Electric kool aid seeds

Electric Kool Aid & Rosetta Stone F2s

Hello i received the following seeds from a friend “electric kool aid” frost brothers seeds and “rosetta stone f2” from magilla seeds has anyone grown any of these strains, ive looked on seedfinder but cant seem to find any info on forums about them.

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surely someone has heard of these

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I got electric kool aid as a freebie from cannazon. I have not been able to find much about it. You could try emailing frost bros. I am curious too

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From Dizz @Frost Bros: Electric Koolaid F1 , a super fruity mix of Apollo11 x Cinderella99 x Mango Kush x Cinderella99 Pineapple.

Brothers Grimm – Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a fast-flowering plant with heavy resin production and average yield. It clones remarkably well and is generally an easy plant to work with. It was created by pollinating a unique Ginger-Ale female (Ginger Ale makes the densest nuggets we’ve ever seen) with a male we’ve tracked for a long time as a reliable resin-enhancing father.

Rosetta Stone is a super potent, wonderfully sweet, fruity smelling, perfectly balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid. A definate keeper in any connoisseurs garden.

Flowering: 50-55 days
Height: 120 cm.
Yield: 1-2 lb. per 1000W lamp

“Princess has a sister I call “Cafe’ Girl”, which makes a GREAT production plant. Her flowering time is just under 7 weeks of 12/12. The colas are BIG and DENSE and RESINOUS. Her buds taste like Ginger Ale & the high is quite like the old Colombian Gold we used to smoke in the late 70’s. very warm, friendly and non-paranoia inducing. She’s an excellent yielding plant to boot; I could fill my 4’x8′ flowering space with 40 clones of Cafe’ Girl and easily yield 60 ounces of Grade “A” sinse. that’s an average of 1.5 ounces per plant even @ 1.25 plants per square foot! Cafe’ Girl is the mother of “Rosetta Stone”, a White Widow hybrid.” -Mr Soul

The male White Widow from Green House actually had resinous leaves!

“we purchased dozens of seeds from Greenhouse Seed Bank and planted them all. From this huge sample group of White Widow individuals, a single outstanding male and female were chosen after much evaluation. Some BG hybrids (Rosetta Stone, Sugar Blossoms, etc. ) have already been created from the selected male plant and the public’s response to them has been extremely favorable.”
Strain Lineage:

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Electric Kool Aid

It’s hard to find a true triple-threat strain. But with a combination of vibrant colouring, incredible flavour, and high potency, Electric Kool Aid definitely fits the bill. This sativa-dominant hybrid is somewhat rare, and as a result, it can be difficult to procure. However, those that manage to get their hands on some Electric Kool Aid have a treat in store.

The result of crossing Purple Diesel and Cherry Pie, Electric Kool Aid takes its name from the annals of Grateful Dead lore. Its origins are murky, but it seems to be native to the Pacific Northwest. It regularly tests around 20 percent THC, meaning that Electric Kool Aid can go toe-to-toe with many high-potency strains out there.

What does Electric Kool Aid Look and Smell Like?

If purple is your favourite Kool Aid flavour, you’ll appreciate this strain’s appearance. Thanks to its Purple Diesel parent, Electric Kool Aid features a loud purple colouring smattered across its buds. While most purple-coloured strains will feature at least some green hues, you won’t find them in Electric Kool Aid. Instead, those royal purple colours fade into a pale bluish tone. Orange-coloured hairs and a rich, shiny coat of trichomes complete this strain’s eye-popping visual appearance.

Aromatically, Electric Kool Aid may be one of the best strains you’ve ever smelled. Many strains prominently feature harsher aromas, like skunk or dirt. While a discerning nose may be able to detect slightly earthy scents from Electric Kool Aid, they’re certainly not in the spotlight. Instead, this strain focuses on presenting its attractive scents first: a sweet amalgamation of berries and flowers, flanked by a procession of pine.

Electric Kool Aid’s taste doubles down on its sweet aroma. A burst of sweet grape flavour compliments this strain’s purple colouring perfectly. It also features the spicy taste of lavender, another prominent purple player.

There’s one last notable component to Electric Kool Aid’s scent and taste. It possesses some distinctively hashy terpenes, which underpin both its aroma and flavour. It’s an artifact of this strain’s Purple Diesel lineage, which can trace its own pedigree to the legendary Pre-98 Bubba Kush.

What are Electric Kool Aid’s Effects?

Since Electric Kool Aid features sativa-leaning hybrid genetics, it emphasizes the more energizing side of a weed high. Users say it’s particularly uplifting, helping boost moods to euphoric highs. Musicians, artists, and writers will all appreciate the inspiration this strain provides as well. Additionally, it may be able to help medical patients overcome depression.

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For you indica-lovers out there, don’t worry. Electric Kool Aid doesn’t abandon it’s indica genetics. It mediates the parts of a sativa that can be kind of overwhelming, like overstimulation. It also helps inspire a laid-back, carefree attitude that may help a user release stress. As a result, it could help medical patients suffering from anxiety-related disorders like PTSD. Finally, it may be an effective way to reduce inflammation and eliminate chronic joint and muscle pain.

13 reviews for Electric Kool Aid

Ryan – April 18, 2021

I enjoyed this. The sweet looing buds and the aroma was incredible. my anxiety was wisked away quickly and the high was euphoric and definitely getting more of this fine strain.

Tim – January 13, 2021

Holy Cow! This stuff is unbelievable. I can smell it through the bag. To me it smells like red Kool-Aid powder. It tastes just as good through the whole joint. The flavour is absolutely perfect. It looks like it has been dipped in Kief and sparkles in the light. It does knock me on my butt though so I would suggest it as an evening smoke. I strongly suggest buying this strain no matter the price.I give it five out of five for smell five out of five for taste and five out of five for effects.

Samuel – December 31, 2020

Really enjoyed the taste. Smelled fantastic and smoked great. I would definitely order again.

Giuseppe – November 28, 2020

A great strain for anytime of the day I thought. The flavour and smell is on point with this one.

Lily – November 28, 2020

I purchased Electric Kool Aid Smalls primarily as a budget choice to make the purchase last a bit longer. I don’t personally find the taste to be anything special.

However, the high is very pleasant. I find it to be a very versatile as far as being able to be productive, or (smoke a bit more and) curl up in bed. I would definitely repurchase.

Tyler – November 27, 2020

First time trying this strain and it’s definitely a treat. The buds are beautiful, and the smell is piney and citrus, nice blend of sativa and indica traits. Perfect for daytime use, minimal come down. Similar to a GsC or sour diesel, the effects are not overwhelming. I would suggest using for helping with anxiety or stress. The first hit of the day is pretty potent and will blast you with euphoria. These bugs burn well and busts up easily. Sticky buds. Day time users I would suggest trying this. Gelato is better for sedative effects

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Kyle – November 24, 2020

Wasn’t my fav strain. Decent high. some funny moments and a great weed to still be cognitive while wanting to be productive in the day.

Ryan – November 19, 2020

Really enjoying this strain! Beautiful dense buds that smell of berries and lavender. Its smoke is smooth and sweet with hints of cherry and spice. Bought this hoping to alleviate my back pain and help me sleep more comfortably at night and it has worked wonders. A well balanced hybrid with decent potency and impressive medicinal properties.

Brandon – November 4, 2020

if you’re looking for some really good, cheaper priced smoke id say you found it. electric koolaid is just an awesome name by itself but the buds hold up as well. burned really well in my bong and gave me a really enjoyable high. I scooped some up when it came on sale and got a really good deal. I will be buying more when I can for sure.

Patrick – November 4, 2020

Love this one. Smell and taste great. Was first try for me. Will oder again.
J’adore celui là. Goût est suptile mais tellement efficace.

Aaron – November 2, 2020

Fantastic! The name speaks volumes. Really good for morning time definitely would purchase again!

Matthew – October 27, 2020

WOW, the name kinda says it all. if you like euphoric, psychedelic medicine. this you will actually enjoy! also you should get the book of this and read it as you light up, its by tom wolfe. this medicine is potent and worthy of taking! buds are nice and frosty.

Guillaume – October 11, 2020

like it.. nice deal!

John – October 11, 2020

Magically Delicious. Tasty little nugs that wallop your cabasa instantaneously.

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