Disco funk seeds

Disco funk seeds

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Afrolicious Los Angeles, California

Afrolicious has established itself as both one of the most legendary weekly parties in San Francisco, and of the top funky live/electronic bands on the scene.

Afrolicious have performed at Red Rocks, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Electric Forest Festival.

Afrolicious remixes and original productions can be found on
ESL Music, Six Degrees Records, Akwaaba Music, Bagpak Music and more. . more

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happy herb

the journey of a marijuana afficionado and gardener

Merry Christmas to Me! + Disco Funk Strain Review

An epic day in Weedom for moi!

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Being it is Wednesday, tinctures at Chalice are 15% off, and because I went before 11:00 I got another 10% off! I got 9 of those same Cascadia Farms tinctures for $162 – score! Regular price was $40 each but Cascadia Farms went out of business and Chalice bought up this stock and is selling it for half price, $20. 5 of the 9 I got are new strains for me to try in this brand! I got:

  1. golden lemons (new to me)
  2. trainwreck (new to me)
  3. dog walker (new to me)
  4. sour diesel (new to me)
  5. oregon diesel (new to me)
  6. super lemon skunk (new to me)
  7. blueberry bubblegum
  8. ghost train haze
  9. purple diesel

Yay! I just love brewing up a big tumbler of hot herbal tea with a teensy bit of Smart Balance (vegan butter) and squirting a few streams of these in it. A nice discreet way to enjoy your ganja while out and about in public. I mostly use it though because it gives my lungs a break.

At my neighborhood dispensary, which has way better prices on everything else, I got an OUNCE of Green Crack for TWENTY DOLLARS. It’s 20% THC but they’ve had it for a quite a while. There is weed surplus in Oregon right now and weed is going stale so is on sale big time! This is the same Green Crack I got earlier this year, the seeds of which grew into last year’s plant that I harvested!

I decided to be gutsy and get 2 new to me strains in cartridges. Wow are they strong now! 95% THC! They were $40 a gram, and I chose Disco Funk and Purple Champagne.

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I saw on Leafly that Purple Champagne is a sativa and since I’m winding down for the night I went with Disco Funk, which is not listed in Leafly. In fact I only found one reference to it online, which states that it’s a 50/50 hybrid whose parents are White Funk and Dos y Dos. So far it’s feeling more sativa like than indica like; I feel clear headed, and since this tested at 93% THC it hit me like – POW!

it smells and tastes pungent, skunky, sweet, and earthy. This cartridge is Buddies brand and was $40 for a gram. While this is a hybrid, on me it is on the sativa energizing side. I’m dancing to tribal beats in my seat as I type and feel clear headed.

I highly recommend picking up this cart if you see it! It didn’t take much to eff me up tonite!