December nights og seeds

December nights og seeds

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The very first Black woman to have her own line of weed strains

1 st Lady of the West Coast is the first Black woman in the cannabis space to have her very own exclusive line of strains. This Black woman is likened to a lotus flower that grew throughout the war on drugs, blossoming into a beautiful flower. She is, like the flower, unimpeded by the environment; she re-blooms every day with no negative energy on her spirit.

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The 1st Lady of the West Coast was born and raised in one of the most impacted American cities by the war on drugs, this being the city of Oakland.

2016 saw the birth of 1 st Lady’s first strain, Flotwckush (First Lady of The West Coast). Known in the industry as having “growing hands,” she is the Founder and CEO of HERBOLC and firmly believes that the black business owner must wear many hats within her company. She also believes in the importance of learning and being proficient at all aspects of her company.

A few of the strains that this Black woman is proud to call her own

  • This is an Indica-dominant hybrid consisting of 30% Sativa and 70% Indica genetics. This lovely lady strain has a potent terpene profile. BlackGirlMagic is high in Myrcene, A-Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene.

FlotwcKush aka First Lady of The West Coast

  • This Sativa dominant girl is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, and it produces ample delicious and eye-catching trichomes.

Shirley Ross OG

  • It was created in memory of 1stLady’s grandmother, who passed away in 2019. This strain is Indica dominant and still in the perfection-producing state.

December Nights OG

  • This Indica dominant strain is still in the process of being made available to the public. The strain is also named after her godson.

It was bought to 1 st Lady’s attention in 2017 that she was the first Black woman in the male-dominated industry to have a line of strains. Richard Dignum from WeedBushLovers bought this impressive statistic to light while providing a tour for 1 st Lady around Washington State that ended at the Dope Magazine headquarters.

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Who is this Black woman who goes by the name 1 st Lady of the West?

The cloak covering the first Black woman to both have a cannabis strain in her name and own a cannabis strain is tightly protecting her identity. She was born prematurely to a crack-addicted mother; and as a result, she was diagnosed with and medicated for bipolar disease, an imbalance in her brain. The 1 st Lady was diagnosed with bipolar disease and consumed many pharmaceutical drugs to control it since the age of 16.

The medications she relied on were doing significant damage to her liver and kidneys. Prozac and Abilify were making her become a living zombie. She knew that she had to find a better way.

In 2009 she began to study the benefits of cannabis for the body. She still remembers the first time she smoked weed at the age of 16, and it made her feel ok. She was not angry, stressed, or worried. These emotions and feelings were quickly replaced with a calming sensation. She felt relaxed, almost to the point of having her bi-polar symptoms disappear.

At 17, 1 st Lady said to her sister she wished she could have a weed strain named after her.

1st Lady of The West Coast is the title that belongs to this black businesswoman who owns Lady of the West Coast. She created this black-owned business to save the lives of those that are entrenched with pharmaceutical drugs. She wants to get people off opioids, namely.

1 st Lady had help in reaching her dream of having a cannabis strain named and owned by her. According to her, with the assistance and guidance of Dukeoferbe, Lady of The West Coast would not exist today.

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Final thoughts

1 st Lady had seen the wishes she made when she was 17-years-old become a reality. She is the first Black woman to have owned and have named after her an exclusive cannabis strain line. She clarifies that as a black woman in the cannabis industry, respect is low on the list of positivity given from the white male-dominated industry.

She knows that other people of colour are under-represented in the industry, and she plans to offer a solution to this problem. 1 st Lady is by no means going to sit back and allow gender or colour to prevent her from moving forward in the industry. She has learned since representing a black-owned business that she and people of colour need more respect from within the cannabis industry.

1 st Lady is thankful that she can educate others about the benefits of the marijuana plant and all of the things it can do for the body. As a Black businesswoman, she wants all to know that she is coming to take her rightful place in the marijuana industry.

AWARE-N-US launches partnered with Black Cannabis Equity Initiative

AWARE-N-US, which was launched to elevate industry diversity, inclusion, and equity, is proud to be partnering this month with BCEI.