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First year aerating, worries about weed seeds in cores

I’m in Maryland, crabgrass central. Due to regular broadleaf and pre-emergent treatments over the past decade from a lawncare company the weed situation isn’t terrible in my yard but there are a couple areas of the lawn where weeds are pretty bad due to proximity to weed fields not on my property.

Coming up on the first aeration ever, we have heavy clay soil in my county and compaction is a real issue. When I dig in a flowerbed or whatever here it’s usually with a steel digging bar.

After aeration I’m raking compost over the whole lawn and overseeding it. For the two trouble spots I’m thinking of should I be worried about leaving the cores on the ground as far as weed seeds for next spring?

Should I just use spike aeration on those spots?

Fantastic sub I’ve learned so much from you guys and appreciate your help.

What’s the longest you’ve germinated your seeds?

I’m germinating some white rhino and sour diesel seeds atm. Do those take a while? I’m doing the paper towel method. Buuuuut. It’s been a week and a few days now. Are they dead?

I’m also curious on how long have people waited during germination to get a good window of an idea for the future, hopefully.

Hmmm i haven’t seen them take that long but I’ve only cracked seeds from 2 different companies and have had 100% success rate so i might have just got really lucky. The longest It’s taken for me is 4 days.

Mind telling me exactly what you do? I’m stumped. Should I give up?

Are they old seeds? Those are both old strains and if they are, they take longer to pop, if at all. I would leave them for 2 weeks before I give up.

Personally, I don’t know how “old” they are. I just got them from a seed bank a few weeks ago I had popped a few a while back but my buddy wanted to grow so I gave him my seedlings. I don’t remember how long those took to pop. A few days, I do recall.

Doesn’t help that Cali weather keeps switching up between hot as balls and cold as fuck within the span of a week. It was hot and dry when I germinated the others but this weeks been in the 60s or so.

Quickly usually under 5 days. Some water on paper towel then into a sandwich baggie and on top of my constant 80-85F router, light fixture, tv, etc. Like 100% success rate with almost any seed.

Cali weather kills me, man.

Put it on top of your cable box, play station or any electronics. They need warmth to get them going. Did you use ph’d water? Took mine 2 days and they’re in solo cups already – gg4 & gsc

I did Ph the water. It was 5.8 I am trying to keep them on my PlayStation since it’s used all the time. I had considered trying to use a heating Mat we had lying around for our snakes but it was too hot for the seeds so I decided against it.

Have the seeds opened up or began to sprout? If not try dropping them in a jar of distilled water, put em in a dark closet and check em every 12 hours

No and no. And I’ll try that if this doesn’t work. I wanna try not disturbing them so much

If you have fluctuating temps, it may help to place a heating mat under the seeds and/or T5 lights above.

I use a ramekin, soak seeds overnight in dark drawer, make seeds sink and put back in drawer for few hours. Pour in to paper towel (on a plate), fold to envelope seeds, tip off excess water and put towel with seeds back in ramekin and ramekin back in drawer. Leave for a few days.

I think checking compulsively (and exposing to light) messed up my germination rate. Only 3 of my first 6 made it but then one died and I’ve done another 2 for my next lot which have both survived (yay!).