Cotton candy seeds

Cotton candy seeds

COTTON CANDY KUSH EARLY VERSION is one of our most perfect and ambitious hybrids. Tasty and sensory, this strain combines the sugary sweetness of CANDY and the softness of cotton candy. COTTON CANDY KUSH (DS19) maximizes the organoleptic properties of the best cannabis. Now in its early version, in addition to all these features, it offers you the opportunity to celebrate life by enjoying this hybrid Gourmet.

COTTON CANDY KUSH EV, is obtained as a result of crossing one of the South African genetics strains with the greatest potential for cultivation, the POWER PLANT, with one of our best mothers, LAVENDER (SUPER SKUNK – BIG SKUNK KOREAN – AFGHANI-HAWAIIAN) that later it has been crossed in the first generation with an exceptional individual of ruderalis genetics. The result is a perfect plant that produces large and long foxtail buds, which take on a metallic lavender hue on the leaves at the end of flowering, which lasts only 45 days. In short, a perfect plant with excellent performance both indoors and outdoors and in greenhouse, great resin producer and easy to grow that is highly resistant to fungi, pests and stress.

Due to its calyx-leaf relationship, it is an easy plant to manicure. This strain produces an aroma so intense and penetrating that it is intoxicating just to smell it; It is a variety very rich in THC over 23%, and with perfect organoleptic characteristics. Welcome to the ULTRA-FAST paradise of flavors and colors of COTTON CANDY KUSH EV.

Cotton candy seeds

The feeling of coming across the ultimate Gourmet hybrid. And it is neither a figure of speech, nor a phrase that we would repeat with any other strain. You may even be familiar with the phrase “Tasty and sensory, this variety fuses the sweetness of Caramel and the softness of cotton candy”. This is Cotton Candy Kush.

It is tasty, it is sensory and it is the genetics that maximizes the organoleptic properties of the best cannabis. But let’s go to the why of all this.

The productive South African strain par excellence fused with one of the best mothers “made in” Delicious Seeds. Power Plant + Lavender (in turn crossed in 1st generation with a unique specimen of ruderalis). And the result is tremendously characteristic:

Big and long buds, foxtail style. An unmistakable metallic lavender color on the leaves in the last phase of the flowering period. And a resin cream generator. In the last three sentences and two lines all growers who have tried this sweetness will know that we are talking about her.

And wait we still have a few extras to go. The manicuring is going to be easy, not the next thing (for its calyx-leaf ratio). It is very resistant to stress and pests. And its THC percentage reaches up to 25%.

Imagine the potential that this strain must have for us to have saved this last piece of information for the end of the description.

2º indoor – copa la marina baixa 2011

1º outdoor – Cannary Island Cup (Sativas) Popular Cup

1º extraccion con solvente – II Copa Humos del Diablo – Uruguay 2017

1st prize BHO – Dab Warz Cup – Secret Sesh – Michigan USA – 2018 (710 HighWay)