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Comatose OG

Comatose OG is a heavy Indica weed strain containing about 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with high THC levels that may average around 26%. Each batch may offer a variation of THC content. Its potency makes it a great strain for experienced users. This strain was created by crossing an unknown Indica plant with the infamous OG Kush.

The long-lasting sleepy and sedative effects of this marijuana bud are ideal for evening relaxation. The initial high of Comatose OG is generally a euphoric cerebral buzz that is followed by the heavy physical pain-soothing sedation. The taste of this strain is sour citrusy with hints of sweet herbs.

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A Strain For Stress And Pain

Comatose OG carries uplifting and euphoric effects that generally lead to sedative relaxation offering relief from stress and pain. When smoking this bud, it shouldn’t take long before you may notice your mood enhanced with happy feelings and a mental state that may be floating in the clouds. The cerebral high delivered by this marijuana strain may offer a sense of ease from anxiety.

Stress. One of the strongest effects of Comatose OG has been reported regarding its ability to alleviate tension and uneasiness caused by stress. You may feel a sensation of relaxation and comfort soothe your spirits.

Chronic pain. Comatose OG carries potent pain-reducing effects that are known to be long-lasting. These may offer relief from many health concerns causing physical pain, including migraines, arthritis, neuropathic pain, and even more severe cases of pain caused by injuries.

Insomnia. The sedative and deeply relaxing effects of this strain usually cause a heavier sensation of sleepiness.

Relaxation. Comatose OG is a great strain for an evening of relaxation well-fitting for low-key activities such as watching movies.

Depression and PTSD. The uplifting and euphoric effects of this weed strain may alleviate symptoms of depression and PTSD.

Sour Citrus

The taste of Comatose OG is dominant in sour citrus complemented by notes of sweet earth. As you exhale the smoke, you may notice hints of herbs. The aroma of this cannabis plant is usually pungently piney coupled with spicy herbs.

Well-Packed Nugs

Comatose OG grows nugs that are densely packed together. These nugs grow to be small to medium in size with dark green colouring. Smaller patches of burnt orange hairs make their way among the well-packed nugs. White frost-like trichomes cover the surface of this strain.

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This evening marijuana strain is best suited for experienced users because of its high potency.

6 reviews for Comatose OG

Morgan – December 28, 2021

I liked this strain it was a good high, more for evening time as it did make be tired. would buy again!

Ryan – October 4, 2021

The name says it all. This will couch-lock you quickly, so beware lol. This has a delightful taste and a smooth smoke.
The high is potent but hey its a heavy hitter. This is a great pain and stress reducer as it takes effect quickly.
A must try!

Dany – January 11, 2020

If you plan on smoking this in the afternoon,don’t plan nothing else except maybe a nap,loll. Real powerful stuff!

Darryl – January 8, 2020

Killer strain!
Reminds me a bit of MK but prefer this I think.

Deryk – January 8, 2020

Great strain with a wicked high. Gave some to my younger brother and turned him mentally disabled for a solid hour!
Will def reorder specifically for him to turn into a ‘potato’ again lol

Robert – December 12, 2019

Very nice weed vaped it tasted great and really nice high.

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