Gorilla punch seeds

Gorilla Punch Auto Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Punch Auto arises from a cross between two exceptional autoflower genetics. This gorgeous autoflower produces beautiful dark purple buds with as much as 26% THC, and delivers everything a top-shelf autoflower should: amazing flavors, a potent effect, and huge yields of up to 550gr/m2, making it a must for growers who are looking to get impressive results in 56-63 days without any extra effort. A great all-day strain for those looking for a perfectly balanced effect that’ll give you that extra boost you need for creative exploration while reducing anxiety, and a delicious terpene profile ranging from creamy lemongrass to a woody and earthy herb mix that coats your palate and leaves you salivating for more.

Expect chunky purple colas engulfed in resin. Gorilla Punch Auto grows gorgeous buds that dazzle with a mixture of light and dark purple hues. On top of that, the bright-brown hairs all over the small-sized yet extremely dense nugs makes them an absolute treat for the eyes and gives them that top-shelf look all growers want.

If the looks already won you over, then the smell will keep you coming back for more. As soon as you break open a nug you’ll instantly get a hint of the delicious terpene pot-pourri. It starts as a pungent gassy smell that slowly reveals a much more complex terpene profile that cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate.

Due to the high THC content, this strain hits hard and after just a couple of hits, you’ll be chattering away like never before. Gorilla Punch Auto is a great strain for social scenarios and those looking to lift their moods up or tap into their creativity while still benefiting from the medical properties this strain has to offer. Thanks to the Indica side, this strain gets you in a focused state of mind and mellows out anxiety, allowing you to stay in a positive drive for the whole day. Those not used to potent strains should start with smaller doses and ease into it as this is a powerful strain that’ll get you couch-locked if you don’t have a high enough tolerance.

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This strain grows quite tall, reaching a maximum of 120cm and developing fairly wide leaves with thin fingers, typical of hybrid varieties. Gorilla Punch Auto is ideal for newbies who can get yields of up to 550gr/m2, so expect lots of shiny golf-ball-sized buds from head to toe without any extra effort. Thanks to the exceptional genetic selection, the thick buds are perfectly placed throughout the main cola and branches and develop with little leaves, making your grow cycle as smooth as possible from seed to harvest.

Gorilla Punch Auto produces insanely dense buds so make sure to get a couple of bamboo stakes or a scrog net to prevent the branches from snapping as you definitely don’t want any problems during the last couple of weeks. As flowering begins, your whole grow space will be overwhelmed with pungent aromas so have a carbon filter and exhaust fan prepared, and make sure they’re enough for the size of your grow space. It’s highly recommended to tie down the branches as it allows you to maximize light efficiency and improve airflow between the buds, preventing mold and other pests from attacking your plants.Flavor

  • Taste: Spicy, Lemon, Woody, Peppery
  • THC: Up to 26%
  • CBD: Gorilla Punch Auto Cannabis Seed Stats

Gorilla Punch Auto

Alchimia is happy to present Gorilla Punch Auto by Philosopher Seeds, a plant of great potency, flavour and aroma accompanied by a powerful effect, which will undoubtedly delight the most demanding palates and will become one of the most desired auto-flowering strains in the cannabis scene. It is now available in our auto cannabis seeds catalogue.

Gorilla Punch Auto’s ancestors

On the one hand there is Purple Punch Auto 4th generation, the father, a strain of vigorous growth, easy to grow, with a not inconsiderable yield and a powerful body relaxation effect.

On the other hand Gorilla Glue#4, another variety that has hit well in the international market for its powerful effect, bud quality and production that makes it a safe bet. It emanates floral flavours with citric notes along with a euphoric effect with relaxing undertones ideal for Indica lovers with a powerful psychedelic effect.

Gorilla Punch Auto Cannabis Strain

Gorilla Punch Auto is an auto-flowering cannabis plant that displays a vigorous growth, reaching a height of between 50-110cm depending on the substrate and light hours provided during cultivation.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoors, with a photoperiod of 18/6h, the plant develops its structure to the maximum to offer an exuberant flowering of large and resinous flowers. It can also be cultivated under a 12/12h photoperiod, although the final plant size and yield is smaller. Gorilla Punch Auto is an excellent producer of large and compact buds.

This plant requires good nutrition, especially in flowering, being important to provide cannabis fertilisers during its cultivation to obtain the best quality harvest. It produces abundant yields of between 400-600g per m2 indoors based on the light hours, and a yield of up to 50-120g per plant outdoors.

It produces compact buds covered with a thick resin layer. The flowers are bathed in resin and flood the surrounding leaves. It is ideal for growers looking for powerful plants that require only a few weeks of cultivation from germination, as it only needs about 9 weeks to complete the growing cycle.

Gorilla Punch Auto delivers an effect that is 100% imaginable from its name, a gorilla with a strong punch that shatters everything it touches, mind or body. It leaves the consumer completely relaxed with a pleasant psychedelic effect thanks to a cannabinoid blend, and high THC levels of up to 24%.

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