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Girl Scout Cookies and Cookies Crosses Cannabis Seeds

A legendary strain originating from California, the Girl Scout Cookies strain has become renowned for its potency and long-lasting high. The strain emerged during the early to mid-2000s and shared a strong lineage with the F1 Durban Poison and the South Florida OG Kush. It’s an exceptional hybrid with exceptional qualities, so it truly is a must-have for any avid cannabis seed collector.

A Brief History of the Girl Scout Cookie Strain Seeds

Coming straight from the warm and sunny days of the San Francisco Bay Area is the phenomenal feminized hybrid weed strain called Girl Scout Cookies, aka GSC. The Girl Scout Cookies strain was developed by a collective of marijuana breeders known as the Cookie Collective in the early-mid-2000s that continue to master and perfect the strain we know today. Cookie fam remains one of the top producing cannabis breeders in the industry. They have become quite renowned for producing other iconic feminized weed strains like the Gelato and Sunset Sherbert. Now cannabis collectors don’t actually know the history that surrounds the Girl Scout Cookie seeds. But, what we do know is that it has a diverse lineage! Girl Scout Cookies marijuana seeds are a perfectly balanced hybrid of the Durban Poison, OG Kush, and the Cherry Kush (unconfirmed).

GSC Strain Seeds: Varieties Explained!

GSC strain seeds come in different varieties. In this article, we have covered the flavour, growth, and effects of the Girl Scout Cookie as a whole, but strain varieties exist, and so these variations differ ever so slightly.

1.) Platinum Girl Scout Cookies: Platinum cookies will produce a similar flavour and aroma profile, but it tends to lean towards the more fruity and sweet side. Not much is known about the exact genetic history of this hybrid. All we do know is that it’s a hybrid of the OG Kush and the Durban Poison. The third strain mixed into this hybrid is unknown. Platinum GSC is potent compared to other GSC varieties.
br> 2.) Thin Mint GSC: The Thin Mint GSC phenotype produces similar effects described below. However, users often report more bouts of euphoria, relaxation, and happiness may be common with this strain. A feature distinctive to the Thin Mint GSC variety is its fresh minty perfume and sweet cookie dough aftertaste.

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Girl Scout Cookies, Marijuana Seeds with the Best Flavor!

During the flowering process, the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain develops its unique flavours and aroma. Buds from the GSC emit a potent sweet and earthy aroma with notes of wood and lemon. The flavour profile is similar! GSC strain seeds will have a distinctive pungent taste with sharp notes of mint chocolate, cherry, and diesel. Overall, this feminized hybrid has a well-rounded flavour profile that leaves a warm, indulgent aftertaste behind. The Girl Scout Cookie strain has won numerous awards, including the Cannabis Cup, the Karma Cup, and the High Times Cannabis Cup. And so, for this reason, we at Seed City continue to place her amongst our top 20 marijuana seeds for sale in 2021.

Real Girl Scout Cookies Seeds Always Produce Balanced Effects

The real Girl Scout Cookies seed is a well-balanced Indica-dominant hybrid where THC levels can range from 18% to 28%. The GSC strain will also have a CBD concentration of 1%, which has benefits of its own. User reports show that the iconic Girl Scout Cookie strain seeds will produce a euphoric and uplifting high that’s said to brighten anyone’s day up. Gradually the effects evolve, resulting in a more cerebral high which reportedly leaves users feeling calm and meditative. Now, Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds don’t just produce a cerebral high! As they are a hybrid, users may succumb to a deep buzz which leaves the muscles feeling tingly and light. The body buzz and deep muscle relaxation often show up as the end effects of a user’s smoking experience. The combination of euphoria and cerebral calmness can be credited to the Sativa genetics of the GSC weed strain. In comparison, the body-buzz and muscle relaxation are credited to the Indica side of the plant.

Reported Growth Profile of Girl Scout Cookie Strain Seeds.

A breeder’s report confirms that the Girl Scout Cookie strain produces a medium height plant with lush leaves and dense buds. Seeds from the Girl Scout Cookies flower lush green buds with violet leaves and orange hairs and are often quite plentiful. According to the Girl Scout Cookie growers report, this marijuana strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. It’s not an easy strain to work with, so when cultivated indoors, it’s been found that a hydro system works best. Outdoors, the GSC does well in a warm climate and reports say it is generally ready for harvest mid-October. Reports show that the GSC strain has an average flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks and produces a decent yield of 60 grams per plant.

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Reports show that the GSC Strain Seeds Can Have Therapeutic Effects.

Girl Scout Cookie weed seeds have long been cherished for their potency, flavour, and effects. Although a feminized hybrid, the strain is balanced, which shows its qualities present both in the Indica and Sativa strain. In addition to that, the GSC strain does contain a little bit of CBD and CBG, both of which are cannabinoids known for their medical and therapeutic effects.

From a therapeutic standpoint worldwide, user reports show that the strain has helped alleviate episodes of anxiety or depression. This, of course, may be credited to the Sativa genetics present within the plant. Other reports show that the GSC strain eases insomnia, stimulates appetite, and may ease moderate pain. All these effects are credited to the Indica genes present within the strain.

Seed-City: Girl Scout Cookie Seeds for Sale

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Sour Face x Animal Cookies

Alchimia is glad to present Sour Face x Animal Cookies by Ripper Seeds in limited edition, seeds exclusively in feminised format.

Sour Face x Animal Cookies, Sour, OG and Cookies lineage

Sour Face x Animal Cookies is a 60% Indica hybrid developed from two world-renowned US genetics.

On the one hand Sour Face (Sour Diesel x Face Off OG bx1), a strain representing the Sourdiesel family. It offers sour and petrol flavours, and a much shorter flowering period with tighter flowers and an easier cultivation than the original Sourdiesel. It is a very representative hybrid of the Sour and OG families, with great potency and a strong flavour.

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On the other hand Animal Cookies male, used to pollinate Sour Face. This variety is also known as “the Cookies Monster“. It is only available in clone format, a very productive cookies genetics, with a great amount of resin and biscuit aromas (butter biscuits).

Sour Face x Animal Cookies, sour fuel flavours and OG-cookie notes

Sour Face x Animal Cookies offers complex flavours and aromas, in a mix of Sour with petrol undertones combined with OG notes that blend with the characteristic Cookies family sweetness. It produces strong effects thanks to the power inherited from its parentals.

Sour Face x Animal Cookies, suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation

It is a hybrid suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, with the harvest ready in about 60-65 days under lamps after switching to 12/12 photoperiod. Outdoors the harvest is ready in early October, with a good yield and a strong mental and physical effect.

Ripper Seeds Sour Face x Animal Cookies info:

  • Type: Feminised cannabis seed
  • Genetics: (Sour Diesel x Face Off OG bx1) x Animal Cookies
  • 60 / 40 Indica Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 60-65 days
  • Outdoor flowering: early October
  • Yield: Good
  • Effect: Strong

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