Goldwing seeds

Goldwing seeds

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Goldwing Seed | A plant-based alternative to the old +1 magic arrows

Hello and thank you if you are reading this, this is my first time posting a magic item, so I hope you all like it. And before you ask, no, this has nothing to do with motorcycles hahaha.

The idea behind it is to have a renewable but limited source of “magic” arrows (or thrown weapons). It just adds a bonus to the dice rolls, it does not turn the damage of an attack into magical damage, so in some ways it can be worse than a normal magic arrow, but the upside is that you can use it even with already magical items (but if it is overused, maybe a DM can limit this).

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Any comments and ideas are appreciated, and thanks again 🙂

I like the flavor here, but the mechanics are too complicated for what it does.

Here are all the steps of busiwork this item introduces at the table:

Randomly determine the number of leafs each day.

Choose how many to pluck and note both the number of leaves remaining and the number of projectiles enhanced.

Calculate your new attack bonus when you make an attack with the projectile.
Remember to adjust damage by +1 as well.

All of that is still not taking into account the management and book keeping for golden leafs – which is a whole nother can of worms.

The idea of plucking a leave from a plant and attaching it to a projectile as a bonus action is also quite odd. Surely, doing this kind of song and dance (along with carrying a potted plant with you in the first place) wouldslow you down some while rapid firing arrows – it should generally not be something you do in combat.

if you look at official 5e items, you’ll find that they are streamlined to not slow down play while offering meaningful effects. There are no tiny “floating modifiers” to be found here. Those items that offer a small numerical effect do so on a permanent basis. A ring of protection would be incredibly annoying to keep track of if it was activated for 1 minute and granted +1 AC. It gives a constant +1 to your AC instead, so you adjust your AC once, and then it never slows down play.

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Magical ammunition breaks that rule to an extend, but they are also handled in a way that emphasizes fluidity. When you roll it as treasure on a random table, you RAI find a single arrow, minimizing the complication involved. Jeremy Crawford advised that a generous DM could award a whole quiver of magical arrows instead – again, making things easier because this makes your new damage and attack calculations more of a permanent affair. The effect of a magic arrow +1 is also not tiny, because it can meaningfully circumvent a monster’s damage resistance.

Of course there are grey areas here as well, but in general when designign homebrew 5e items, you may want to adhere to the general design philosophy of the game and avoid bookkeeping and slow down in every way you can.