Does smoking weed seeds make you sterile

Can Marijuana Seeds Make You Sterile?

With the number of research and developments conducted for marijuana seeds, you can say that there is proof that smoking marijuana seeds makes you sterile. Working well for both recreational and medicinal needs, what more can you ask for, right? Yes, marijuana seeds have numerous advantages in comparison to its disadvantages but little did we know that it has its limits too.

Back in the 18th century, two classifications of cannabis strains were introduced; cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica. Sativa was the idea of a Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus. Linnaeus conducted research about the roots of Sativa plants which is in Western Eurasia and Europe believed to be bred for its richness in seeds and fiber. The term Indica, on the other hand, was named by a French biologist, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Lamarck conducted research about the roots of indica plants which is in India believed to be bred because of its hashish production, fiber, and seeds.

For centuries, cannabis has been one of the most utilized plants in the field of medicine. Its culture has been going places considering that it has been tested and proven to heal over a hundred conditions. Globally, there are only 25 states in which cannabis is legal for some are still testing the waters. Considering the potential cannabis upholds, there are still a lot of states which are trying to seek opportunities by conducting research and clinical trials. These researches will soon serve as the foundation in the field of medicine in treating conditions that are beyond laboratory-formulated medicine. Little did they know, that this plant has its limits too. With the number of advantages, it upholds are the disadvantages which are trickier to handle.


The male and female reproductive system is the x and y for new living organisms’ production. That is what constitutes life’s characteristics. The ability to reproduce is a fundamental need in the living world. Producing female and male sex cells generate the function of the reproductive system with the assurance of maturation and growth of the offspring. The regulation of hormones is what comprises the activities of the reproductive organs.

We have conducted research for validation on how marijuana seeds affect your sterility or your inability to produce offsprings. How far could marijuana seeds affect reproduction? Is it more common for men or women? What are the factors which constitute these effects? All these queries are the most commonly asked ones by marijuana connoisseurs. Our objective is to answer all these queries as much as possible in order to provide sufficient information for researchers as well as for the users.

Monitored by the World Health Organization (WHO), surveys that were conducted 1990 up until 2010 are living proof that worldwide infertility rates remain stagnant. It does not progress nor alleviates. Proven that the public reproductive health has been the problem, neglected areas are the ones suffering not being able to conceive a child. These problems arise as caused by sexually transmitted diseases, human immunodeficiency virus, changes in lifestyle, and factors of such. Male and female are both candidates for infertility and there is no exception. Environmental factors may be an aspect, yes, but in the long run, there is not enough evidence to sustain these hypotheses.

Does marijuana intake affect fertility? Yes, it does. According to an experiment that was performed by the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences’ director of andrology, Dr. Lani J. Burkman, Ph.D., smoking marijuana affects the fertility of men rather than women. During the deed, the sperm cells were more affected than the brain. The sperm cells get burnt out. non-marijuana smokers during intercourse, the hyperactivity of the sperm cells are normal swimming up until they reach the fertilization of the egg cell. In comparison to marijuana smokers, hyperactivity burns out the sperm cells failing to fertilize the egg since it runs out of hyperactivation. Marijuana smokers’ semen count alleviates. The lower the semen levels, the lower the possibility of fertilization.


There are a lot of factors that constitute one’s sterility arising with the smoking of marijuana. Fertilization may work for some smokers while the majority would not. Fertility varies from one person to another. Some are more fertile than the others making it possible to reproduce. The millions of sperm count of men are what makes the explanation of fertility even more complicated.

* AGE – the older women and men get, the fewer chances they will be able to conceive a child. People who are in their early 20s are more fertile and it alleviates through aging.

* HORMONAL IMBALANCE – hormonal imbalance’s effects are usually weight gain or weight loss, strenuous workouts, irregular and or absent periods, abnormalities of hair growth, and acne development.

* ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS – this is comprised of one’s way of living. The factors include vices such as excessive smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and even too much exposure to toxins.

* BODY WEIGHT – too much or too low body fat can affect one’s fertility in line to the person acquiring hormonal imbalance.

* SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES – people who are sexually active and tend to have sexual intercourse unprotected with different people in the past are more prone to STDs. It is best to have yourself tested as early as possible in order to prevent future complications.

According to Women’s Mental Health, these are just some of the factors affecting infertility or sterility in addition to marijuana smoking. The habitual smoking of marijuana lowers the concentration and count of the sperm of up to 28%. It does not stop there, the psychoactive effects as caused by tetrahydrocannabinol effect and damage the reproductive system. If you are planning to conceive a child or improve your fertility, better yet start alleviating marijuana smoking. It takes three months or so for sperm reproduction. If you want to improve your chances for production, you have to quit a few bad habits of yours and develop your lifestyle. Bear in mind that the numerous advantages marijuana upholds come with disadvantages that will affect your way of living in the near future.

The team of Dr. Burkman studied the effects of marijuana smoking on men rather than women. Men are more affected than women considering that it affects the activity, consistency, and reproduction of the sperm. The effect of smoking marijuana on women is that their reproductive fluids are infused with marijuana’s contents such as tetrahydrocannabinol. When incorporated, the exposure of THC will affect her oviduct and will go into her cervix which makes the whole process of reproduction beyond the bounds of possibility. If the sperm has no track of THC, the THC that stayed in her reproductive organs will affect the transition of the sperm into fertilizing the egg cell.

What they highly suggest is that if you and your partner want to get pregnant, alleviating vices including smoking marijuana. Your body will take time to adjust to withdrawing the contents of marijuana and will eventually increase the possibility of fertilization. Prevention is way better than withdrawal. Chronic use of marijuana has its advantages, yes, but keep in mind the disadvantages it is accustomed to too. If marijuana smokers are well-informed about how it affects their reproductive system, the rate of fertility will alleviate. But apparently, people are just aware of the fact that it promotes physical and mental relaxation, treatment to stress-related syndromes, a cure for diseases which are beyond the capability of the field of medicine, and alleviates side-effects as caused by acquired conditions. Some types of marijuana seeds even boost sexual drive improving their

performance. An idea may come into mind too. Since it affects reproduction and fertilization, will it be a suggested birth control? Yes and no. The level of fertility of every person varies and there is not enough evidence to support this hypothesis.


If you have plans on building your own family, what we highly suggest is to avoid the intake of marijuana of any kind as early as now. Our reproductive system is very sensitive when it comes to the absorption of harmful drugs, smoking of nicotine, and other environmental factors inclined to relieve stress. Yes, marijuana seeds can make you sterile. Less sperm to be delivered during the deed of sexual intercourse means very low chances of being able to reproduce. It affects both men and women. The more it is exposed to these contents, the harder it is for your body to adjust when you want to quit these vices.

Abstinence from marijuana if you want to conceive a child is the best gift you can give to your body. From sexual enhancement, improved performance to preventive addiction, what more can you ask for? Do not get discouraged from continuously trying for it really takes time. The important thing is that you should keep your mind and body healthy at all times so that when the time comes, you and your partner will be ready.

Does smoking weed seeds make you sterile

As a teen me and my friends would smoke weed after school. Sometimes we would get some of the seediest weed around and you would get seed in your smoke no matter what. My friend would say smoking seeds makes you sterile. He would say I’m going to smoke seed all the time. I always thought it was B.S. So at work we start talking about kids somehow. This guy has just moved to my state says I don’t have kids I smoke seeds every once in awhile. That was weird cuz this guy is from far away. As an adult I smoke good weed with no seeds and have a couple of rug rats. Has anyone else heard of this or is it B.S.

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Yes. But only if you smoke the seeds and stems. And only certain types of seeds. The ones with 6 stripes will make you very sterile.

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a senile fungus
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Yes. But only if you smoke the seeds and stems. And only certain types of seeds. The ones with 6 stripes will make you very sterile.

5 stripes or less and you’re just ‘clean’, anything over 6 stripes and sterility has been achieved.

But beware of the dreaded eleven stripe pheno, very dangerous, approach cautiously.