Double dream seeds

Double Dream strain review

Not only does this variant have fantastic aesthetic appeal, but it whisks tokers away on a magical ride through the galaxy courtesy of its Dream Star and Blue Dream heritage.

If you’re in search of a diamond in the rough to add to your cannabis collection, this one’s for you.

Double Dream strain

When it comes to Double Dream, this rare artifact has left marijuana lovers fascinated by its high THC content, enticing blueberry aromas, delicious fruity flavors, and stress-reducing effects.

Let’s take a look at some of the attributes that make up this marvelous creation.

  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 18–22%
  • CBD: 0.1%
  • Top reported effects: Relaxed, focused, uplifted
  • Top reported flavors: Floral, berries, spice
  • Flowering time: 7–8 weeks
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Yield: 24 oz/m­² indoors, 30 oz per plant outdoors

Double Dream strain effects

Many of us deal with significant amounts of stress and anxiety, finding ourselves in desperate need of a pick-me-up. When lighting up using the Double Dream strain, you’ll encounter some soothing, relaxing effects you need to deal with any day-to-day difficulties.

Not only does this variant provide mental relief, but it also enables you to focus on those tasks you’ve been feeling too unmotivated to complete.

For those looking for a pleasant, calming cultivar to bring back a clear head in times of unrest, D Dream is for you, providing clarity as you sail through the clouds.

Medicinal patients find this dreamy strain r elieves pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. It’s also been found to benefit those suffering from headaches, nausea, and PTSD.

Disclaimer: we aren’t medical professionals and advise you to consult your practitioner before self-medicating using cannabis products.

Double Dream strain flavors

Prepare to be whisked off your feet from start to finish with the enchanting flavors offered by the Double Dream strain.

When opening up an airtight container filled with these buds, your very first impression will be of its sweet, fruity aromas. Then, those with a strong sense of smell can notice a blueberry scent that’ll have you reminiscing about home-baked pies in no time.

Lighting up is going to take you to a new level as blueberry and floral flavors, with subtly spicy undertones, tantalize your taste buds. We can’t think of a better way for you to satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the pounds than with a toke of Double Dream weed.

Double Dream strain grow information

When faced with the choice of farming these plants indoors or outdoors, we’d recommend you grow inside, where you can control your herb’s surroundings.

An in-house setup will lead to a 7-week flowering time for the Double Dream cannabis strain if its conditions are optimal. These beauties boast yields of up to 24 oz/m² in the right environment.

If you decide to try your hand at propagating in your garden, note that a warm Mediterranean climate is required for these shrubs to thrive.

September harvests and considerable yields reaching up to 30 oz per plant are what you can expect when grown outside.

However, the Double Dream strain’s heavy buds and tall branches also require trimming and care to avoid shrubs being weighed down and breaking.

If you’d like to maximize nug production, we have a wide array of plant food to choose from. Our Nutrients Organic Pack includes seedling and plant boosters as well as growtime and flowertime fertilizers that’ll ensure your shrubs get all the help they need to reach their full potential.

Double Dream strain genetics

This sought-after hybrid is the cross between two dreamy strains giving it its name. Let’s take a look at the Double Dream strain genetics to get a better idea of how it came into existence.

Blue Dream Double Dream
Dream Star

Double Dream strain seeds to buy near you

If you’re into treasure hunting, you’re in luck, as these seeds are incredibly difficult to come by. Keep an eye on our online dispensary, as we’ll be sure to stock the Double Dream strain as soon as it’s available.

When we do have this variant, you can choose from.

  • Double Dream Regular. For those who don’t mind a bit of a gamble or would like to breed. These seeds will give you an even male to female ratio.
  • Double Dream feminized. These female guaranteed plants will remove the hassle of unnecessary pollination. For a similar cultivar, why not try out some from our Super Silver Haze collection?
  • Double Dream Autoflower . If you’re not clued up on lighting schedules and temperatures or don’t feel like going through too much fuss to get your plants to flower, these seeds are definitely the ones for you.

A puff for the road

There’s no disputing the fact that Double Dream weed is one of a kind with its range of gorgeous effects, flavors, and aesthetics. Once you’ve tried this fruity beauty, there’ll be no looking back.

For those that can’t wait to get hold of some seeds, our OG Kush x Amnesia Fem assortment is a high THC strain that’ll give you the same kind of tension-free relaxation as the Double D strain. Or you can always have a look at its parent, Blue Dream feminized .

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    Double Dream Strain Review – Bonza Blog

    There are not many families of cannabis that have had the same success as Blueberry and Haze. For decades, breeders from all over had been using these two legends in developing new hybrids. It is not surprising then that someone did cross these two to create Blue Dream. Not only does it possess an incredible aroma, but it is also a favorite within the medical cannabis community.

    Blue Dream, itself, is a legend in the cannabis scene on the West Coast of the United States. Like its predecessors, breeders also used it develop other strains. Oaksterdam Seed Company, for instance, crossed it with Stardawg to produce Dream Star.

    Sometime after the release of Dream Star, an unknown breeder crossed it with Blue Dream. In a sense, one can say that the unidentified breeder backcrossed a part of it to one of its parent strain. Weird as it sounds, but that is how it works in the plant kingdom. As a result, Double Dream was born.

    In some ways, it is a much-improved version of Blue Dream. Not to mention, it is also more economical. At one time or the other, Blue Dream had a market value of $4,000 per pound!

    Double Dream, a mostly Sativa strain delivers a vivid yet dreamy mental high coupled with body relaxation.

    Double Dream Strain Quick Facts
    Genetic Lineage Blue Dream and Dream Star
    Sativa / Indica Ratio 90 / 10
    THC % 22% to 26%
    CBD % 0.1%
    Climate Mediterranean climate
    Flowering Period 7 to 9 weeks / Late September
    Average Yield 750 g/m2 / 850 g/plant

    Odor and Flavors

    Imagine walking into a flower garden after raining. Amidst the scent of damp leaves and soil, a calming floral smell hits the nose. In a sense, Double Dream emits the same natural freshness. It also comes with a sweet note of berry, the same aroma that has made Blueberry incredibly famous.

    The delightful fragrance of Double Dream carries over to its taste. It boasts of a smooth smoke that is easy on the lungs. Upon exhaling, a sweet and spicy note blends with a lingering herbal tone.

    On its taste alone, some people may find it hard to resist taking a few more tokes.

    Double Dream Odor and Flavors – Image powered by


    People use cannabis for different reasons. Some for medical reasons, while others for pure recreation. Either way, Double Dream delivers with flying colors. As redundant as it may sound, smoking this strain takes one on to a dreamy experience.

    By some accounts, the strain possesses up to 26% THC, that is an insanely high amount. Still, it does not make its presence felt, not after 10 minutes or so. Because of that, beginners and people who are using Double Dream for the first time tend to underestimate it. Once it kicks in, users feel a gentle head buzz that spreads down the neck and to the body. It results in the users feeling uplifted and happy.

    Most people also tend to have a clear head with creative ramblings. Unlike some strains that induce a speedy mental high, the effects of this hybrid are unique in that there is a dream-like quality to the thoughts.

    Despite its almost negligible Indica side, Double Dream, with its mellow buzz puts people at ease with a soothing sensation.

    Double Dream Effects – Image powered by

    Adverse Reactions

    If there are sweet dreams, then there are nightmares too. But that is dreaming. On the contrary, the adverse effects of using Double Dream is not severe and most often negligible. Still, depending on individual susceptibility, some may feel a little uncomfortable.

    Using this strain is likely to cause users to feel their throat dry. To a lesser degree, it may also be accompanied by dry eyes. In some cases, some people may feel dizzy too.

    As alluded to, these conditions are often mild. However, when one uses too much, then the symptoms can become more pronounced. Along with it, a few may feel a little more anxious or paranoid.

    Double Dream Adverse Reactions – Image powered by

    Medical Use and Benefits

    Even though Double Dream only has a small amount of CBD, it has enough more than enough psychoactive traits that has medical benefits.

    Among the many benefits of the strain, its ability to uplift the spirit brings the most value to people suffering from chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. From the outside looking in, it is hard to imagine how much of a struggle it is to cope with depressing thoughts and emotion. By enhancing the mood, it helps these people better able to not only deal with their condition but also to find a way to get out of the funk.

    As mentioned, Double Dream has an almost non-existent Indica side. Still, never underestimate its anti-inflammatory traits. Together with the psychological effects of its Sativa side, it provides comfort to people with chronic pain and headache.

    Use the strain in moderation, and it makes for an excellent daytime fix for specific medical conditions.

    Double Dream Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by

    Growing Double Dream

    Unfortunately, when it comes to cultivating Double Dream, finding its seeds may remain a pipe dream. That is unless one can get its clippings. If so, the plant will thrive whether it is planted indoors or outdoors. Although it is resistant to molds, there are other works involved in its care. As such, it is best grown by people who have past experiences growing plants and cannabis.

    Double Dream does not take long before it is ready for flowering. Typical of Indica plants, growers can begin the transition in as early as seven weeks. Under optimal conditions, it can produce up to 750 grams of buds per square meter.

    Outdoors, it grows best in a Mediterranean climate. The transition to flowering phase occurs on the last days of September. Once mature, growers can expect to harvest up to 850 grams of buds per plant.

    Have you grown or used Double Dream? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.