavour. The N. American Indians dug pits in the ground which they lined with large stones. They then burnt a fire on top of the stones until the stones were hot. The roots were placed on these hot stones, sealed in with fern leaves and earth and then fermented for one or two days.

* The seed can be eaten raw or cooked. The seed can be used as a pinole, or it can be ground into a powder and used as a mush or mixed with cereals flours to make bread etc.

* The root is antiphlogistic, diaphoretic, emetic and febrifuge. A decoction has been used as a blood tonic and also in the treatment of tuberculosis, venereal diseases, colds and fevers. more.

Cannacopia Seeds Test Grow – “Goverment Mule”

To the “DrBud’s 10 Mule Team”. the seeds arrived today.
and all 10 of them went for a swim. stay tuned for the Govt. Mule grow show.

Government Mule
The US Government’s own legendary G13 indica, via the University of Mississippi’s cannabis research farm. Legend has it that a cutting from the strongest plant from the U Miss pot farm was smuggled out by a pot friendly lab technician, and shared amongst a clandestine group of growers who cultivated her for the overwhelming narcotic stone. This cutting is known as PG13 or pacific G13- named after the grower ‘pacific’ who shared her with the world- and she is cherished highly for her excellent yield of dense, resin caked nuggets. We crossed G13 to the Deep Chunk indica and the resulting plants are mostly indica in stature, and produce an ample supply of high quality medicinal.


I am feeling it!

Don Cotyle

I belive you got an excellent tester strain there Dr BudGreenGenes. I’ll make sure to pop back in from time to time I really want to see how these turn out!

Congrats for being picked as a tester. I also got picked and I can’t wait to see what strain I get to grow out. I’m hopeing one of these new strains help with pain. I know it’s a long time away but can you please add in your smoke report if their good for pain? Thanks Don


Interrested in this one, will follow this testgrow for sure!

Good luck with them DrBud!

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How are the testers doing DrBud? Can’t wait to see them in your system! What size container are you going to flower them in?

I’m going to have to flower clones of mine as soon as the root so I can test them all side by side, I look forward to seeing how coco does in a setup similar to yours.


Well ladies and Gentlemen. it looks like we are done here.
The first 3 pic are of the GovtMule seeds @ 24 hours.
The seeds turned black. only one ever popped a tail.
All 10 were planted in hopes they would sprout in the seed mix.
One did and here it is a 2 weeks of age. see 4th pic
I will close this thread by saying
I believe something happened to the seeds between Seedbay and their arrival here with Me to cause this.
NOT THE SEEDS or conditions the 30 other seeds started the same day are just fine.

**Cannacopia Seeds has decided not to replace my testers,(as it was previously stated BY THEM that they would just “Send more testers”) But rather to blame me for the bad germ rate, apparently it was easier to pop 20 seeds there at their Facility . and call me the problem than to just toss 10 more my way to see what really happened,They were given a chance to correct the situation. and choose not to**

Good Luck everyone with your test grows. I’m headed back to the Lab.

Don Cotyle

Bummer Dr.Bud, I’m haveing some trouble with mine also, They all germed fine, but only 2 have come up and one of those the seed top rotted and died. So I only have one above ground also!

Stress Tester/Plant Torturer

that is sad to here Drbud.

All 11 of my GM seeds sprouted within 36hrs. All are healthy looking seedlings at this point.

Don Cotyle

It did not progress past the point in the pics. funny thing is many of the other seeds I started the same day have alraedy been cloned and are being sexed. they all seem to be doing fine.

Now those others are crosses made by Growers not Seed companies.

I guess Me and the “Mule” were not ment to be
I really would have liked to pop a second pac to see if something happened to the seeds en route to us. I NEVER blame the seeds the first time. I think Uncle Sam’s Delivery Service had something to do with it. excess Heat will toast seeds real fast

Don Cotyle

I hear ya Bro, the tops of the cotyledons didn’t look to good, the cotyledons on mine yellowed off just after the first true leaves showed! I wish the one you had made it! I tryed to get a pack off of Seesbay and was told that there may of been some available last weekend in the untested area but I never saw any. so I guess I’ll have to see what happens from the one that made it! Here’s a pic of the lone surviver

I had to pop 8 GrapeKrush to make sure I have a harvest down the road and six of em are up and doing fine!

better’n coco pops any ol’ day o da week

I had to pop 8 GrapeKrush to make sure I have a harvest down the road and six of em are up and doing fine!

Both you guys growing organic soil? I’m hoping for a better success with some coco and this strain.