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Early Girl is an early-flowering indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It was one of the first wave of commercially available strains from Sensi Seeds and is its earliest-maturing photo-period indica-dominant plant.

Early Girl is 75% indica and was bred by combining Afghani, North Indian and a high altitude Mexican Sativa. It can be grown indoors where it will finish in 50 – 60 days of flowering. Outdoor growers will discover a plant that doesn’t get too tall and whose upper branches do not grow too far away from the central stem. This means that as the buds fill out towards the end of flowering they tend to merge together forming one big fat cola full of sticky, hash-smelling buds. No matter whether the climate is damp, humid or cold Early Girl will perform reliably being ready for harvesting by the end of September. It is a good choice for balconies as well as back gardens.

The taste of Early Girl is similar to the smell and is strongly reminiscent of rich hashish. The effect is a smooth, long-lasting body stone that will prove to be very relaxing and an ideal way to unwind after a hard day.

Early Girl strain

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Early Girl | Homegrown Fantaseeds

The name Early Girl was given to this strain due to her auto-flowering traits, usually this plant will start flowering after growing for about eight weeks. You are sure of a harvest even without the amount of light most Cannabis plants seem to need. The smell during flowering is not so strong which makes this strain a good choice for the more discrete outdoor gardener.